Narrative Compliant, Triple Vaxxed, & Over $100k in WEF Fees

Say you’re a private citizen or investigative journalist and you wanted to attend The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual Davos meeting, and join the ranks of the hundreds of executives and world leaders who parachute into the city every year.

Surely, the nonprofit’s government funded annual gathering of governmental and business leaders would want to be transparent and open to public scrutiny, right? Wrong!

Unless you happen to be the head of state of a country or a government official from a powerful nation, you’re not getting into Davos without paying up.

To even be eligible to receive your prized invitation to the Annual Meeting in Davos, one must purchase an organizational membership package to the World Economic Forum. This includes the purported journalists in attendance, who, through their employers, pay the WEF to “partner” with them on events in Davos.

The WEF will ideologically screen potential invites for rogue opinions, and “science deniers” (those who reject the climate hoax) will be screened out.

For the WEF to even consider a candidate for a Davos invite, they must first be affiliated with an organization that is willing to pay for membership and partnership fees that range from 60,000 to 600,000 Swiss francs, which currently convert to about $62,500 to $625,000 USD. And according to The WEF website, “Davos participation incurs a fee over and above membership or partnership fees.”

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