My New Book ‘American Memory Hole’

My book American Memory Hole: How the Court Historians Promote Disinformation, will be published on August 13. It’s basically my third volume of Hidden History, but they didn’t want to call it “Hidden History 3.” It will also be my 10th published book overall. That doesn’t seem possible, but it makes me feel very grateful and blessed.

The book is basically a combination of Hidden History and Crimes and Cover-Ups in American Politics: 1776-1963. I cover subjects from both books, in greater depth. Readers will learn more about the horrific precedents set by our top ranked President Abraham Lincoln. They will discover that vile eugenicist Woodrow Wilson was already invading smaller countries during his presidency, setting the template for our disastrous interventionist foreign policy. They will see how Franklin Roosevelt’s unconstitutional alphabet agencies refined the domestic tyranny begun under Lincoln and then Wilson. FDR is given full credit here for establishing the “cancel culture” we’ve all come to know and love. He would fully embrace the “Woke” crowd, although to be fair, he was a genuine racist, like both Lincoln and Wilson.

As you can see by the cover, a wide range of history is explored. My favorite Founding Father, Thomas Jefferson, was the last prominent public figure I know of, to warn against the dangers of Judicial Review. This odious concept, which shattered the Separation of Powers in the early days of the Republic, has become so entrenched that virtually no one opposes it. Except me, I guess. For everyone else, it’s “let the courts decide!” That’s just not how a Republic, or for that matter a Democracy either, is supposed to work. This is especially important now, when our courts have become so transparently corrupt. Unlike Lincoln, Wilson, and FDR (and Teddy Roosevelt, too), Jefferson was not a racist. But that doesn’t stop the court historians from calling him one. You’ll never hear a court historian call FDR a racist. Find the truth here.

Senator Joseph McCarthy has been consigned to history as one of the great villains, right up there with Benedict Arnold. The historical record tells us a different story. McCarthy was friends with Old Joe Kennedy, whom I consider to be the most unfairly treated figure in American history. He dated some of the Kennedy daughters, and was godfather to RFK’s oldest child. Well, he was at least, until in recent years when there has been an attempt to whitewash that. McCarthy was also good friends with James Forrestal, a harsh early critic of Israel, who was pushed out of a window at Bethesda Naval Hospital in 1949. McCarthy would die at Bethesda himself eight years later under highly questionable circumstances. The man who is inaccurately associated with the House Un-American Activities Committee served in the Senate. He “blacklisted” no one. He was one of the first to question the Pearl Harbor psyop. McCarthy was actually an American hero.

I delve deeper into the JFK assassination than ever before here. I talked to people who haven’t talked to other researchers. You won’t find confusing theories about anti-Castro Cubans, or various CIA station chiefs in this book. The Secret Service is further exposed as the agency that made the assassination possible, by not doing their job. A real investigation would have questioned JFK’s Secret Service detail first, starting with limo driver William Greer. I focus on key evidence and witnesses that other researchers ignore. This was not a limited conspiracy, organized by “rogue” elements. The establishment hated JFK from the beginning, because of his father. Old Joe had all the right enemies. All the myths about “bootlegging” and alleged ties to the mafia come exclusively from CIA and mafia sources who despised him.

I continue my groundbreaking research into the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Jr. in American Memory Hole. I communicated with a couple of important witnesses no one else has been willing or able to reach. The exchanges were very telling. JFK, Jr. was the only member of his family (until RFK, Jr.) to not only care about the assassination of JFK, but to be obsessed with finding out who killed his father. I delve more into Kennedy family history here, looking back into the suspicious death of Joe Kennedy, Jr., which totally crushed Old Joe. I also quote from the very revealing journal of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., which was leaked to the press by his ex-wife, not long before she was found hanged in a barn. The Kennedys are the only political family with a Body Count that applies to them, not their enemies.

Oklahoma City is explored in more depth here. One of the few people I tried to contact, that I actually spoke with, was Timothy McVeigh’s father. The conversation lasted about thirty seconds. He, like all the others associated with these events, just doesn’t want to talk. There is another long section on 9/11 in the book. I quote from many of the over 150 firefighters alone, that testified to explosions taking place. More unnatural deaths in both cases are examined. Oklahoma City was something of a dress rehearsal for 9/11. The burgeoning Third Party movement was crushed when Bill Clinton and his ilk demonized “militia” groups, and blamed them for the bombing. Ross Perot would only get eight percent of the vote in 1996.

Every word of this book would be vehemently disagreed with by every court historian. I use that term in honor of Professor Harry Elmer Barnes, who was an establishment liberal in good standing, published by all the “right” people, until he researched World War I, and concluded that we’d actually fought with the bad guys. His professional career was destroyed. He was “cancelled.” He spent the last years of his life consorting with historical revisionists, and was smeared as an “anti-Semite.” The term court historian is a perfect way to describe these insufferably arrogant elitists, who are fantastically wrong about everything. They are court jesters with no entertainment value. Mainstream professional “journalists” lie about current events. Court historians lie about history. They are the corrupt state’s gatekeepers of the past.

Chris Graves and Peter Secosh are two of the best researchers in the world, and both of them helped enormously with this book. Peter also helped edit the manuscript. He found information about Woodrow Wilson, and Franklin Roosevelt, and Joe McCarthy, that will astound readers. He also unearthed information about early mass murders of American Indians that I’d never heard of. Chris was instrumental to the sections on Oklahoma City, the death of JFK, Jr., and 9/11. If he couldn’t find Danielle Wise Hunt, the woman who ran the daycare center in the Murrah Building until shortly before the bombing, and has become the foremost example of a frightened witness in hiding, then no one can.

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