My Interviews With Ryan Cole, Deb Conrad, and Gina Doane: Why Aren’t Docs Seeing Vax Deaths?

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Medical examiners aren’t assessing that the vaccines can cause death because they aren’t doing the proper tests. They don’t order the tests because they don’t want to know.

The CDC isn’t requesting that these tests be done either. They don’t want to know.

Family members could request the tests be done on the tissue samples of those who are deceased. They don’t want to know the truth either (it’s too painful).

The doctors know the vaccine killed people, but they won’t write it in the death certificate because they don’t want to be fired, lose their hospital privileges, and lose their license to practice medicine. So they shut up too.

Here are two videos that provide evidence in great detail about all of this corruption. It’s truly astonishing.


The tests to assess whether a death was caused by the COVID vaccine

Dr. Cole recommends Dr. Burkhardt’s protocol for autopsy.

He also wrote me:

On section II.2 I would also consider TLR4 stains on heart microscopic slides. I would also add a SARS cov2 nucleocapsid antibody test to all microscopic tissue sections where spike is found to verify damage by viral infection vs vaccine tissue damage.

So this is what the medical examiners should be doing.

How many are doing it? One.

Has the CDC ever asked anyone to do it for existing samples as well as new deaths, especially for those within 2 weeks of vaccination? No, of course not. That’s a silly question. The CDC is rewarded based on how many people get the shot. Why would they do such a study? It would instantly end the vaccination program.

The CDC is NEVER going to ask ANYONE to do the proper tests to determine causality. NFW. Not going to happen. They do not want to know. That’s why they won’t debate any of us about the deaths. No intellectual curiosity.

And Biden is never going to ask the CDC to do it either. Biden doesn’t want to look bad.

Finally, nobody in the press will ever ask Biden why he isn’t asking the CDC to demand the tests be done on people dying shortly after being vaccinated. If they did, they would be fired.

So nobody is going to find out about it unless you are a reader of my Substack.

[Note to readers: I used to be a lot more optimistic about changes like this. Now I’m just being honest. ]

My Ryan Cole interview: the medical examiners aren’t ordering the proper tests. The standard tests won’t show a vaccine death.

I recently interviewed Dr. Ryan Cole on how medical examiners can detect whether someone died from the vaccine. Here’s the interview:

Here are the key takeaways if you are short on time. The full interview is fascinating though…

The damage done by the vaccine is in many cases microscopic so it will not show up on any of the standard tests. This is true for both vaccine deaths as well as the vaccine injured (as I pointed out in this article).
The reason medical examiners aren’t finding any vaccine-related deaths is because they aren’t doing the right tests. If you don’t do the specialized tests, you’ll find nothing. Only one person is doing these tests.
There is no reason the CDC shouldn’t be requiring these tests be done on anyone who dies within 30 days of vaccination.
You can even do the tests on the preserved tissue samples if someone is already dead. So any time there was an autopsy done, even if it was years ago, we can now go back in and assess whether it was caused by the vaccine. So the CDC could now confirm that all those cases which it ruled to be not vaccine related were in fact correctly or incorrectly assessed. However, there is no chance in hell that they would do that.

One of the commenters asked whether there are tests that can be done while you are still alive to determine if you are in imminent danger of dying from a “telltale clot” that might kill you. His answer:

I would say, extremely hard to detect by current technologies. The clot density is so similar to normal human physiology. So many are at such considerable clinical risk, in the absolute blind current abilities to confirm.

The clots are micro, small, medium, dense….very hard to macroscopically find.

The clots ARE DEATH. Hence the black box J and J warnings about them, but the FDA and CDC ignored that Pfizer and Moderna had far higher clotting effects in VAERS.

So unfortunately, no way to detect this until you die. And clearly the FDA and CDC aren’t helping either.

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