Morocco – Earthquake Preceded by Mysterious Blue Lights

On 8 September 2023, a devastating 6.8 (richter) earthquake hit Morocco, mostly the Atlas region, killing more than 3,000 people, affecting more than 100,000 children according to UNICEF, and leaving thousands of people still missing within the heaps of seemingly endless rubble.

“Large lightening appears before the earthquake in Morocco with unknown causes”…. So says a brief Twitter message by Aprajita Choudhary, followed by a 9-second video clip.

– Once more, reports of enigmatic blue lights have surfaced, preceding seismic events in the land of Morocco. A similar phenomenon was witnessed earlier this year in Türkiye, mere moments prior to earthquakes striking both Türkiye and Syria.

— Aprajita Choudhary (@aprajitanefes) September 13, 2023

Aprajita further comments:

“Once more, reports of enigmatic blue lights have surfaced, preceding seismic events in the land of Morocco. A similar phenomenon was witnessed earlier this year in Turkey, mere moments prior to earthquakes striking both Turkey and Syria.”

See this 3-minute clip – blue lights followed by devastating quake.

There is no proof yet that HAARP and possibly other ENMOD techniques were applied to cause the Morocco disaster. But suspicions grow and may soon be reaching overwhelming proportions.

The obvious question arises, why would Morocco be the victim of a manmade wanton colossal disaster, like this 6.8 killer-earthquake?

Could it be because in January 2022, Morocco was the first North African country to sign an agreement with China’s Belt and Road Initiative? Now, Morocco’s long-standing pro-U.S. affiliation is at a crossroads as Morocco has turned to China because of the potential for economic development from foreign investments.

The United States needs to reaffirm its support for the Moroccan government by increasing investments, maybe with some coercion, to maintain the political partnership. If not, Morocco may pivot to China and the Chinese government may use Morocco as a starting point for Chinese influence in North and Western Africa. This could well be Washington’s thinking.

Morocco is also of strategic importance to China, Europe, and the US, because of its access to the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, and the African continent. But also due to her growing energy sector, which has expanded in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

See this.

Morocco has exceptional resources of wind and solar energy on land, and possibly even more potential for the development of offshore wind energy. Investing in this potential will place Morocco among the ranks of the largest clean energy-producing countries, a feast for the Green Movement freaks.

However, maybe more importantly, Morocco also has sizable shale oil deposits at Timahdit and Tarfaya in the Atlas Mountains. Exploitation of these deposits has so far not been undertaken due to the depth of the deposits and related cost factors.

Shale oil is a hydrocarbon resource, bound up tightly in impermeable rock, and requires hydraulic fracturing to be extracted. A seismic event could replace hydraulic fracturing, breaking the rock, making the oil easier – and cheaper – to exploit.

Morocco has significant Shale Oil resources, ranked sixth in the world. Reserves are estimated at more than 53 billion barrels of oil, including 22 billion barrels in Tarfaya, and 15 billion barrels in Timahdit. The two areas, Tarfaya and Timahdit, are located in the Atlas Mountain region. See this.

Could the deadly quake be a punishment cum warning, as well as providing for easier access to Morocco’s enormous shale hydrocarbon resources? Reminiscent of the 2010 Haiti killer earthquake, from which Haiti has yet to recover? Haiti has substantial offshore shale oil reserves.

Naturally, most people – the populace at large – cannot believe that such evil originates from the people pretending running the world, but are plainly killing mankind. There is a natural rejection in every normal acting and thinking human being of the idea that we, humans, have been believing and trusting in our governments, in what we call “our authorities”, while they deceived us all along – maybe for centuries.

It is now dawning.

The monstrosities against humanity, caused by a relatively small elitist death cult, are beyond humankind’s imagination. “They” know it. It is a smart, studied-for-decades, Tavistock Institute “Social Engineering” strategy, allowing them to continue fooling the people – see this.

In the end, it is all “climate change”, stupid!

Let us stop being stupid.

Let us start thinking and acting for ourselves, for Us the People, thinking and living independently, as free human beings, no longer trusting in governments, in so-called authorities, or in bought and corrupted “science”.

It is not easy. But WE MUST – if we want to safe humanity and support our civilization to survive.

We MUST steer free from all that is being imposed upon us – such as total control, digital enslavement, digitization of everything, including programmable digital money, transhumanism, the Woke-craze-crime, and much more.

We MUST resist and move out of the matrix – and start our own lives on a new independent blank plane.

No regrets – looking forward into the light.

The original source of this article is Global Research.

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