More Churches Need To Support a Secular One-State Solution for Palestine-Israel

After the Holocaust, the idea of creating a safe homeland for the Jews in Palestine through  Zionism  became more popular.  Then  the  State of Israel  in Palestine was officially established in 1948.

Beginning in the 1920s, Jews mostly from Europe started immigrating into Palestine increasingly.   The ethnic cleansing or removal of Palestinians from their homeland started becoming systematic in 1948 with  Plan Dalet (or Plan D).  The current Israel-Hamas war and the impending destruction of Ramah, the last safe zone  for Palestinians in Gaza, could lead to WW3, as tensions among nations increase.  According to a  leaked document  the Israeli plan is to push Palestinians from Gaza into refugee camps in the Sinai desert of Egypt.

Zionism has not made a safe place for Jews in Palestine.  It has only caused Arabs in the Middle East to feel increasingly indignant toward the State of Israel, and it shouldn’t be too hard to understand why.  Starting with the  Nakba,  which means “catastrophe” in Arabic, there was a violent expulsion of approximately three quarters of all Palestinians (more than 750,000) from their homes and homeland by Zionist militias and the new Israeli army during the process of Israel’s establishment (1947-1949).

What is needed is international pressure for the Israelis to dismantle  Zionism  democratically to create a safe homeland for the Jews, Muslims, and Christians currently living in the  State of Israel  and the Israeli-occupied  State of Palestine.

A one-state solution is better than a two-state solution, but  even a two-state solution would be better than the current apartheid state of settler colonialism, which is now finishing the job of removing as many Palestinians from Palestine as possible.

Isn’t Zionism just another form of imperialism?  A two-state solution would just encourage the land-grab expansionism that we have today.  What the Nazis did to the Jews, the Zionist Israeli Jews are doing to the Palestinians.

Not all Christians and Jews support Zionism, but most evangelical, Baptist, Pentecostal, and megachurch Christians do with their belief in dispensational premillennialism.  And these churches are currently the fastest growing!  US evangelicals are an important constituency for Israel, but younger evangelical Christians are becoming less supportive of Israel.  As stated in the subtitle of this article:  Israel’s treatment of Palestinians is increasingly seen as unfair–it is turning younger churchgoers away from Christian Zionism.

The  dwindling mainline Protestant, Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and   Peace churches   that do not support  Christian Zionism need to study and believe in the Bible, deepen their relationship with God, and become anti-war activists.  They need to oppose and demonstrate against the endless wars. Then their churches will start making a comeback, and they will be more pleasing to God.

A one-state secular integration of Jews, Muslims, and Christians in Palestine-Israel could even become a democratic model for establishing world peace if we equally empower the  7 largest political parties in a unicameral legislature and give those political parties proportionate control over the mainstream media as well.

Peace in Palestine-Israel is not likely to happen soon.  According to a recent survey,  2/3 of Jewish Israelis oppose humanitarian aid to Palestinians starving in Gaza. But all things according to God’s will are possible if we pray, believe, and work to make it happen.  And if the majority of citizens in Palestine-Israel in the future choose to be Christian, Muslim, or Jewish–let it be.


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