Moderna Knew Vaccinated People Will Never Acquire Proper Immunity After Breakthrough Infections

`Ever wondered why some vaccinated people seem to be having endless Covids? An interesting study came out.

This study looked at two sides of the Moderna Phase 3 vaccine trial: the vaccinated group and the control group. They looked at unvaccinated people having Covid, versus vaccinated people having so called “break-through Covid infections”.

The question that they asked, was: do the vaccinated acquire the same full-spectrum immunity as the unvaccinated?

The answer was no. Vaccinated people were much LESS likely to develop broad natural immunity, compared to unvaccinated people.

Broad Natural Immunity and Nucleocapsid Antibodies

I discuss the definition of broad spectrum immunity and explain nucleocapsid antibodies in my Nov 18 article “UK Week 42-45”I am going to plagiarize myself and copy the text right here to make it easy for my readers:

What are these N antibodies and why am I talking about them? What’s so important?

The Covid coronavirus presents numerous “epitopes” to our immune system. Those are similar to body parts in people, those are things that the virus presents to our body just as we “present” our eyes, mouths and nose.

After defeating an infection, our immune system learns to recognize these “epitopes” and reacts later, when the pathogen is reintroduced, fighting it off easier than the first time. This is the whole point of immunity.

Skipping some details, our natural, unvaccinated immunity learns to recognize the “spikes” (S-protein), the “nucleocapsid” (N-Protein) and other pieces of the virus, and develops antibodies and immune memory reacting to all of those.

This multifaceted memory also provides broader protection against “variants”.

In contrast, vaccination with any existing Covid vaccine, floods our cells with only S-protein (the “spike protein”) from a virus that only existed around January 2020. As an aside, this spike protein is extremely toxic, it causes numerous side effects that we have heard about. Its effects depend on many things such as how exactly you were jabbed and how much of the vaccine entered the blood stream. S-protein can also penetrate cell nuclei and interfere with DNA repair.

Continuing, the point of “Covid vaccine” is that our immunity learns to recognize this S-protein and develops antibodies. This allows the vaccinated to fight off Covid-19 infection in the first few months post-vaccination. Then these S-antibodies decline, immunity wanes, and we end up with no immunity in the vaccinated.

What is important is that vaccine immunity ONLY creates antibodies for S-protein, but not for other proteins of the real virus, such as the N-protein. This is what the Roche N test is about: it detects presence of N-antibodies, which can only appear in survivors of actual Covid-19, which has N protein, which Covid vaccine lacks.

Thus, unvaccinated survivors of Covid19 develop a variety of antibodies, including S-antibodies (like the vaxxed), N-antibodies (never seen in vaxxed who did not have covid), etc.

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