Masters of the Universe??

It broke cover late in 2008. Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke eventually branded it “The Great Recession.”

As the myth goes, Fed Chair Bernanke, Sec. of Treasury Hank Paulson, his right-hand man Neel Kashkari, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Senator Christopher Dodd — and the rest of The Masters of the Universe — stepped up to save us from total economic disaster with what they called a “break the glass” rescue.

“…they told us that unless we acted, the financial system of this country and maybe the world would melt down. They used those words in a very kind of calm voice.” –Sen. Christopher Dodd

They indeed “acted.” None the less, we ended up with what Bernanke would later describe as “the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression.” Would things have been any worse if they hadn’t tinkered with the economy, especially since it’s that very tinkering that causes economic disasters?

As the saying goes, “There’s nothing more sobering than meeting your heros up close and personal.”

With the stage set by Ron Paul, here they are in their own words — up close, personal, and more than a little sobering: The Masters of the Universe and how they “handled” “the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression” – – –

So, leaving Fed Chair Bernanke, NY Fed Chair Geithner, the SEC’s Cox, and the U.S. Treasury’s Steel speechless, as Sen. Jim Bunning asked, “How do you let the entire financial system become so fragile that it could not tolerate one failure?”

The answer is, as you may know but The Masters of the Universe apparently don’t, “All you have to do to make the economy fragile is violate the U.S. Constitution by abandoning the gold standard.”

What do you suppose will happen THIS time?

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