Mass Airborne mRNA Bioweapon ‘Administration’ for the Proletariat: An Atrocity!

 “The U.S. government has never been shy about using its own citizens as unwitting test subjects for its bioweapon experiments. While there are many well-known cases, this has actually happened hundreds of times in U.S. history, demonstrating the utter contempt that those in power have had, and have now, for the general population of this country.”

Gary D. Barnett — Chapter 12, p. 260, “When China Sneezes” by Cynthia McKinney

It is important to lay the long-practiced foundation of the United States’ history of poisoning, mass experimentation, sickening, and killing of its own population, in efforts to test its bioweapons for heinous military biowarfare use. It is a very short step from this abhorrent practice, to one of using as guinea pigs this same population, in a plot for  mass ‘vaccination,’ completely covert and without consent. The ability to do this has been verified, admitted to, and written about by the Yale School of Engineering and Applied Science just recently. It has been reported by some alternative sites, but already there are multiple mainstream deniers claiming that no such covert ‘vaccination’ program would be attempted. History tells a different story.

To name only a few, and beginning in 1932:

Tuskegee Syphilis Study; where 600 black men were used as fodder for a horrible Syphilis experiment, and were purposely not given any treatment, causing many to die horrible deaths.

Operation Sea Spray; a San Francisco biological attack scenario in 1950 by the U.S. Navy, where covertly spraying pneumonia-causing bacteria over the city in order to monitor the infection levels in the residents. Actually, the U.S. military conducted 239 germ-warfare tests over populated areas in America.

Operation Big Buzz; was a U.S. military release of Yellow Fever infected mosquitos (supposedly uninfected) in 1955 over Savannah, Georgia, just to monitor the effects on the unsuspecting people there. There were at least nine other operations of this type throughout the 1950s and beyond, including Operation Big Itch, Operation Magic Sword, Operation Drop Kick, Operation May Day, also in Savannah, Operation Dew, Operation Polka Dot, Operation Dark winter, Operation Whitecoat, and Operation LAC.

Project 112; in 1962, huge increases in bioweapon testing began, authorized by General Robert McNamara, then U.S. Secretary of Defense. This was done in the New York subway system, and exposed tens of thousands of Americans with deadly bacteria.

In 1965, prisoners in Philadelphia were used as guinea pigs and subjected to dioxin, the horrible cancer-causing chemical toxin used in Agent Orange. This was done to verify the resulting cancer infection among these captive prisoners. Actually, Holmesburg Prison in Pennsylvania, nick-named the “Terrordome, experimented on prisoners for decades until it closed in 1995. Horror exemplified.

Remember that these are but a handful of examples of U.S. government, military, and pharmaceutical company, hidden experimentation and terror against unsuspecting American citizens. There are literally hundreds of examples of this type of evil that were committed over a century, and this is still going on in one way or another today. This is exclusive of the horror that occurred during the fake ‘covid pandemic’ scare; a false flag event meant to get as many as possible injected with experimental, cancer-causing, health destroying, and extremely deadly toxic poisons called a ‘covid vaccine.’ Millions have been threatened, faced job loss, lied to about success and safety, and subjected to any number of life-threatening illnesses and adverse effects of these poisonous bioweapon injections.

Now, Yale ‘researchers’ have stated that they have a new airborne messenger RNA (mRNA) inhalable, lung-targeted, delivery system of nanoparticles for airborne or mucosal ‘vaccination’ This is meant for large-scale ‘vaccination,’  and could (would in my opinion) be used for broad-based and covert delivery of this poison to the masses without their knowledge or consent; that is of course unless this is already taking place due to the constant chemical spraying of skies worldwide with very harmful nanoparticle distribution. According to the Yale study:

“An inhalable platform for messenger RNA (mRNA) therapeutics would enable minimally invasive and lung-targeted delivery for a host of pulmonary diseases. Development of lung-targeted mRNA therapeutics has been limited by poor transfection efficiency and risk of vehicle-induced pathology.

Here, we report an inhalable polymer-based vehicle for delivery of therapeutic mRNAs to the lung. We optimized biodegradable poly(amine-co-ester) (PACE) polyplexes [nanoparticles] for mRNA delivery using end-group modifications and polyethylene glycol. These polyplexes achieved high transfection of mRNA throughout the lung, particularly in epithelial and antigen-presenting cells.

We applied this technology to develop a mucosal vaccine for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 and found that intranasal vaccination with spike protein–encoding mRNA polyplexes induced potent cellular and humoral adaptive immunity and protected susceptible mice from lethal viral challenge. Together, these results demonstrate the translational potential of PACE polyplexes for therapeutic delivery of mRNA to the lungs.”

In terms a normal person can understand, this means that a biological toxic soup filled with deadly RNA/DNA altering nanoparticles, can be delivered to the lungs of everyone without their knowledge, in order to insert encoded  ‘spike proteins’ to cure what is falsely called a ‘virus.’ This so-called ‘coronavirus’ (‘covid’) has never been once separated, isolated, or identified, and has never once been shown to even exist, and has never been proven to cause any disease whatsoever, but worry not, ‘your’ government will take good ‘care’ of you whether you like it or not.

This what a friend and close correspondent of mine, Dr. Igor Shepherd, had to say about this in a letter to me recently:

“This is how Russia was testing biological weaponized viruses on the population back in the 80’s (mostly in Subways). This created huge epidemics of influenza in the cities. These goons are doing whatever it takes to mass vaccinate the population.” 

“This encapsulation of delivered material is very stable once dispersed in the environment, and can last for months in the air.  This is why it was done in the Subway in Leningrad—for quick dispersal. The same technology was used by the KGB for assassination purposes. On a mass scale huge outbreaks can be created so fast without anyone aware of this….and this can be what will create their next pandemic. And then they will use this exact same technology to “vaccinate” the population for this created pandemic. This time it will be a real pandemic, and many people will die…either way…this is their goal…to shrink humanity, and introduce the new “generation” of transhumans.”

It must be stated that these nefarious efforts by the State, its controllers, the evil pharmaceutical industry, the mainstream media, the politicians, the so-called ‘think-tanks,’ all the government bureaucracies, the military, the enforcement agencies, the central banks, and the NGOs, have but one agenda. That is for total control over all populations, with the goal of dramatically reducing the surface population through eugenic manipulation, democide, genocide, and psychological rape of the minds of the  naïve herd.

As Dr. Shepherd mentioned, this plot to mass ‘vaccinate’ all, may cause what will be said to be the next ‘pandemic,’ but this time around, unlike the fake ‘covid’ plot, mass death will occur due to a poisonous bioweapon aerosol attack, spreading extreme panic and fear. What will be desired and expected by the State, will be a collective crying out for the government to come to the rescue of this ignorant and hapless population. That is exactly what is sought, so beware the deliberate evil that is intended to bring about a defenseless people clamoring for a master to save them.

You, all of you, are your own master. Take great heed, for the plot for a single global governing force is close at hand, and with that can only come enslavement at the hands of technocratic monsters.

“Vaccination is a barbarous practice and one of the most fatal of all the delusions current in our time.

Conscientious objectors to vaccination should stand alone, if need be, against the whole world, in defense of their conviction.

Mahatma Gandhi

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