Make America Florida: The Case for DeSantis

Many people I know have left California for what they consider greener—I mean redder—pastures: red states free of most of the lunacy in the “woke” Golden State.

Some moved to Texas, some to Idaho, but most have fled to Florida, leaving us stay-at-homes green with envy.

Why Florida—with its notorious humidity, alligators, snakes, humungous mosquitos, and yearly hurricanes? In a word: DeSantis.

Facing off against the radical, America-hating Left, DeSantis fought and won two major battles recently: protecting students in third grade and younger from the Dems’ cherished “choose your gender” narrative, and poking woke Disney in its progressive eye. I’ll wager Walt would approve.

Speaking about these triumphs, Charles Lipson has this to say: “What his legislative victories demonstrate is that DeSantis is willing to fight hard against formidable opposition on high-profile issues, including cultural issues. That is exactly what Republican voters want today.”

Governor DeSantis has continuously put the liberty, interests, and wellbeing of Floridians first, for which he endures perpetual barbs and ridicule from the Pravda media’s coterie of presstitutes. Imagine—he took a stand for sanity in the schools, by outlawing gender “fluidity” indoctrination of children in kindergarten through third grade. How dare he!

And as of September 2020, he refused to allow mask mandates! Does he think he’s smarter than the CDC? Let’s hope so!


Well, I have a suggestion. Instead of millions of us envying Floridians and dreaming of moving there, which may be out of reach for many people, why not bring Florida to us? That is, why not turn Florida’s Governor DeSantis into President DeSantis? Then instead of his fighting tirelessly for Floridians only, he’d be fighting for all of us—and we could stay home! We wouldn’t have to deal with the alligators, mosquitoes, hurricanes and Floridian traffic jams.

Though there is one issue that Ron needs to revisit: a Convention of the States. This is a globalist ploy to throw out the Constitution on the pretext of giving power back to the states. Trouble is, many people don’t read the fine print: Congress would be in charge. And it’s an “anything goes” rodeo, as the one and only precedent proves: Our Founders simply chucked the Articles of Confederation they were supposed to amend,and started over. That’s aone-off that worked because they were liberty-minded and utterly brilliant. The exquisite Constitution they bequeathed to usain’t broke, so don’t “fix” it. We have an amendment process that has been used many times that can do the job just fine when we need new amendments.

The late great Justice Scalia warned: “I certainly would not want a constitutional convention.  Whoa!  Who knows what would come out of it?”

For excellent analyses regarding the dangers of the Convention of the States, I recommend this article by Publius Huldah, and this 30-minute video by Bill Still—very worth watching to the end.The John Birch Society has also been sounding the alarm on the ConCon con for decades.

Back to Trump.

We know his record was outstanding from 2017 through 2019. But let’s review his record from 2020 to the present.


Now in his role as Republican Party kingmaker, Trump is on the campaign trail endorsing candidates for Congress. Unfortunately, as investigative journalist Kelleigh Nelson pointed out in a recent article, Trump has endorsed several Republican quislings, including media personality Dr. Oz, who just so happens to be a Turkish Muslim who apparently voted in Turkey’s election in 2018, and supports the Leftist agenda on many counts. Unbelievably, Trump has also endorsed Greg Pence, Judas Pence’s brother.

In case you’ve forgotten, Trump let it fall to VP Mike Pence to save the Republic by refusing to certify the questionable voting results in the swing states, and allowing Senator Cruz’s proposal for a 10-day emergency audit of the disputed states’ results.  Pence infamously went on to certify the theft of our election instead. And let’s not forget that prior to this act of betrayal, Pence assembled the Coronavirus Task Force that brought us the deadly duo of FauxChi and Birx.

Why on earth would Trump do him the favor of endorsing his brother—who’s likely to be another subversive RINO?


And how about Trump’s refusal to admit Operation Warp Speed was a colossal blunder? Does he still not know thousands of people have died or been disabled by Big Pharma’s experimental injections? Many of us have been patiently waiting for him to discover the truth and shout it from the rooftops, warning people not to get any more jabs. Still waiting…


Let’s revisit President Trump’s tenure in office. As a teacher, I’m used to giving grades, so here goes: 2017…A+; 2018…A++; 2019…A+++; 2020…F.

After three glorious years of Trumpian success after success—the economic miracle Obama said could never happen, major tax relief, historically low unemployment, energy independence, the engine of prosperity roaring again—Covid descended upon us.

The country reeled, having suddenly lost its navigator and Commander-in-Chief. The Dems/Deep State and assorted members of the globalist cabal had found their Kryptonite at last.

If you recall, Trump’s first response was to say Covid was a hoax. By now many of us know his instinct was right. But that pronouncement no doubt provoked outrage and hysteria among his advisors. I can imagine Ivanka pleading with Daddy to take care of people—after all, how could he say it was a hoax when people were dying?

Of course he knew the Wuhan flu and the deaths were real—yet it was being played out as a psyop. And as far as the deaths were concerned, he did all he could to help us from the start.

When Trump learned HCQ was effective, he rushed to get a huge supply for us. When Governor Cuomo was in the midst of murdering elderly New Yorkers, POTUS sent him a huge hospital ship to rescue the nursing home patients. And when he was assured the vaccine would stop the pandemic in its tracks and prevent Americans from dying, he got on board with Operation Warp Speed.

His failure? He forgot the two words he’d made so famous in his years on The Apprentice: “You’re fired!” That’s what he needed to tell Dr. Fraudster, Madame La Scarf, and a few other strategically-placed traitors bent on destroying America, as it became clear the Fauchian “cure” was far worse than the disease.

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