Mainstream ‘Journalists’ Are Begrudgingly Covering Their Asses Due to the Israeli and U.S. Ethnic Cleansing in Gaza

Isn’t it telling when groups of faux ‘journalists’ who nearly unanimously have supported the decades-long murder of Palestinians by the Zionist Israeli State, all at once feign concern over these atrocities? This happened of course, not due entirely to the recent and ongoing slaughter and genocide of Palestinians, but due to the fact that so-called ‘journalists’ were killed by the Israeli military and Mossad. Their open letter reads a bit differently than one might expect, for the primary reason for this letter seems to rest on the fact that ‘journalism’ and ‘journalists’ have been harmed, and that they have been caught in their lies.

The letter supposedly blasts Israel for its:

“devastating bombing campaign and media blockade in Gaza [which] threatens newsgathering in an unprecedented fashion.”

“As reporters, editors, photographers, producers, and other workers in newsrooms around the world, we are appalled at the slaughter of our colleagues and their families by the Israeli military and government. We are writing to urge and end to violence against journalists in Gaza.”

In this letter, there is actually a very minor mea culpa, due to the fact that everyone on earth can see that this is a genocide by Israel; an ethnic cleansing of all Palestinians, and these very culpable media scum had to hurry to cover their ass before many heads rolled. How sympathetic of them, as their first and main concerns were their jobs and risk of being shot or bombed, not the plight of Palestinian hostages locked in a concentration camp being murdered indiscriminately by the Israeli military.

It has been over a month-long murder spree by Israel, this after a false flag attack by Hamas, staged and allowed by the Zionist Israeli government and Mossad, and the complicit mainstream media waited until ‘journalists’ were killed before posting this letter to protect themselves from scrutiny. This letter has all the markings of a media propaganda campaign meant to feign sympathy where little has been present for decades, and almost none since October 7th, where biased reporting in favor of Israel has been ongoing. It is terribly disturbing to these bogus ‘journalists’ when they get caught in lies, deception, and collusion in genocide.

This is not opinion or hearsay, as it is fully admitted to in this atrocity-excusing letter.

“We also hold western Newsrooms accountable for dehumanizing rhetoric that has served to justify ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. Double standards, inaccuracies and fallacies abound in American publications, and have been well-documented.”

“Newsrooms have instead undermined Palestinian, Arab, and Muslim perspectives, dismissing them as unreliable and have invoked inflammatory language that reinforces Islamophobic and racist tropes. They have printed misinformation spread by Israeli officials and failed to scrutinize indiscriminate killing of civilians in Gaza — committed with the support of the U.S. government.”

“We are renewing the call for ‘journalists’ to tell the truth without fear or favor. To use precise terms that are well-defined by international human rights organizations, including apartheid, ethnic cleansing,  and genocide. to recognize that contorting our words to hide evidence of war crimes or Israel’s oppression of Palestinians is journalistic malpractice and an abdication of moral clarity.”

These are admissions by these ‘journalists’ of caring about themselves and their jobs over the truth, the murder of innocents, the consequences of their lies, and their constant excusing of genocide at the hands of the Zionist monsters controlling Israel. Now that they have posted this letter, they can go back to the same tactics as they have constantly practiced in the past, using this as ‘documented testimony’ that they really care.

Apparently, they want all to believe that they are calling for their brethren to tell the truth, while admitting that they are consummate narcissistic liars. This is pathological hypocrisy. In the meantime, they will get even more coverage, while those like myself and other truthtellers, will continue to be abused, threatened, called names, and censored, even in the face of honest and referenced reporting of these atrocious events taking place in view of all who have any ability to see.

“It’s very simple. Liars initiate, haters carry forward, fools spread, idiots believe and mindful void.”

Aditya Ajmera

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