Madness Is Irreversible When It Is Wrongly Explained

A Faustian (or Faucian) Bargain: you must give up your soul or life in exchange for worldly, material benefit – Goethe, Faust: A Tragedy.

Americans finds themselves unable to explain the following madness they see daily piped into their homes electronically:

Socially engineered inflation of prices for food, gasoline, electricity, etc.
Tyrannical medical care of anyone hospitalized including isolation and lethal dosage medication, usurpation of their own doctor, and death from hospital-created sepsis bacterial infection from intubation/ventilation, not virus.
Twenty-two high tech corporations funding $82 billion to Black Lives Matter to foment anti-race riots and destroy small business in Blue cities.
Big Pharma drug companies that control WHO and the CDC, declaring a pandemic resulting in injection mandates to keep a job, martial law, closure of only small businesses while wealth was transferred to 493 new billionaires this created.
Rich oligarchs funding: gender transition clinics (Pritzker), district attorneys granting immunity to violent criminals (Soros), ballot harvesting to manipulate election outcomes (Zuckerberg), paying doctors premiums to prescribe dangerous opioids (Sackler), and transportation of immigrants into the country to undermine working class wages (Bush, Obama, Clintons, Soros).
Rolling out plans to phase out cheap and relatively cleaner power plants and gasoline fueled cars to replace the consumer economy with rationing, useless conservation and sacrifice to avoid a purely hypothetical global warming crisis.
Criminalization of peaceful, unarmed protest and religious assembly, enforced by complicit kangaroo courts.
Wild overspending on unnecessary proxy war in Ukraine involving money laundering operation for elites as Medicare and Social Security are being phased out as insolvent.

What do we call it when High Tech, Big Pharma, and billionaires, together with mass media they own, carry out a coordinated insurrection to take over the economy and government, to subjugate the working class, to squelch free speech, impose deadly medical mandates and undertake movements to destroy the bourgeoisie family, cultural institutions, and religion, all to protect wealthy monopoly profit capitalists? Historically, it has been called Fascism, contrary to current conservative intellectuals who inaccurately reduce it to mere ideologies of LiberalismNeo-LiberalismMarxismLeninismSocialismLeftismCritical Race TheoryTranssexual Justice or Medical Tyranny.  Fascism is more of a form of one-sided crisis management than it is an ideology.

Another misnomer is due to the American cultural perception of a classless society which sees this madness as mere political extremism or anti-racism rather than a class war involving incited mass murders especially of Christians, medical classicide, kangaroo court imprisonment and torture, wage suppression by mass immigration, denial of financial capital to blue collar businesses like beer manufacturers (Budweiser) and fragmentation of families in schools and courts.

There is so much disinformation on Fascism by the Left projecting it as exclusively on the Right, that it is difficult to find clarity on the issue. However, Italian political economist Clara E. Mattei, has written a history of Fascism that debugs the propaganda on both sides that we are facing today in her book: The Capital Order: How Economists Invented Austerity and Paved the Way to Fascism (2022).  She states Fascism is a response by oligarchs to threats to a dwindling pool of capital, a dollar currency crisis and rising working class wages (lowest tier wage earner growth 9% from 2019-2022 while prior growth was only 1%).  Mattei details how “the commonsense rationality that had one time justified” a laissez-faire Capitalist system was destroyed in Italy and Britain in the 1920’s. She defines Fascism as a system that “punishes the many in favor of the few” and Austerity as a policy to “preserve the primacy and indisputability of capitalism in times when capitalism is under threat”. Austerity is class domination not the Capitalist-Protestant work ethic or GAIA conservation.

Mattei says there are three historical economic policy crises that have led to (monopoly) Fascist Capitalism seizing power from government that are again playing out again today:

1) Monetary Policy – imposing higher interest rates to bring about money inflation to reduce worker’s effective wages that threaten to erode monopoly capital in response to increasing working class political power by “reconstructionists” (Trump).

2) Fiscal Policy – the imposed policy of working-class austerity while running perpetual government budget deficits in the face of entitlement program and pension fund insolvencies, to squeeze capital from the working class.
3) Industrial Policy –social engineering waves of immigrants into the US for cheap labor in response to the threat of re-shoring industries from China that threaten the massive excess high tech corporate profits.

Mattei describes some historical working-class concessions from the oppressive nature of Fascism in Italy and Britain in the 1920’s, such as workers grievance committees, strikes, labor negotiations and labor guilds (but profit taking banned).

Mattei, however, does not gloss over Fascism’s oppressive nature as experienced in Europe.  She describes the historical precedents of Fascism that are now also being rolled out in the U.S.: criminalization of working class free speech, mechanization and regimentation of labor, restricted job mobility, emerging nationalization and rationing of the food supply and fuels and shrinking of capital by high mortgage rates to finance home buying by the middle class.  Mattei states that historically under Fascism in Italy, 50 percent of workers were fined and punished for insubordination, sabotage and “strikomania”.

Mattei does not mention this in these terms, but Fascism has emerged because America no longer can economically sustain its empire – defined as a single supreme authority over many nations that depends on extractions from those nations. This means welfare state entitlements that the Knowledge Class depends on and the consumer economy that monopoly corporations depend on are threatened.

In my words, not Mattei’s:  In 2020, the Ruling Class already sprang a surprise attack on the working class while most Americans believed the mass media that this insurrection was an epidemic, or a grassroots racial uprising, money inflation caused by war, or global warming.  What the Globalist fascists want to do is get the working class accustomed to the sacrifices of austerity including deaths of “useless eaters” (Henry Kissinger). But when the working class seek justice in the courts for exercising free speech, the right to religious assembly, or refusal of medical mandates, they now find they have been consigned to the status of a caste with no constitutional protections.

Mattei does not mention how the American system of state’s rights not existent in 1920’s Italy or Britain might provide a decentralized solution to the oppressive globalist fascist class war on the working class. To what degree can economic and religious freedom be preserved by a parallel economy, a non-digitized banking system, alternative health care and hospital systems, local electro-culture farms and food cooperatives without genetic engineered foods, churches that can oppose medical evils without punishment, etc.?  Texas has its own gold depository for example.

It must be noted that Mattei’s great uncle was a chemical professor who designed bombs against the fascists in Italy and committed suicide in prison after days of torture rather than betray his comrades.

Firstly, the ongoing madness needs to be called by its right name: Globalist Fascism; secondly to understand that it is a one-sided murderous class war not mere Leftist ideological extremism or anti-racism; and third the names of renegade oligarchs and corporations need called out.

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