LRC Continues To Inspire!

I wanted to tell you about how LRC continues to inspire me.

Way back in the day, LRC writers were promoting homeschooling. I didn’t grow up in the homeschool movement, and probably had a lot of misconceptions about it twenty years ago, but I think as a result of being a regular reader of LRC, my mind was opened. I think this is one major reason why I ended up working with homeschooling families for the past 14 years, something that has brought an incredible amount of joy to my life and has been very personally rewarding. The families I’ve worked with, and their children, are some of the finest people I’ve known. I’m so happy I took that path.

Back in June, Tom Woods promoted a financial series called “Money 2022.” Always trusting that the folks at LRC have something important to teach me, I bought the series, because like many people, I was wondering where to put my money to assure that it wouldn’t disappear. I appreciated the variety of opinions and perspectives. One of the people interviewed suggested that instead of trying to grow your money in the stock market or in crypto, you might be better served to invest that money in a small business, or start your own.

It got me thinking: Could I do that?

This past summer, I joined a small business incubator program in my town. I felt very good about my decision, especially after reading Allan Stevo’s LRC article “Would You Start a New Business Today, If I Could Convince You It Was The Best Way to Save America?” (Sorry, can’t find the link.) I have always felt that homeschooling was the best way to combat cultural rot and mass amnesia, and now starting a small business, I can tell myself I’m fighting the good fight on another front. : )

I make the announcement today on the Catholics Against Militarism podcast about my new business serving homeschoolers, Teach to the Text. I hope to create a model that will allow excellent teachers to partner more effectively with homeschooling parents, and assist them in the education of their children, which I believe in many cases can happen easier outside of the traditional structures and systems of K-9 schools, whether those schools be in-person or online. My program will launch with The Iliad in January and I look forward to growing it in the coming years.

Thanks, as always, for all you do!

Oh, and your readers might also enjoy listening to the second part of my conversation with Fr. McCarthy on “Should a Christian vote?” on today’s podcast.

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