Low Down on the Showdown

Threat to “our democracy?” The effrontery! In a fair and just world, the Democratic Party of Chaos would slouch into the donkey’s graveyard — but since when is the USA part of a fair and just world?

Is there a more preposterous notion warbled across this troubled nation than the campaign mantra that “Joe Biden,” and the claque concealed behind him, are defending our democracy? What could be more self-evidently untrue?

Is censorship and abridging the First Amendment democratic? They haven’t been trying to finesse their ongoing assault on free speech. They abhor diversity of opinion, especially when it conflicts with their obvious efforts to wreck the country. Is siccing the dogs of the FBI and jailing their opponents outside due process of law democratic? Is ballot fraud democratic? Forced “vaccination”? I could go on (and often do), but you know exactly what they are doing: lying incessantly about everything, shoving lunatic narratives down your throat, turning reality inside-out and upside-down, and blowing up what’s left of American culture and economic life.

If what they’re doing is obvious, why they’re doing it isn’t. I have only two theories: Either 1) the Party of Chaos is acting in the interests of sinister forces outside our polity; or 2) They’re so far gone ethically and so deep in criminality carried out by so many persons and agencies in their service, that everything you see them do now is some attempt to cover-up their crimes or distract from their discovery.

The correct answer is probably both. One way or another, Davos money and influence worms its way through US institutions and works its wicked will, chewing up the structural supports of daily life. One obvious agent is George Soros, whose many NGOs operate at the fine-grained local level to elect district attorneys who won’t enforce the criminal statutes and state secretaries of state who won’t enforce election laws. Mr. Soros is also deeply implicated, through his Atlantic Council org, in the years-long program to destabilize Ukraine and light the fire for a completely avoidable world war. At least part of the time, George Soros lives in the US. Why his activities are not under investigation by the US Department of Justice probably answers your questions about his hidden influence at the higher levels of government.

Bill Gates, the Microsoft tycoon, circulates at the center of the evil nexus where US public health shakes hands with the drug companies. His money appears to be entangled in the biolab projects around the world engaged in weaponizing disease and then profiting from alleged “vaccines” to defeat it. The Covid-19 project went badly awry, especially the “vaccine” part. He’s been vocal about reducing the world’s population and now appears to have succeeded in helping to prompt a weird medical genocide.

Other supporting outside players range from the barely plausible Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum, which has implanted leaders and managers all over Western Civ inculcated in his Great Reset effort to wreck what’s left of industrial society and its cultural armature; to shadowy figures in European banking chattered about but never identified; to the CCP, which has gotten huge benefits from its relatively penny-ante investments in the Biden Family.

On the domestic scene, where covering-up skeins of manifold crimes sets the political tone, Christopher Wray of the FBI must lead the pack of paper-hangers. Under his leadership, beginning in 2017, the agency carried out most of its RussiaGate crimes against a sitting president and did absolutely nothing to investigate the blatant ballot fraud of 2020 that sealed the deal. Even under the shelter of “Joe Biden,” who Mr. Wray helped elect, and the stooge AG, Merrick Garland, damning information about FBI crimes continues to leak out of the woodwork via whistleblowers, while the agency behaves more and more like an American Gestapo.

All that desperation probably signals the chilling fear that a new Congress will start seriously asking questions about all this misconduct that could eventually lead to the right people going to jail. Special Counsel John Durham failed to gain convictions in this year’s trials of small-timers Sussmann and Danchenko, but he did manage to make public many salient original sins of the RussiaGate op in the process and, though 99.9 percent of observers think he’s done, I’d be willing to bet that more will be heard from Mr. Durham after the election, and not just some jive “report.”

Similarly in US public health, where the central figure in the Covid disaster, Dr. Anthony Fauci, seems to think that retirement will erect an invisible shield from prosecution around him — if he lives long enough. Dr. Fauci’s agile avoidance of giving testimony under oath may be at an end as Federal Judge Terry Doughty has compelled him to be deposed in the joint Missouri-Louisiana lawsuit alleging collusion between the government and tech companies in censoring free speech related to Covid and the “vaccines.”

Rochelle Walensky of the CDC has gone-to-ground for more than a week before the election while reports pile up of soaring all-causes deaths implicating the mRNA shots. Former NIH director Francis Collins lays low, Dr. Ralph Baric is bunkered-in and silent at the University of North Carolina, and scores of other high-up employees present-and-former at CDC, FDA, and other public health agencies must be nervous, if Congress flips, about having to account for what they did to their country. If it does flip….

And so, the midterm election plods to a climax on elephant feet. The shift in sentiment is palpable. Under normal circumstances, the prodigious, naked dishonesty of the Democratic Party of Chaos, and its many gratuitous insults to the voting public — such as the past year’s barrage of drag queen story hours — would lead to an extinction event for the Dems. Their desperation must be such that they will try anything now to stave off an election disaster, including any-and-all forms of ballot fraud. Look to the usual places: Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, Arizona.

This time, of course, many observers are watching and they’ll know what to look for. The result could easily be an election the outcome of which won’t be accepted by either party, sparking an invitation to broad civil disorder. I’m not much of a praying man, but tomorrow I’ll get down on my knees for a few words with The Manager.

Reprinted with permission from Kunstler.com.

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