Life on the Social Security Plantation

I received my first Social Security check in January. I was actually amazed that my online application went through okay and was approved and processed by government employees, without any hiccups. That’s how low my expectations have become. I am literally stunned when anything works correctly.

I thought long and hard about collecting Social Security at the earliest possible moment, when I turned sixty two. Sure, it would have been significantly less per month, but that’s five extra years of payments. And the system is probably even more unstable than the rest of crumbling America 2.0. The math is impossible, with lower paid young workers having to pay into the system to support all the Boomer geezers like me. They know the numbers don’t work, and they don’t care. As you must know by now, they don’t care about anything except enriching themselves and promoting the satanic agenda which enables their power.

The conservative Ayn Rand worshipers, the Paul Ryan brigade, are chomping at the bit to end Social Security and Medicare. They consistently refer to them as “entitlements,” which they decidedly are not. Every worker pays into this system for their entire working life. That is thanks to Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “temporary” withholding tax, among his myriad of great accomplishments. So the system isn’t voluntary. You must participate, even if you’re a billionaire and obviously don’t need the monthly pittance doled out to the common riff raff in their golden years. Ross Perot wanted a voluntary opt out, and they nearly chewed his head off.

Social Security has always been like a deity to Democrats. They revere it, and to question it at all is not permitted. They insist that Social Security is “solvent” for another million years or so. The numbers tell quite a different story, but statistics (and facts) don’t matter to these crazed Social Justice Warriors. They think the system was one of the great inventions of all time, because it was passed during the administration of FDR, a psychopathic warmonger who naturally is their greatest hero, behind only the tyrannical Abraham Lincoln. Social Security is sacrosanct, and criticism of it is tantamount to beating grandma in the public square.

But Social Security had many problems from the very beginning. The idea of such a social safety net is attractive to many people, including me. No one wants the elderly literally left out in the cold after they can no longer work. That feeling is naturally stronger in me now, since I have reached the stage where I am considered elderly. Wow, that seems impossible. I will never call myself elderly (or old), no matter who else does. As someone once said, never let an old person into your body. Given the unfortunate drift of our society, it has come to the point where, for most old people, if the government doesn’t pay them a stipend, they can’t economically survive.

The question few ask is, prior to FDR signing the Social Security Act on August 14, 1935, what happened to Americans when they retired from the workforce? Sure, life expectancy was lower, but that’s a bit misleading. You still had more babies and young children dying in alarming numbers, which skewered the overall statistics. Nursing homes largely didn’t exist, either. The answer is obvious; old people were cared for by close family members. Think of The Waltons. That’s the way it worked for the most part. Not only grandma and grandpa, but unmarried older uncles and aunts also lived with family. There were few nursing homes and no Social Security to rely on.

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