Libertarian Dopes Exposed as Dopes

From the Tom Woods Letter:

If this were a normal society, what you are about to read would be a massive scandal.

As it is, our official opinion-molders are trying their best to downplay or ignore it.

The latest installment of what are being called the Twitter Files was just released at the end of last week. It covers the FBI’s connections to Twitter.

I was going to summarize it for you, but I think you should see it for yourself:

And to think there were libertarian dopes all during this period insisting that Twitter was a “private company” that could set whatever policies it wanted. How thick did you have to be to believe that one?

Even if we hadn’t been dealing with active government suppression of speech, who says we’re not allowed to criticize a private company? When did that become a rule of libertarianism? It seems to me that freedom includes — how about this — the freedom to criticize!

The dopes who wouldn’t even criticize Twitter, but who fixated on the “private company” argument without even bothering to discuss the merits of the case, were generally pro-Fauci, pro-lockdown libertarians (there were some of those, believe it or not) who cannot ever imagine taking genuine aim at the regime.

Why, that’s not respectable! Dr. Fauci is a great expert! Oh, and didn’t you know we’re in a pandemic?

That’s the kind of person we’re dealing with.

Anyway, enjoy that thread.

One other thing to enjoy:

With Christmas coming up, if you have any unresolved dinner-table arguments from Thanksgiving, well, ol’ Woods has you covered.

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