Letter to Alex Berenson on World Ivermectin Day

I commend you for agreeing to a debate with Dr. Pierre Kory on ivermectin, Alex.

I know I’ve been hard on you about this, but it is because I expected better from you.

I expected you to objectively reconsider your position in light of the voluminous scientific evidence of ivermectin’s efficacy for treating COVID.

I expected you to evaluate the designed-to-fail studies with the same eye for corruption and fraud you apply to the injection studies.

I expected you to recognize that ivermectin is being targeted for smearing and censorship because it poses an existential threat to the injectable product.

How could you not realize the pharmaceutical corporations discredited ivermectin to obtain the EUAs that granted them immunity from lawsuits?

How could you not see that it was necessary for them to obliterate consideration of early treatment protocols so they could force us into their billion-dollar “solution”?

How could you not understand that we would have suffered none of the deaths and injuries caused by the injection, hospicidal protocols, lockdowns, masking, school closures, and other detrimental interventions; job losses; psychological trauma; damage to children; economic destruction; or tyrannical measures if Dr. Vladimir Zelenko’s early treatment protocol had been adopted when he introduced it in March 20201?

How could you not be suspicious of the lurking presence of Unitaid, a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation pawn, in conjunction with efforts to suppress ivermectin?

The failure to recommend ivermectin is not a side story, as you suggested in your debate with Dr. Kory.

It is THE story, Alex. Because with ivermectin, every injection, every death, every injury, every infringement on our rights in the name of “saving” us from COVID wouldn’t have happened. Indeed, it would have made for a very boring story.

The 500,000 lives Dr. Andrew Hill admitted to Dr. Tess Lawrie that his recommendation against ivermectin might cost would have been saved—plus every life lost to lethal interventions since then.

The world would not be filling up with millions of injection-injured victims.

You and others challenging the narrative would not have been banned by Twitter and every other tentacle of Big Tech.

The public would never have been coerced into sacrificing our freedoms for “safety.”

I was surprised to learn you have not watched the Zoom call between Dr. Tess Lawrie and Dr. Andrew Hill. As an investigator of Unreported Truths, aren’t you curious about a video documenting the mechanisms of scientific fraud?

Will you watch it now, Alex?

This may be the single-most important twenty minutes you can spend to see how the pharmaceutical industry manipulates scientists into compromising their findings.

If people see how that happened with ivermectin, they can understand how it was done with the $cience on the injection, too.

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