Last Gasps of a Dying Empire

Narcissistic sociopaths—
Trump Obama Biden Bush—
Drunk on power money fame.
Murderers all, they’re all the same.

They’ll stick you with a deadly vax
& make sure you don’t get the facts.
Big Pharma rules.  Millions of suckers
fell for the lies of the motherfuckers.

Trump Obama RFK
Junior—all in Israel’s pay.
Genocide is A-OK.
It’s the order of the day.

Clear the land of Palestinians.
Might makes right is so Darwinian.
Bomb two million into oblivion.
“Self-defense” a fake criterion.

Genocide is A-OK.
You can watch it on TV.
The Clintons like to watch it too.
Hillary’s an honorary Jew.

Narcissistic sociopaths—
Clinton Trump Obama Blair.
“We drove them out in ’48
and the world didn’t care.
Now we’ve got to finish the job.
Netanyahu is our man
killing as many as he can.
Greater Israel is the plan.”

The US Congress in Israel’s pay.
Jeffrey Epstein blackmailed a bunch.
Mossad always gets its way.
Our “free press” is a sick joke.
The presstitutes are out to lunch,
the liars of the New York Times
complicit in these monstrous crimes,
crimes against humanity,
basic crimes against you and me.

Wokeism has run amok.
In a deadly groove you’re stuck
with idiots like Nancy and Chuck
and the Open Border clusterf*ck.

The US-NATO war on Russia
still drags on, thanks to Biden.
Amerika destroyed Ukraine.
Now Palestine must feel the pain.

“We’re flattening all of Gaza to rubble
because we don’t want any trouble.
None dare call it a genocide.
It’s our right, our national pride.
The population will be displaced,
starved, murdered, destroyed, erased.
If you object, you’re an antisemite
and you’d better shut your mouth up tight
because we decide what’s wrong and right,”
says Netanyahu the yahoo
and Israeli Jews except a few.
The US Congress with great respect
before King Bibi genuflect
but some day he won’t get a hug.
They’ll brush him off like they did
with the tee-shirted Ukrainian thug.

Amerika, the dying empire,
ruled by narcissistic liars
fulfilling Globalists’ desires.
But every empire one day expires.

Down the toilet you will go.
Trillions wasted on Military.
A better America will take your place
but it WON’T be run by Gates, Fauci
or the climate-change fraud John Kerry.

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