Labor Stats, Bank Stats, Economic Stats; The Making of Stakeholder Rule

Biden has built his Economic collapse on the fraudulent reports released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics regarding job growth.   The Coordinated Federal Reserve run by the Global Banking Cartel, BIS, is raking western economies by raising interest rates to Carter levels claiming the only way to tame inflation is thru the collapse of the job market.   Unemployment is too LOW!   As long as unemployment is low there is INFLATION!  Chicken Little screams.  

ADP shut down last May to alter their algorithm so that they would more closely align with the BLS.   Their Grand Reopening was a CRASH. And their numbers are still considerably out of whack…   January:   ADP 106,000;   BLS 517,000.   February:   ADP 242,000;   BLS 311,000.  Guess which one is closer to reality?

However, there is a site called The Challenge Report.   Their data releases seem to trend more closely to the reality suppressed by Big Government.   Their reports are incredibly detailed, graphic, and not in alignment with BLS or ADP!  ODD?

The Challenge states that announced job cuts in January were 102,943, and for February were 77,770.   February job cuts occurred in ALL 30 industries with Tech leading the pack. The largest layoff locations were California followed by Washington and New York. Hirings planned for January and February combined totaled 61,594. These figures don’t even come close to the BLS Bull!

February 2023 The Labor Bureau announced that in 2022 the US had lost 3 million workers.   According to their Ouija Board, approximately 30% said it was due to disability/health.   Another 30% said they are homeschooling.   The likely bulk, or 40% were ‘excess deaths’. 

The graphs released by the Labor Bureau and the Chamber of commerce are on par with an 8th grade simplicity;   job openings vs unemployed workers.   What field are the job openings? What are the qualifications of the unemployed?   Do they send ‘job openings available’ to the agencies responsible for matching employees to jobs?   What are those stats?

And the REGIME does not even attempt to reconcile the discrepancies –

Each time the Federal Reserve claims it needs to raise rates ‘again’ to calm the labor market – they do so based on fraudulent numbers issued by the Labor secretary, Marty Walsh, whose degree is in ‘social science’.   Not Math.  Not Statistics. Not Economics.   In other words he is the epitome of the secretary’s second cousin on her mother’s side, whose daughter-in-law took a class in bookkeeping in high school and is now running the accounting department of SILICON VALLEY BANK…

When the Feds raise interest rates, banks suffer losses from lack of loans and defaulted loans.   When the construction industry contracts – so do banks.   Wells Fargo is down 22% over the past year.   Bank of America is down 30%.   Citigroup is down 17%.   YTD BlackRock is down 12%.   US Bancorp has dropped nearly 30% over the past year and was dumped by it’s largest institutional holder Buffett – end of 2022.   FYI, Simultaneously Buffett sold off most of his Taiwan semiconductor shares which peaked at $140 January 2022..

Runs on banks are a fear induced mania.   The Biden Regime has already declared that all depositors at SVB will be fully compensated and the executives and staff will walk with their salaries, stock options, and bonuses.   Accounting for an additional 8500+ on the unemployed rack…  

And of course, The Economy is Too Strong!   ~The Economist.   Destroy it!

It is not simply US Banks being hit with spiraling downturns.   Year over year, YTD and today; Credit Suisse – down, Deutsche Bank – down, other EU banks appear to be down today in line with major US Banks despite being unattached to SVB.   Still, the underscore is that as regional banks crash and burn they will ultimately be buried or bought.   Monopoly ownership squeezes out the riff-raff and allows for a more centralized RESET and Bank consolidation means less competition.

When destroying the economy and society Idiot governments simply give the Handlers the justification for a One World nongovernmental – stakeholder COUP.   The means to achieve this would be to create a government so corrupt, so completely devoid of intelligence or wisdom that The People would worship anyone stepping in to eliminate these Fools.

The incompetence within the WH would appear to be Biden’s nom-de plume as newest testimony from the FAA Appointee, Phillip Washington, reveals he doesn’t even have basic working knowledge of anything Aviation.   His business degree brought him his appointment to DIA as CEO in 2021 despite a criminal investigation brought against him for corruption by a whistleblower.

During Fiscal 2023, Biden declared he would be adding 82,000 new federal employee jobs across nearly every agency.  The move is purportedly to fill gaps caused by Obama and Trump.   At this point the federal government is tied with WalMart in terms of employees – roughly 2.3 million.  Add in state, county, local – and Government has surpassed every Corporate employee.

The employees leaving their US government positions are the ones privy to the ultimate collapse as they exit stage left and hop on the NGO Train to assist in the derailment of our faith in every government institution.   The ones coming in, the placeholder replacements – are chosen for their ignorance.   Irrelevant.

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