Justin Raimondo on the Palestinian Situation….

Reading today’s headlines of the most recent conflagration in the Middle East led me to revisit Justin Raimondo’s past writings on the matter.

“….Since neither sides wants peace, there will be none. Given these intractable circumstances, we must withdraw from the role of ‘broker,’  which the American conceit of exercising ‘world leadership’ at every opportunity has made mandatory.

We have no interest in the creation of yet another radical Arab state which is bound to turn against us, no matter what we do, or how we vote in the UN. We must also withdraw as Israel’s shield and chief financier: that, indeed, is the very first step we can and must take in order to extricate ourselves from the most dangerous trouble spot on earth.

At the point where the world’s three great Abrahamic religions meet, there the seismic plates of civilization brush up against each other – to inevitably violent effect. The creation of a new state in the very epicenter of this seismic disturbance is just asking for an earthquake of epic proportions.

Not all problems have solutions, and the recognition that we have done what we can – while making the situation far worse – is key to forging a new policy that puts our own interests first….”

Raimondo had such a rare gift to bring light and clarity to complex foreign policy issues.   How his voice is missed.

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