Juggling JFK’s Corpse


At Parkland shortly after 1pm, LBJ and friends let it be known they were going to Love Field to be able to fly back to Washington D.C., and they worded their notices to imply they would be flying back on Air Force 2.  Actually LBJ etc. raced to the airport as fast as they could go, almost getting T-boned at an intersection, and occupied Air Force 1.  Priority one was covering every window with the excuse being there might be snipers and continuing danger, so this would keep snipers from conducting any further attacks.  If LBJ were actually afraid of snipers, or a nuclear attack from Russia, he would have beat it the hell out of Dallas quickly.  But what he really was doing was preventing anyone aboard (not there yet) from seeing what was going on outside.  LBJ was setting the stage for cadaver juggling.

Sergeant Ayres, the Air Force One steward, was told to unbolt the Secret Service seats that were immediately inside the rear left door, which was the presidential (and Secret Service) ordinary daily usage door.  The other external door further forward and a little behind the cockpit (and on the left side of the plane also) was used by the crew.  The plan, and it was fulfilled, was to set JFK in his ornate O’Neal casket there to the left (and forward) of entry at the rear plane door.  Further to the rear were bathroom space and auxiliary power supply.  Continuing forward from the casket position was a hallway.  On its right was the presidential bedroom, and further forward down the hall was the State Room where LBJ would be sworn in.  Once people were to be herded into that room for the swearing in and the door was closed, nobody would be able to look down the hall to see what was happening with the casket.  On the right, short of the presidential bedroom, was the rear galley and its external door on the right side of the plane for loading food and supplies.

Once most everybody was herded into the State Room for the swearing in, and Jackie was persuaded to come about 2:37 pm, the ceremony occurred between 2:38-2:41pm.  Notice you don’t see Roy Kellerman or Adm. Burkley in the room.  They and a few assistants were busy down the hall from the closed State Room door hefting JFK out of his casket, Parkland plastic wrappings and all, and hustling him quickly through the galley and out onto a high-lift pallet truck specially commandeered for the task.  LBJ had connections in Texas, or so rumor has it.  In the process, Burkley got blood all over his shirt forearms and claimed later it was because he had been retrieving Jackie’s red roses from the trash inside Parkland’s Trauma Room #1.  Kellerman got blood all over his side from shoulder to belt line, and rode back up in or near the cockpit so few people would see the state he was in once he got there.  Blood dripped on the floor through the galley, so a can of tomato soup was opened and oops spilled to create an intermixed cover-up story.

Several hundred feet off to the right photographer James Darnell was in the Love Field Airport Diner.  Through the windows he could see something being offloaded through the rear door and placed on the high-lift pallet.  The high-lift pallet truck drove it to a forward cargo compartment where it was re-loaded onto Air Force One.  And being a photographer he filmed the whole thing.  Then a Dallas policeman accosted him, told him he was being “disrespectful” to the Kennedy family, and confiscated his film.  Nobody on the plane saw or knew anything about it because the State Room door had been closed and all the windows had been closed off.

The Air Force One windows were kept closed off the whole way back.  Evidently someone was afraid of commie snipers shooting into the plane from their perches on the cloud tops.  Lyndon was so afraid of a commie nuclear attack he had kept the plane on the tarmac for about an hour and a half while he was making sure the cadaver juggling would be successful.  Once it was, they were airborne in just a few minutes more.  LBJ had spent the end of October and the first part of November at his Pedernales Ranch, henchmen coming and going all day, planning the details for Nov. 22.

Arriving in the dark at Andrews AFB, Air Force One didn’t roll into the terminal right away.  Several hundred feet short it paused in the dark out in the middle of nowhere on the otherwise deserted runway, and that’s where another high lift pallet truck must have offloaded JFK and his plastic wrapping from the forward right cargo compartment.  But the windows were still closed and so nobody could see.  You never know when an American Air Force Base near the nation’s capital might be crawling with an invasion of enemy infantry the Pentagon didn’t know anything about.  From there at Andrews the body was helicoptered into the rear of Bethesda beyond the officer’s club and placed into a black Gawler Funeral Home hearse.  Along the way JFK was put naked without Parkland wrappings into a body bag inside a cheapie silver-pink shipping casket like any private killed in Vietnam would be riding in.  So the body bag and the cheapie shipping casket were probably already aboard and on standby when JFK was first loaded for his last helicopter ride.

Once Air Force One resumed rolling forward to its final parking position, windows still shuttered, the empty casket was brought down before national television but the Honor Guard there to carry it was not allowed to do so.  They would be too likely to realize it was empty.  So Men in Suits did the lifting between the lift-descent equipment and the gray Navy ambulance.  Only a couple of men in uniform managed to get their hands on the ornate O’Neal casket as it was moved a few feet into the ambulance.  The ambulance had been sent by LBJ’s former heart doctor, who feared LBJ might have a heart attack and need cardiac support.  The ambulance was equipped for LBJ and the personnel with it were for LBJ.  But the Secret Service shoved them aside and hijacked the ambulance for their own purposes, like they had shoved aside O’Neal at Parkland and stolen his ambulance from the emergency room parking lot.  When they dumped it off at Love Field it was so obscurely hidden O’Neal had to spend two or three hours late on Nov. 22 trying to find it.  At Andrews AFB Greer was driving, the hero of Dealey Plaza once again up to his old tricks.  Now the new version of the ongoing con job was to get everyone lost and disoriented and most of all delayed at Andrews, so he drove an irregular contrived busywork course to get lost in the dark parts of Andrews and make sure they were all late getting to Bethesda Navy Hospital.

They finally arrived about 6:55pm at the front side of the hospital when Jackie and RFK went inside to go upstairs and wait.  Autopsy technician Paul O’Connor saw them come in and was puzzled.  He knew from being downstairs that JFK had already arrived in the cheap shipping casket, and couldn’t figure out the duplication upstairs.  Meanwhile Greer sat behind the wheel of the ambulance in confusion, as he didn’t know the location and he hadn’t been given instructions about what to do next.  Somebody stopped by and guided him to the rear of the hospital where there was a loading dock for the empty casket, and where JFK had already entered in the cheapie shipping casket.  That was about 6:35pm when the delivery was made from the black Gawler Funeral Home hearse, as witnessed by Tom Robinson and Roger Boyajian among others.

Dr. Boswell came down to the loading dock area and told most of the people to leave, including with verbal tussling he got FBI Agents Siebert and O’Neill to take a hike for a while.  The few remaining Navy personnel got JFK out of the cheap shipping casket and up onto a downstairs morgue exam table.  Dr. Humes came with saws and pliers and mangled JFK’s skull so as to combine 6 wound holes into one big hole.  For pretending one budgeted bullet did all the damage.  Yeah.  Right.  This falsification was witnessed by autopsy technicians Tom Robinson and Ed Reed.  They had to sign secrecy agreements along with the rest of the crew to not discuss the autopsy, under pain of court-martial.  So it was years before they revealed what had really happened.  At some point Humes cut the carotid arteries in JFK’s neck so as to remove the scraps remaining of JFK’s brain.  He then replaced it with a pickled brain from his collection.  The one-fist hole in the back of JFK’s skull had been enlarged to a two-fist hole, so the brain substitution was easy.  Another side benefit of cracking JFK’s skull to fake the evidence.

The corpse was shuttled around and studied as to preliminaries, especially obtaining various x-rays.  Most of them have disappeared over the years, and the remaining x-rays have many faked attributes as extensively studied and reported on by Dr. David Mantik.  At some point the corrupted corpse was placed back into the elegant O’Neal casket from Dallas and stuck in the gray Navy ambulance for the first time.  That’s when the Honor Guard was allowed to finally find it after all the rigamarole they had been put through, and so they brought it into Bethesda for the official autopsy as if it were virgin pure from Dallas.  Later Adm Burkley perjured himself in a fake affidavit, attesting that the JFK corpse as received at Bethesda was unchanged from its status when it left Dallas.  Burkley also made sure to steal and make disappear the Harper Fragment of JFK’s skull, and the shallow shoulder bullet that fell out on the x-ray exam table of Jerrol Custer at Bethesda.  On Oct. 14, 1963, JFK loyalist and Secret Service Agent Tom Shipman was killed by poisoning at lunch at Camp David.  With him out of the way it would be possible to put Greer behind the wheel for Dealey Plaza and slowing the limousine to aid the aim of the snipers.  Burkley told Shipman’s widow to not do an autopsy and to bury him fast.

When the con job got to the official phase, JFK was brought into the formal upstairs gallery autopsy room.  Technician Jim Jenkins noticed the severed carotid arteries and so knew at once there was a phony brain involved.  Not only that, but a fresh brain is white and gray and jiggles like jello.  A brain that has been in formaldehye for two weeks is duller colors and hardened by the formaldehyde exposure.  Humes put on his performance as a subservient puppet of Adm. Galloway and Adm. Burkley, who among other things directed Humes to not examine JFK’s throat wound.  It was proof of shooting from the front and at least one assassin other than the framed Oswald.  Mid-afternoon Nobel Prize winner Dr. Robert Livingston had already called Humes in his office to encourage him to look for wounds on JFK’s front side. “One moment,” Livingston was told.  About 30 seconds later his voice came back on the line to disclose, “The FBI is here in my office and they don’t want me to talk about it.”  Click.   Galloway and Burkley also directed Humes to castrate JFK at the end of the autopsy.  He refused.  So he was threatened with court-martial, brig time, and loss of retirement benefits.  So he finally castrated JFK.

Dan Marvin was at Ft. Bragg, N.C. in Green Beret sniper assassination training school.  One day his class was shown the up-close film of JFK’s assassination that was done by the Babushka Lady.  The instructor told the class, “This is a perfect example of how to do an urban assassination.”   Babushka Lady never stepped forward for fame and fortune like Zapruder because she was on assignment in Dealey Plaza at just the right place, and everything she was up to was arranged and paid for by the CIA.  Like the still photographer above Jackie at Zapruder frame Z343 who also didn’t get fame and thousands of dollars for his work as Zapruder had done.  The photographer above Greer is Ike Altgens, a famous professional journalism photographer with famous pictures.  Later Dan Marvin was approached by the CIA at Ft. Bragg and asked to kill Navy Lt. Cmdr. William Bruce Pitzer inside Bethesda, because “he was a disloyal security risk.”  No, Pitzer had made a film recording of the entire JFK autopsy.  It held evidence of autopsy corrupt practices, and then there was the part about JFK being castrated at the end on order of Navy admirals. They couldn’t afford to let the autopsy film be seen publicly when Pitzer retired, so he had to be eliminated.  Dan Marvin turned down the hit, but somebody else suicided Pitzer in his office.  He was left-handed but shot on the right side of his head.

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