Jews and Palestinian, Israeli Gaza War: The Problem

For Christian and their Churches to proclaim the Gospel in all its fullness, except as it relates specifically to the primary spiritual, theological and moral issue of the moment in which they are living, is not to proclaim the Gospel. For the Christian leader to stand in the pulpit on Sunday or write an article in the Weekly Church paper on the theological intricacies of the  Hypostatic Union or the evil of tithing below 10% of income, while practically his or her entire Christian community is out killing human beings in a war or supporting that killing, is not to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus, the Christ and the Savior of all humanity. It is to avoid or suppress proclamation.

Because of the recent Israeli-Hamas homicidal undertaking, when asked, I have given my understanding of what is taking place and why. To date I have only given it in private conversations. However, since I have heard no one in the Church, no one, come forth with even the slightest suggestion that Jesus—who after all  Christians believe is the one and only true God and who become human, who Christians believe is the Messiah and Savior of Israel and of all human beings, who explicitly addresses the issues of violence and enmity and how God wants people to respond to them, and who rose from the dead—has anything to say on this issue and cannot even locate anything in the Person and Teaching of Jesus, technically and salvifically, pertinent to bring to the analysis and solution to this homicidal madness that presently is literally making Israel/Palsestine the incarnation of hell on earth, I decided to say something publicly.

What I have to say will come to you in three short audio and video parts under the title, “Israel Gaze War: THE PROBLEM.”

The three presentations are intended to coherently progress towards a Christic solution. But, do take some time to integrate the truth that each talk is attempting to reveal.

I hope you find them meaningful today in reference to the Satanic horror taking place in Israel and Gaza, and meaningful tomorrow in terms of what it means to be an effective Christian advocate for peace.

Part One:

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