It’s Not Over

From the Tom Woods Letter:

Just when you think the ordeal is over, it’s not.

A reader writes:

In the Pioneer Valley (Amherst/Northampton/Greenfield, Massachusetts, one of the hearts of progressive academia) our major source of community life is our once vibrant dance community — folk, contra, English, Scottish, Swing and more — vibrant before the covid lockdowns.

Once we were hippies, now, where Trump Derangement Syndrome continues to thrive, we’re Branch Covodians, afraid of our shadows and relying solely on the CDC, NPR and left-wing social media for info we trust. Whatever’s going on  elsewhere, the pandemic is still raging here, at least in people’s minds.

KN-95 masks must be worn at community events and vax cards presented for admission. There’s now a new rule. Beginning November 1, no admittance without this latest vax.

I’m preparing an appeal which will likely do little good but it may at least begin to open a few minds if I can present, in a non-challenging way, any data that might suggest that those of us who aren’t vaxxed with this new vax are unlikely to be human bio-hazards prone to infect the community with new strains of covid.

That’s what’s going on here. We are the woke proles of an updated 1984 and we are very frightened of each other.

Just as the vote was being taken on the Covid shots and the childhood vaccination schedule I also received this note (excerpts below):

I was horrified as I witnessed that despicable Dr. Pan (a pediatrician who serves as a state senator) introduce bill after bill that gradually took away parental rights by eventually mandating that all children had to have the required shots before they could go to school.

It was all a very gradual process, slowly turning up the heat on the frogs in the pot. The day the final bill passed, I sat at my computer and cried. “The next thing will be nationwide vaccine mandates for adults,” I naively thought. In my wildest dreams I could not have imagined that the pharmaceutical companies, who used California as a test case for global mandates and vaccine passports, would employ that template on such as scale as they have over the last two years.

The “messaging” campaign worked like a charm in California by turning parent against parent (“you have to vaccinate your child to protect mine”). As we know, they trotted that phrase out repeatedly with regard to Covid, from coercing people into having the shots to protect Grandma, to donning the useless masks because “my mask protects you and your mask protects me.”

I am not going to kid myself this time by assuming we are in the clear now that the pandemic has been officially declared “over” by our executive in chief. (I am neither Democrat nor Republican and have no love for Trump or Biden. My observation is that it matters little who the president is or who is representing us in Congress. They are all owned by the powers that be and the media do their bidding. They, and we, are their pawns.)

We must try to stay united for a common goal: Maintaining our freedom and our bodily autonomy. If we let the media further divide us, we will be more easily influenced and more likely to vote against our better interests.


As just one person, I’m frustrated at times by how little I can really do. In this newsletter I try to disseminate information to people who need it and are likely to spread it around, and in my School of Life program I train people in practical things they can do to live prosperous and fulfilling lives even under a regime that hates them.

But then I think: what was it that woke me up? It was people talking to me. It was people sharing articles.

These days we have a highly shareable thing that I am absolutely urging you to get your hands on and watch.

Among the many merits of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s new documentary film The Real Anthony Fauci is that RFK himself is obviously no right-winger, so he won’t scare away your nominally “liberal” but mostly confused next-door neighbor.

But he pulls no punches. You’ll see what I mean when you watch.

You’ll see some Tom Woods Show favorites in there: Mark Crispin Miller of NYU, Peter McCullough, and Pierre Kory, not to mention RFK himself.

Watch it this weekend while it’s still available for free:

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