Italexit Prontissimo

Every single human being, each one of us has a unique genetic code that is unrepeatable. And that is sacred. We will defend it. We will defend God, country, and family.

— Giorgia Meloni

(Newly elected Prime Minister of Italy)

If you should know anything about Italy, know this: never get in the way of Italian pensioners and a 1989 Hitachi Television showing “Calcio”.

That’s Italian for football, which is British for “Soccer” which used to be Americano for “Queer”, but not anymore. The beautiful game is finally getting some love stateside with packed stadiums for its noble attempt at Football called MLS, which sounds like some kind of motor neuron disease. Half the players in the league are certainly suffering from something, the way they play.


Hear that?

That’s the sound of 150 die-hard MLS sportsball fans unsubscribing from this substack. Relax my dudes, I’m just bustin’ your sports balls. I get it. I have friends who…all they live for are Portland Timbers’ games. Actually, this could explain why Oregon ranks #1 out of fifty states for Euthanasia, but seriously, I get it. Don’t retreat.

On Hitachi, apparently, they make vibrators now, but back in the day when they made televisions, I walked in front of one showing a match between Cagliari and Lazio at a cliffside bar in the sleepy Sardinian town of Castelsardo. The pensioners erupted in fury and made all kinds of hand motions in the air. I thought there was a goal but I quickly realized I was the target of their ire at the moment just before a penalty kick was to be taken.

They love their Calcio in Italy. They exist for it.

Three years later I was in Rome waiting at a bus stop with ten other people that grew to fifty within an hour. No buses ever came that day because no bus drivers showed up for work because Italy was knocked out of the World Cup group stage the previous evening and the entire country was in mourning. At least the men were in mourning. They retreated from work and surrendered for the day.

There was a saying about Italian men my father told me that he claimed goes back to the last world war, and the hundreds of thousands of Italian soldiers who kept retreating and then surrendering alongside frustrated German soldiers.

Meglio essere un frocio per un giorno che morto per tutta la vita.
Better to be queer for a day than dead for a lifetime. It sounds funnier in Italian. Meglio essere un frocio per un giorno che morto per tutta la vita.

There’s a reason machismo stuck with western popular vernacular as a substitute for masculinity instead of maschilismo.

While the Azzurri won the Euros last summer after back-to-back penalty shootouts with Spain and England, they didn’t even qualify for the World Cup this winter. It feels incredibly awkward to write “this winter”, but Qatar bribed their way to hosting this year’s World Cup, which must happen in winter to avoid mass SADS casualties in the blazing heat.

But for Italy, in an election year, maybe their failure to qualify was a good thing. Maybe it gave the people a chance to focus on serious matters besides sports ball.

After last night’s glorious election results in Italy, the nation now finds itself in another penalty shootout, this time with the eco-communists of Globopsycho at EUSR HQ.

The S-R stands for socialist republics because that’s the only political ideology that’s allowed to prevail in European national elections now. They range from communist parties to socialist parties to green parties to green-lite parties to social democrats and Christian democrats which are all now just variations of sustainable-green-lite parties in service of the WEF Global Technocracy agenda to enslave humanity.

This is European “democracy” today, what they love to call the “European Project” where all acceptable parties could fit inside one Russian doll. The glaring hypocrisies are lost on the new head of the union who supports and advocates for Nazis in Ukraine, the furthest possible “right-wing” nation on the continent while openly threatening Italians if they dare vote for a moderate right coalition just two days before their national elections.

Little miss führer Ursula von der leyen knows that autocratic corrupt Ukraine will never qualify for EU ascension protocols, but she pays lip service to the cocaine midget anyway as part of the planned controlled economic and energy destruction of the continent. The war must go on to further increase the pain and suffering of Europeans.

Domestically any party or coalition of parties to the ideological right of students with Greta Thunberg posters on their dorm walls who show up for Extinction Rebellion gluing operations are verboten.

But the European people have had enough of being told who to vote for. The globalist parties of the WEF bordello are being completely sandbagged this year in national elections. France’s outcome was unfortunate with their faulty two-tiered voting system, but the French people told the historic parties of globalism — the socialists and republicans to go piss up a rope. Sweden’s WEF harlots didn’t fare much better. Hungarians told Globospycho to shove it for a third election in a row. Yesterday’s results in Italy were an affirmation of the populist winds of change finally arriving on the Western half of the continent.

The outcome has emboldened Viktor Orbán of Hungary who just this morning called for an end to ALL Russian sanctions before the end of this year.


The EU is on the fritz, politically and economically. And its collapse and a return to national sovereignty couldn’t come soon enough.

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