Israel, the Protests, and the Title VI Two-Step Part II

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“Squads to the left of me, RINOs to the right,
Here I am, stuck in the middle with you.”

So, yesterday I tried to parse the background of what the bigger picture is surrounding the activation of what are termed pro-Palestinian protests on college campuses around the US. From a broader perspective, especially when considering the cold, dead hand of Davos, they are as much anti-Israeli/US as they are rooted in empathy for the Palestinians.

Remember the first rule of geopolitics as expressed by the architect of the 20th, Winston Churchill:

There are no alliances, only interests.

So, when I look around this morning and see the huge push within the United Nations for a two-state solution in the Middle East, it pricks up my Spidey Sense in a way that I always listen to.

With that out of the way, let’s look at that bigger picture a bit and see what’s really going on with respect to our colleges and how the money is flowing into them, because it’s here that we may find a silver lining.

Let’s keep in mind at all times here, the goal is and has always been to undermine the US politically, socially, and economically. So, it is my job to be skeptical of what I’m seeing now.

It is becoming clear to me now that Davos’ plan is to split the world over Israel/Palestine using the UN as the ‘voice of reason’ for the ‘genocide’ in Gaza.  Europe has lined up fully behind this idea, but it’s being done to marginalize/neutralize the US/UK influence over the UN, setting the stage for a reformation of the institution with Europe and China at the helm.

The US leaving would be a good thing. It would end the threat of the UN. But this is now the openly declared part of the strategy.  Trump and the Neocon Congress (Israel) vs. Biden and the Europeans/RoW (Palestine) are just pawns in this power play.

To review: End Nation States. Default on the old system of the world. Transfer power to globalist institutions like the UN. Control all the on-ramps to civilization with a digital passport and fake money.

Do not be deceived by this.  These don’t give a single solitary fuck about the Palestinians. Never have.  They are a means to an end.  And the more Israel kills them, the stronger Davos’ position becomes.

And if you don’t like me pointing this out because you just want to feel good having your anger flow through you, tough shit. It’s what you pay me to do, even if it makes you uncomfortable.

With that out of the way let’s look at how the Congress’ brain-dead, knee-jerk reaction to these protests may have been a trap laid for these globalist morons, who are as predictable as the day is long.

So, what was actually passed by Congress in this Antisemitism Awareness Act. In short, it was a restatement of a Trump Executive Order banning Federal Government money to support anti-Semitism using Title VI of the 1965 Civil Rights Act as the justification.

If this thing has been on the books for all of this time as an EO, then why hasn’t anyone complained about it until now? Why was it resurrected at this moment to feed the outrage mob?

For some context, here’s the ACLU’s complaint:

In a letter to representatives, the ACLU wrote, “Federal law already prohibits anti-Semitic discrimination and harassment by federally funded entities. H.R. 6090 is therefore not needed to protect against anti-Semitic discrimination; instead, it would likely chill free speech of students on college campuses by incorrectly equating criticism of the Israeli government with antisemitism.”

“While we wholly support efforts to fight discrimination and harassment through Title VI complaints and investigations, we strongly oppose use of the IHRA definition, or any definition of discrimination that threatens to censor or penalize political speech protected by the First Amendment,” the letter states.

What is at stake here isn’t the chilling of free speech, but the subsidization of certain types of free speech which then overwhelms any counter arguments. In other words, our tax money has gone to subsidize the flourishing of this egalitarian mind-virus through the Civil Rights Act (CRA) which has now spilled over the the point of insanity.

So, what the ACLU is actually saying is that it’s okay for some people to get money to speak on their issues under the Civil Rights Act and others have to just sit and take it.

Free Speech on college campuses was an uneven playing field since 1965.

If you want free speech on campus then everyone should be allowed to speak freely but not be overwhelmed by those getting billions to have a bigger platform than others.

And the ACLU and others now see the trap and are trying to turn this into a 1st amendment issue. None of this is to say that I condone the bill or anything else. But, we have to stop just reading headlines and abreacting to them. Because if the bill becomes law, with the political shift against this type of protest, which includes laying down in front of traffic, etc. the money will absolutely dry up. In fact, it already is.

As bad as this bill is, on this front it’s not a, “Congress shall pass no law…” moment. From this perspective it’s actually the exact opposite.

In essence, this bill is no different than the Anti-NGO laws being passed in Georgia after Russia led the way with them. Those laws are simply a means by which the national government can trace the flow of external money into the country for political purposes. They are literally designed to end “Color Revolutions.”

And there is nothing, that will bring the operatives out into the streets screaming ‘Human Rights!” fomenting violence than these laws. This was Alexei Navalny’s claim to fame in Russia, for example.

These Davos ghouls want an unlimited, untraceable flow of money to destabilize the native society from the ground up.

In the case of this antisemitism bill the target is the US, the funding trace however, is even more pernicious. The CRA was the beginning of this project, the backbone of their Long March Through the Institutions. It’s been a longer project because we had such strong legal and social structures in place to resist this nonsense.

The CRA has been the thing that has allowed the Marxist mind virus of egalitarianism to metastasize freely with our money on college campuses for nearly 60 years. No wonder they are fighting every attempt to weaken it.

As Dexter White put it in a recent issue of the GGnG newsletter, we’re still arguing about whether you should shout fire in the library while the library has nearly burned to the ground.

As I said, if you want to invoke the wrath of the globalists, just try to take their money laundering operations away from them.

Ask China about who was really behind the Hong Kong riots of 2018 and the extradition treaty? Clearly, then it was a British operation to protect MI-6 assets in the HK banking system and their peg of the Hong Kong dollar to the US dollar. Kids in black bloc running around disrupting traffic, throwing pipe bombs?

Seriously? You thought that was real?

Or, better yet, ask Putin why it’s such a crime for Russia to have similar laws to register NGO’s as Foreign Agents (FARA) as we have here in the US? Do you remember Obama invoking the Logan Act to get Trump adviser Paul Manafort? No? Right because history is only skin deep.

When we do it is national security but when someone else does it’s prima facie evidence of thuggery.

It’s all bullshit folks.

As always, Davos saw an opportunity to divide and rule by jumping onto the latest humanitarian crisis and activating their people. They never expected anyone would have the political ‘courage’ to defend Israel here, because as I said yesterday, they told us it’s now okay to have our Two Minutes of Hate towards Zionists.

If anyone tried to contextualize the conflict in any way then they get the added bonus of screaming “genocide enabler” at everyone.

Just like they called everyone a “Corporatist Shill (OWS),” “Russian Stooge (Maidan),” “Racist! (BLM),” “Anti-Science Mouth Breather (COVID),” and “Climate Denier.”

They’ve lived in a world where they could shout their inane nonsense and no one in power had the guts to stand up and tell them no, “Shut up and sit down.”

You can be angry and you can have your point of view, but no more disrupting the world for your temper tantrums. No more money for it. Color Revolutions are going “PayGo” in the US. The CRA can now be openly challenged because Davos jumped the shark by going after Israel in the US. While they thought they could break the US/Israel connection, which they may wind up doing in the long run (an unmitigated good thing), it will also set in motion the dismantling of the CRA as a means to fund their continued control over our institutions.

That’s the real irony of this situation, here. And for a lot of Americans who were programmed to believe in the Grand Jewish Conspiracy, what you were really angry about was not being able to talk honestly about the real issues. That was conflated on purpose, folks.

So, it’s a real mixed emotions moment. It’s akin to the old joke of your mother-in-law driving off a cliff in your brand new Lambo. Quick! Let me dust off the stupid two red button meme template.

That said, I have immense respect and sympathy for those kids out there honestly outraged over what’s happening in Gaza. It speaks to the beginnings of character returning to the US at a moment of real crisis. It tells me some of kids are alright.

Because this time Davos bit the hand that fed the egalitarian beast. This time the money flow is ending as Jews, rightfully, pull their support from the infrastructure.

When Bill Ackman pulls a $10 million per year donation to Harvard over this, the game has changed.

When MIT ends using diversity for admissions purposes, the game has changed.

Now, the Obama/Biden administration tried taking on the Jews and are coming up a cropper. Cynically viewed, post-Holocaust Jews paid good money to the Federal Government for a protection racket. It was supposed to be there.

It wasn’t at this moment of real crisis, so now the support goes away.

And that’s why you finally saw the colleges calling in the cops to break up the protests. It wasn’t because they were doing their “Jewish Masters’ bidding…” it was because they saw the money dry up and said, “Oi Vey!”

“Jews to the left of me, Arabs to the right
Here I am, stuck in the middle with you.”

Is it really any different then what’s happening in other areas of the country over DEI, ESG and all the other Marxist crap we’ve had to deal with?

We know now that the entire Intelligence take over of the US, the so-called Fourth Branch of Government was funded through this bullshit. The increasingly debased money flowed through the FedGov to support every stupid Marxist project to recruit through the Ivy League, based on psychological profiling. It’s how they recruited Jeffrey Epstein, for example.

The best schools were the best schools because that’s where the money flowed. That money is drying up and it’s going other places. Now, the political opposition to the real costs of the CRA can begin, because can be legally challenged while no longer receiving political cover in Congress.

That entrenched intelligence service/political leader recruiting system will have to pack their shit and find a new home. And they will. These people are locusts.

The best part about this is that the real Zionists (who are just another part of the Davos blob) in Congress fell into this trap, fully. It’s a political quagmire. Biden was put in power to pull this final push to destroy the US off. And the tables are getting turned on him. Previously, the GOP would never oppose “anti-white discrimination” because the political cost was too high. How do you separate out Jews from the rest of ‘white privilege?’

In the modern parlance of how we’re supposed to view the victim status of the oppressed, “Jewish Power” is at the heart of all the “anti-white” racism. So, now you hate Jews? Great! Thanks for really letting everyone know what your real agenda is.

Now we have the political high ground to move lawsuits through the courts to dismantle the CRA. Like it or not, but that majority of Americans that support Israel are the key to this, using that to say, “No more,” is the trap.

Soros think turning the world against Israel is the win. Maybe it will be. It’s okay now to criticize Israel but it’s also against Title VI of the CRA for the FedGov to support that. And that extends the more important game of keeping the US from falling into the trap of civil war and dissolution going for at least another presidential cycle.

It can now be a wedge issue to stop spending our tax money on social programs designed to destroy the country. This is the first concrete step towards taking back the institutions and putting out the fire in the libraries.

If we don’t sink into Civil war, it stops the breakdown of the US debt market which is a boon to both Europe and China. This is why there is this constant ramping up of foreign conflicts. It’s why the British are giving Ukraine the greenlight to use its missiles inside Russia. The US has to be turned into a pariah and the current campaign against Israel is the vanguard of this.

To be clear, Netanyahu fell into this trap as well. Everyone is using everyone else here. We – Americans, Europeans, Palestinians, Russians, Ukrainians, Africans, Arabs, and yes JEWS — are the victims here.

So, don’t cheer either side in this conflict. There’s more than enough violence in the history of the Middle East to justify either position. My goal with these two articles were to get you thinking about how we can get off the hamster wheel of playing their silly games and flip the the geopolitical gameboard to our advantage.

The longer we force this war of psychological attrition to gone one, the more likely we can avoid the lion’s share of the bloodshed they so desperately need to justify global government and universal suffering.

“Chinks to the left of me, Rooskies to the right
Here I am, stuck in the middle with you.”

Reprinted with permission from Gold Goats ‘n Guns.

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