Is the WEF Going To Turn Space Into a Penal Colony?

WEF propaganda videos are always slimy and condescending.

In this latest video the WEF proposes “GEOengineering“. Is that made-up word related to their pedo cousin company‘s “Imagineering“?

The WEF and all other genocidal (for us, not them) outfits are dabbling in DEOengineering, because the devil and his minions (like Klaus Schwab) want to be God and “engineer“ the weather, the skies, the heavens! They want complete control.

Did Klaus ask Indians and Chinese, the third world‘s biggest polluting peoples, “How is your country tackling river pollution? Open sewers? Child brothels? Ritual animal torture?“

By the way, the race to space is about the same thing the race around the oceans were five hundred years ago: find new resources and find a space for criminal populations. We have been taught that America is some noble experiment, but she started out as a penal colony. The Pilgrims were kicked out of England, after all.

Who do you suppose Klaus will shoot into space to mine for new resources? Robots? How about thought criminals? How about space prisons where the prisoner never comes back home? The US and Australia were once dumping grounds for convicts, too.

Some sources on early American penal colonies:

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