I Was Insulted by Mark Groubert

I have previously written about Mark Groubert on LRC (Barnes and Groubert on Israel – LewRockwell). I cannot improve on what I wrote before so I will write here simply that he is the most entertaining and informative podcaster that I know of. I am a subscriber to America’s Untold Stories, the YouTube and Locals channel Groubert runs with his partner Eric Hunley.

While I highly recommend every episode, they have started to post a very special project. There have been many extremely interesting episodes on the people involved in President Kennedy’s assassination that will blow your mind. Characters, events, and evidence that I am sure most of you have never seen before.  Much of this information came from the research Groubert did to prepare a script for a 10 part series on the life of Lee Harvey Oswald. Oliver Stone worked with him to refine the script and to pitch it around Hollywood. You can imagine that every spook embedded in the industry took interest and succeeded in squelching the project.

Yet today, for all of the potential dangers of artificial intelligence, it can give power to the little guy. In this case Hunley, the technical sidekick of the duo, has trained a phantom cast of digital actors using AI to turn the script into an audio drama.

Oswald Part One First Draft is complete – Eric Hunley and Mark Groubert Community (locals.com)

YOU MUST SUBSCRIBE TO THEIR LOCALS COMMUNITY (Eric Hunley and Mark Groubert Community (locals.com)) to listen to this audio drama, and I highly recommend that you do. The continued monetary support (I have subscribed since their start) has allowed Hunley to quit his day job and Groubert to continue his research.

Oh yes, as for the insult see my comment exchange with Groubert below. It came based on a comment I made based on my understanding that this was a work in progress. Anyway, enjoy the exchange as I find it quite humorous. There you can see that for all of Groubert’s knowledge, don’t trust his opinions on architecture!

Groubert’s link is to this page on the hotel’s website. My response continues below.

These are the links in my message.

Legends of the Metropol: the Tsarist hotel that preserved its luxury through Soviet times – Russia Beyond (rbth.com)

Metropol LIVE (metropol-moscow.ru)

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