I Am Sick and Tired of Racist White Bashing

“Hating people because of their color is wrong. And it doesn’t matter which color does the hating. It’s just plain wrong.”

Muhammad Ali

Is there anything so obnoxious as openly obvious hypocrisy? Do many of the people in this country have no clue as to what racism actually is? Looking around, watching others, and taking in the actual hate is not difficult in this purposely divided country, but the manner in which this subject is approached is atrocious. I am not speaking specifically about black or white, brown or yellow, red or blue, or what anyone’s sexual preferences are, I am speaking about everyone, regardless of color. It seems that many want to concentrate on something that happened all over the world many generations ago here, and thousands of years around the world, and attempt to place themselves in a position in which they have never been in order to gain attention. I would liken this to the stupid idea of identifying’ as anything one desires to be, instead of accepting who you really are.

For background, I grew up in the deep South in Arkansas in the 60s, so I know a bit about this subject. The difference is, my parents, especially my father, from the time I was old enough to know anything, talked to me about the value of humanity. I was taught that every person on earth, regardless of color, culture, or ethnicity,  should be treated the same, with respect and courtesy, unless they did something to cause not to deserve that initial respect. This lesson was not negotiable, and my father drilled into me that all were human, and to take offence against anyone based on anything other than bad behavior, was not to be tolerated. This was not meant as a threat due to taking cover, it was meant as a proper moral certainty, and one that should never be breached under any circumstance. I took this very seriously, and have all my life.

My parent’s families were the poorest of the poor, and my mother’s family were sharecroppers, living in a one room house picking cotton to survive, and scraping for any food they could get. I was told many life stories when I was young, but I never heard either of my parents say they deserved something at the expense of someone else because of their poverty. They simply did what they had to do, and kept intact their belief in self and their moral obligations to themselves and others. Blame was never a part of their being.

I saw many things in my life that disturbed me, and spoke out against any mistreatment of any people, regardless of who they were, where they lived, how rich or poor, or what color they happened to be. Life is not fair, it is just life, and one has to come to terms with this, and act like a responsible adult. I have seen the abuse of people all over this country and the world, and believe me, it was never just black or white, it is international in nature, and evil governments use the differences in people to intentionally stoke hate in order to divide those they attempt to rule. I knew many of the things happening in my hometown were wrong, and over time, things changed for the better, but not before the situation got worse and was used by the political class for their own benefit, at the expense of everyone else. When I was growing up, most everyone got along, even though there were what I considered to be appalling rules placed on the local black residents, but there was little if any violence, until the state stepped in to purposely cause division. Things could have changed without any violence or hatred, but that was not the intent of those political users falsely claiming to take sides with the more oppressed. I fully understand now that this was by design.

Today seems to be a complete reversal of the same racism that was a blight on our past; only this time it is very racist behavior against anyone who so happened to be born white. Please hold your tongue, and your ridiculous rhetoric, while I explain my position. First, I care not what anyone says about me, how many names I am called, or how I am put down or cursed, as those who choose this tactic, are not only mere fools, but hypocritical pieces of garbage. I am never offended, I am never ’emotionally’ hurt, whatever the hell that means, nor would I ever expect anyone to apologize for this callous behavior by others. I could care less, as I know who I am and do not need coddling and insincere fake empathy from meddlesome socialist morons.

Racism is, from any position of honesty, logic, and reason,  just as was clearly stated by Muhammad Ali; hating anyone due to the color of their skin, period. It matters not if that racism comes from white against black or black against white. Given the unbelievable stupidity of people today, now white people can be racist against white people. How in the hell can that be, without the obvious contradiction not being seen for what it is? Any who abuse or hate others due to the color of skin, are racists, and at this time in this country, we have racism against some people only because they are white. Everyone is politically allowed to publicly hate white people, even if they are white themselves. How absurd that this is not addressed or called out for the idiocy it is, but then those saying this would be horribly lambasted as racists themselves, when that is just complete and total hypocrisy.

I often wonder how any white person calling for the killing of white people simply because they are white, can continue living. If they think all white people are evil racists, and they themselves are white, why have they not already committed suicide so as to practice what they preach? Would not that be the logical conclusion and remedy to their pathetic madness?

Every day we are inundated with black promotion, black lives matter, transgenders matter, Asians matter, brown people matter, black only TV, black only awards, etc., etc. If I were weak, overly (fake) emotional, and a moron, I would be offended by all this, but actually, I don’t give a damn. I could never be harmed by such pretend and childlike behavior, because I have total confidence in myself. I so happen to like everybody unless they give me good reason not to, just as my father taught me. It is a better way.

For all those who think they are more special because of the color of their skin, or think they deserve for others to be stolen from or harmed to favor them, for those who seek reparations from innocent citizens, for those who think racism is isolated against only black people, or people of color, wake up. Those who wish bad things on others due only to the color of their skin, or those who use this nonsense to gain for themselves, or wish to be in approval with the collective herd of non-thinking and useless dimwits that seem to make up a majority of this population, look in the mirror.

It is important to understand that slavery is atrocious and an abomination against humanity, regardless of who is the slave; white, black, or other. History bears out that slavery has existed for thousands of years, and color was never a criteria for this heinous crime. Even I was a slave once, as were many others of every stripe, as we were subject to criminal slavery called conscription, where the state needed human fodder for its killing fields, and therefore mandated that one be owned for a period of time without any right to refuse.

Why not get along with everyone, regardless of background? Why not love our fellow man, instead of hate? Why not quit seeing color, and seeing only people? Why can’t we all be individual humans, without having to label everyone by color, gender preference, religion, or culture? Why not get over this fake push to be noticed not for who you are, but for what color you are, who you wish to identify as, and why not quit blaming others for things that happened long before any of us were born?

Black slavery ended in this country almost 160 years ago, and now the ruling class of ‘elites’ made up of the large banking, corporate, and billionaire monsters, their owned and controlled governments, and all their enforcement arms, are attempting to make all of us, regardless of color, slaves once again in their planned one world globalist system. If we all stand together instead of fighting amongst ourselves, as they (the state) have designed, we can defeat this tyrannical drive toward global control. Quit being victims, quit blaming others for your ills, and instead take charge of your own life and future, which will only lead to a better world for all of us.

“People who insist on dividing the world into ‘Us’ and ‘Them’ never contemplate that they may be someone else’s ‘Them’.”

Ray A. Davis

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