Hypocrisy, War, Murder, Lies, Division, ‘Racism,’ Dependency: All Intentional U.S. Policy

“The history of man is simply the history of slavery, of injustice and brutality, together with the means by which he has, through the dead and desolate years, slowly and painfully advanced. He has been the sport and prey of priest and king, the food of superstition and cruel might. Crowned force has governed ignorance through fear. Hypocrisy and tyranny—two vultures—have fed upon the liberties of man.” 

Robert G. Ingersoll, The Liberty of Man, Woman, and Child

We are now in the throes of possible world war once again. While this is a distinct possibility from the standpoint of much annihilation due to conventional or even nuclear war, it is my belief that World War III began over two years ago, at least psychologically, and is a war against all the people in the U.S. and around the entire world by their own governments. At this point, it is not strictly a war of bombs and bullets, at least not on any grand scale; it is a war consumed by deceit, lies, propaganda, and fear. It is a war against the individual at every turn as well, and it is a war meant to solidify the capture and control of the planet under a technocratic one-world governing system.

In the midst of this totalitarian takeover, much is happening all at once, and all of the nefarious efforts being prosecuted by the ruling cabal are connected, and in turn work in sync in order to achieve certain particular agendas. This has been clearly obvious to any intelligent seeker of truth for a very long time, but today, it should be obvious even to those frightened and ignorant hordes called the masses. But even under this open hostility where evil plots against all of us are coming to fruition, plots that are telegraphed and fully exposed, few have the mental capacity or desire to understand what is going on, and that the possible end of this failed experiment called civilization is upon us. This situation is indicative of almost total indifference among the many.

What is most important to understand is that every world event, every war and proxy war, (including the Russia/Ukraine ‘war’) every agenda concerning threats and so-called pandemics, every financial debacle, and basically every ill that is facing man, is indeed the brainchild of the world rulers working together in order to achieve the reset of all societies into one governed by the very few. The ‘new world order’ has been sought for a century, but is now getting much closer to becoming reality; all in plain sight. Every major country and governing system on earth, including that of Russia and China, are on board, and colluding together to bring about a global technocratically controlled ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution,’ by completing and implementing the 2030 agendas for Sustainable Development.

In the midst of this global plot there is hypocrisy, war, murder, lies, inversion of reality, mass division, and total dependency of the weak on the governing class. All of this is intentional policy, and the state’s success is completely dependent on the obedience and compliance of the masses. Without collective dependency, without compliance by the people at large, without blind obedience, and without fear by the majority, all efforts to attain global control will fail. Therefore, the solution to this madness is not complicated in theory, but does require that each individual take responsibility for his own life and freedom without consideration of consequences. Once all action or non-action is based first on self-preservation or consequence, the battle is lost, and the state has won the war against us. Doing only what one knows to be right will save the day. In order to be free in mind, body, and spirit, we as individuals must always do what is understood to be right in our own minds, without reliance on those who choose to rule.

Considering only U.S. involvement and complicity in the takeover of man, the truth if known and accepted by the herd, could be the turning point in understanding the situation we face and how it came to be. With that knowledge, the quest for freedom would have a clearer path forward.

The U.S. has warred aggressively against innocents worldwide and its own citizens since its inception. Slaughter, theft, murder, and lies have been a constant theme in the history of government in America. The U.S. government stole most all the land in this country by force, killing any who sought to remain free and sovereign in the process. This included the slaughter of its own citizens during the Southern War for Independence, or more appropriately, the Northern War of Aggression. Little attention to the true nature of this hostile aggression has ever been acknowledged by most of the population, due mainly to continuous propaganda, historical lies, media manipulation, and brainwashing through state ‘education’ indoctrination centers.

Hitler’s rise to power, and Germany’s buildup to war was supported and funded by the U.S. banking system, corporations, and with much government complicity from 1922, continuing on during and through World War II. The same holds true of the support, purposeful buildup, and creation of the military powers of Russia and China, and of course others, by the U.S. This included massive American complicity in creating the Soviet Union’s nuclear programs, and its ability to mass produce nuclear weapons. All was by design. This occurred continuously from early in the 20th century until today, as the U.S. supported communism all the while pretending to fight against it. You see, nothing is as it seems, and everything believed by most gullible Americans is completely false.

Moving forward to current times, today’s events concerning the fake pandemic and the so-called war between Russia and Ukraine are anything but what is being reported by the mainstream media outlets, including many alternative news sites. Many governments are involved in this madness, including the U.S. and its NATO partners, Ukraine, and Russia, among others. They all have the same agenda, and that is one of destruction of the entire world monetary system, creation of a fully digitized and cashless financial system, total control of all, and the implementation of what is now referred to as the “Great Reset’ of society.

If one can properly assess the past, and see the corruption, lies, and complete hypocrisy and propaganda presented throughout history by the U.S. and its controlled media, how can any believe one single word coming from Washington D.C. or its mouthpieces in the mainstream? How can any not see that the age-old plot to divide and conquer is being used to create mass division, false racism, separation, and hatred among the proletariat in order to more easily control the people? How can any not understand that every emergency claimed by the state is a lie? How can any not figure out that this Russia and Ukraine situation is staged, and is part of the ‘Great Reset’ agenda? How can any not know that Putin is no different; no better or worse, than Biden, Trump, or any of the rest of the American political class of evil, whether now or in the past? How can any not realize that the ruling class of every country is in agreement concerning the global takeover by the despicable Davos monsters, who are conspiring to bring about world domination?

Open your eyes for once in your life, or prepare to be subject to the brutal rule of tyrants. Freedom comes at a price, and that price can have risk, but without paying that price and taking that risk, there is but one consequence. That consequence is slavery, and with slavery comes poverty, starvation, war, domination, rule by force, destruction of life and property, and hell on earth. The decision is yours and yours alone to make, as no one can claim your liberty for you, or protect you from your own cowardice and apathy. The only way rulers can exist is if there are those willing to be ruled.

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