How You Aren’t Like The Rest & Why That Shouldn’t Surprise You

Did you really think this was the culture that would say “No!” to the jab?

Because a lot of people write me in a state of total disbelief. That’s a problem. Disbelief enfeebles you. It makes it hard to assess reality and respond accordingly. Analysis paralysis writ large. At least 2/3 of would-be freedom fighters are stuck in a state of disbelief, which is exactly where your opponent wants you.

They call themselves freedom fighters, but watching videos online is not freedom fighting. Clicking around for the next jaw dropping example of degeneracy is not freedom fighting. It, again, is where your opponent wants you.

How The Food You Eat Paved The Way For This

You may be shocked that so many people fell for the jab.

Really? Is that really a surprise. Really? Did you really think this historically unprecedented diabetic and obese population would refuse toxic crap plunged into their arms?

Have you seen a grocery store lately?

I’m not just talking about shopping around the perimeter of the store. In the average grocery store, there are only about twenty or thirty items that I consider non-toxic enough to pass for food. I can’t do much better in some of the upscale ones either. And that stuff is all fairly low margin.

Grocery stores make their money off of slowly killing you by feeding you toxic sludge. Do you get that?

Was that really the society you were sure would refuse the jab?

They were fed a quick and easy, safe and effective way of being 100% certain that their health decisions would not be able to harm them. That’s a siren song you may listen to at times too.

How Belt Size Paved The Way For This 

Or the mask? Does it shock you that people still wear the mask? Governor 5-foot-6, 385 pounds, of the fine state of Illinois, went out on stage for 2.7 years telling people that letting mom die alone, not going to work anymore, putting a toxic, IQ-lowering slave mask on your kids was all more important than losing a few pounds and taking better care of yourself?

Some people stayed home and watched more TV, checked out of life more, played more video games, did more drinking, more drugging, more porn, and all around made themselves into less than they were when the Ides of March 2020 came along.

You might fall for some of those sometimes too.

How Second Amendment Culture Paved The Way For This 

Or how about this. The Second Amendment people who are divided up by

1.) bootlickers,

2.) renegades, and

3.) unknown.

Almost all of 1, a good portion of 3, and some of 2 went along with the nonsense of the past three years. If you knew much about gun people before the Ides of March 2020, you were amazed it wasn’t 99% of them, since so much effort has gone into the idea that guns are to be licensed and legal and compliant.





That idea is so toxic.

God gives you the right to own a gun. That’s all there is too it. And any fool who has spent the past decades talking about being “reasonable” in the same sentence as a gun helped make this era come to fruition. The Ides of March 2020 didn’t come out of nowhere.

A gun is made to take a man’s face apart and to leave his three year old child an orphan raised by a devastated mom in a broken society. There’s nothing reasonable about a gun. There’s nothing but lies, cowardice, and obedience in owning a gun and complying with gun laws.

In fact, any gun owner who doesn’t intentionally break at least a few gun laws just to keep himself sharp is being trained for future compliance.

Recognizing that, there has been a long, slow assault on the personality of gun owners.

How many gun nuts would stand up in a revolution — about half as many of those gun nuts who refused a face mask. That’s all. What’s that 5% maybe? The rest you can be pretty sure are cowards, unless they’ve had a change of heart. How about the other half of the unmasked? Well, we are in the middle of a revolution. It is here whether you like it or not. The moment that half of them realize that, they will back down, not initially realizing they were being so disobedient.

Your Life Doesn’t Mean A Thing To These People — You Best Never Forget That 

It’s not a kinetic war we face. It’s a psychological one. Don’t pretend it is the value of your life that is what prevents the psychological war from being a kinetic war. Don’t pretend man has graduated from the barbaric nature of warfare — no quite the contrary.

Government is happy being complicit in the democide of millions and perhaps billions. The bullets are just worth more to the usurper than the trouble that would come from firing them.

Was this really the society you thought would stand and fight?

Maybe You Should Quit Trying To Activate The Sheep

Additionally, you are so surrounded by dingbats who wouldn’t know who to lift a finger in support of, even if they were psychologically and physically competent to lift a finger. So, maybe you should be happy that your sheep-like neighbors are so complacent because you really might not like how their version of activism looks.

Was this really the society you thought would stand and fight?

How The Behavior Of The Ham Radio Community Paved The Way For This 

Or how about the ham radio community, the internet of the past, the land of communicational freedom. It has gotten so bad among ham radio operators that virtually all of them will try to turn in someone who breaks the law by not sharing a call sign or by pushing their opinions around.

That’s obedience overgrowth.

It’s good to be obedient to God. It’s good to be obedient to values. It’s good to honor parents. But with that obedience overgrowth, you get so obedient you start to think goofy thoughts. For example, you start to think the retard bureaucrat should ever be treated anyway but with ridicule.

Let me give you an example:

Bureaucrat (walks up to your home): Sir, I’m here to . . . 

You: Martha get me my gun. 

(Martha hands gun)

Bureaucrat: (unintelligible newspeak) 

You: You have til the count of ten to get on the other side of that property line or your children are gonna bury you this week. 

How many ham radio operators would do such a thing? Not many. Probably again, about half as many as who remained unmasked. A slow quiet war has been fought to weaken and subdue them, a war so effective that most just need the proper word being spoken to them to properly set in motion their programming.

Is that really the society that you expected to stand up?

How Libertarians Paved The Way For This 

Well, you may ask. How about libertarians? Do they pass your test? Libertarians are still wearing masks in mass amounts, are playing with their fleshlights instead of building families, are watching YouTube instead of reading the Bible or some other timeless wisdom, are victims in their own lives in mass number. Ninety percent are allergic to meaningful action.

Is that really the society that you expected to stand up?

How “Spiritual” People Paved The Way For This 

After realizing how many yogis don’t actually have the guts honor their breath as important by denying the mask, the depth of their hypocrisy was apparent. It had always been apparent to all with eyes, I just chose to ignore it. How many Western-born Buddhists are really just more interested in dabbling in beliefs rather than committing and learning and going as deep as one can? A Buddha statue in a person’s home is usually just a sign you are dealing with a dabbling flake and not an actual believer in much of anything.

Is that everyone with such a statue? Hardly. But if you are feeling offended by what I’m saying, it’s probably hitting a little too close to home for you to be honest in ignoring it.

Those who see weak hands in their co-religionists around them in a spiritual walk have no trouble seeing that some are weak and others strong and to use that resistance they face to help build themselves up in better ways. The weak, however, take offense at honest words.

So really. Was this the society you thought would stand?


It is.

You see, it was never about all those people I just mentioned.

It was about you. It was about me. It was about others like us, my friend, cut from the same cloth.

You and I are rising from the ashes. Stay the course. Dispense with the parts of life that do not edify. Nurture that which does.

The past is the past. The present is now. We are building something better.

Hyenas Must Be Recognized & Understood 

In all ages, in all periods of time, you have hyena-like people who do not determine the trajectory of society — the Anthony Faucis and Bill Gates. They are looking to take advantage.

As much as they want you to believe otherwise, they are not the leaders. In fact, your belief in such a preposterous idea is one of the only things that can allow them to seize a little control.

Sheep Must Be Recognized & Understood

In all ages, in all periods of time, you have sheep-like people who do not determine the trajectory of society.

They are the overwhelming majority of any culture. They include your sheep-like relative experiencing notable cognitive decline after her 8th booster and an equal amount of strokes. Or your neighbor still wearing 3 masks and distancing at least 60 feet from you at all times. That your property lines are not six feet apart troubles her.

When infirm, have some chicken soup, read some of the Bill Sardi archives (, and get some rest.

Lions Must Be Recognized & Understood

Then you have the third group, and they determine the trajectory of history, based on whether they be awake or asleep. These people, the lions are an ultra minority in all times, but that number matters little, for as Twain wrote, a single brave man can shout down a lynch mob of 10,000.

If you can see what inning it is. And if you can see your role in everything clearly, then you recognize how good winning feels and how there is win after win and lion after lion waking up. A victorious time is ahead.

What will happen to the ashes around us? Well, that will be bittersweet. What follows will be more brilliant than ever, but this time it takes to get there may be more painful than ever.

There may never have been such an awful period of time as the one we are living in. But the truth is, there may also never have been such a glorious period in time.

So What Do I Do? 

So realizing all of that . . .

1.) you look around soberly,

2.) you take stock,

3.) you ready yourself for the biggest challenges that you can imagine,

4.) then you accept challenges even bigger than that, challenges that felt out of your reach, and

5.) then independent of whether you win or lose in that immediate challenge, you use it to grow into someone better and bigger — no laurels rested upon, no spilt milk cried over — only quick acceptance of reality, quick growth into the best you can be, quick rising to the challenges life puts in your path.

Did I really think this was the society that was going to save the day?

Yes, Sir, in fact I know so.


You hate masks as much as I do. Check out how a group of freedom fighters used them to fight a good fight. Quick skim, easy read — this is the cliff-notes version of “Face Masks Hurt Kids” that those freedom fighters put together and did a better job of it than I could have. Tap here to get it for free. (

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