How Trump Caused a Meltdown at the FBI

Donald Trump very well may have stopped the Trump Raid witch hunt with one memo from a University in Texas to the US State Department that was Top Secret, then delassified.

The document in question was written by a University of Texas Medical Branch researcher named Virginia Benassi to the US State Department to trigger a “Germ Team” to travel to Wuhan in September 2019 to start collecting biological samples and blood.

Upon information and belief, the author, George Webb Sweigert, believes Virginia Benassi sent this email to the US State Department from her World Health Organization email,, not her UTMB email, to mask the fact she worked at UTMB. The author has four witnesses at the Defense Threat Reduction Agency at Ft. Belvoir that can verify the existence of such a 9/11 memo.

After six years of research and world travel, I can say that email connected to the NATO dropbox The dropbox was used to destroy Trump’s economy and throw a Chicago Fire of pandemic into the lap of Trump by Deep State Trump Russia fanatics. This dropbox was used to hide the virus and vaccine truths from Trump, and this same dropbox was used by a NATO cabal at the Atlantic Council to profit in the billions while keeping these facts from Donald Trump.

If Trump just says the name “Virginia Benassi” to who this email purportedly email belongs, the NATO Trump Trap team for CoronaVirus will go into heart failure. Virginia Benassi supposedly trained everyone at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, took all the vaccine bids for CoronaVirus and most of the African vaccine bids in the last ten years for the WHO, and took most of the bids worldwide for the Wellcome Trust. Virginia Benassi was also supposed to be in Galveston, Texas, handling the Zika and Ebola outbreaks in Brazel, and she also identified a new, novel outbreak of a virus in China in 2009, if Trump just says this name, the NATO Atlantic dropbox will explode. Oh yeah, Virginia Benassi is also a Monkey Pox expert.

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