How To Survive the Fauci Hospital Protocol

“Legally, they are always on the safe side if they do everything.  If the patient dies, they have committed no error because if they didn’t do anything and the patient dies, they have a problem.  This means when one gives too big (of) dosage, the politicians are always on the same position, that’s why they are overreacting, because they would lose their positions if they do too little.  If they implemented all measures, as they have so far, then they would have hindered an epidemic that probably was never there in the first place”.  Claus Kohnlein, MD, an Interview, April 5, 2020, Vimeo.

For many, hospitalization has become a rational, not irrational, fear in America because of the widespread overtreatment of patients with Coronavirus-like symptoms. This is reminiscent of the 1918 Spanish Flu where the 50 million sick that died were vaccinated and those that survived received no vaccines, bed rest, sunlight, water, salt, enemas, fasting and calcium supplementation to facilitate alkalinity.

This raises the question of how do we avoid unnecessary overtreatment hospitalization for C-19?

How did we get here? The problems

Where did the Fauci Protocol start from?  According to a video by Claus Kohnlein, MD, Germany, an article in the prestigious The Lancet Journal entitled “Pathological Finding of COVID-19 Associated with Acute Respiratory Syndrome” (April 1, 2020 – April Fools Day) was the first to establish a treatment protocol for adoption.  All 18 authors were associated with the Wuhan University in China.   Dr. Kohnlein states that the treatments prescribed in the referenced medical journal are “toxic”, reflect “malpractice”, and suppress the immune system, especially high dose cortisone and interferon.

What is called The Fauci Protocol can have many facets including:

·patient isolation from family,

·distancing from personal physician who may have only access to daily posting of medical records by internet and can only relay instructions through the medical Power of Attorney (POA) by phone, text or email.

·bogus CPR (polymerase chain reaction) tests that are meaningless and weighted to false positives

·instead of administration of HydroxyCHLORoquine, high lethal doses of HydroxyQUINoline are erroneously administered that treats amoeba infection from contaminated water typically having nothing to do with virus, pneumonia or hypoxia.

·delegation of a Power of Medical Attorney by patient is often under diminished mental capacity and duress,

·mechanical lung ventilation and intubation

·administration of 100% oxygen that permanently ruins lungs; or weaning off oxygen too fast that can be lethal

·administration of Remdesivir (an immunosuppressant that is useless against a true virus cascade).  If a patient explicitly rejects Remdesivir that does not rule out hospital prescribing substitutes such Dexamethasone, FabiFlu and Tocilizumab or Baricitinib. Remdesivir has been reported to cause acute kidney, heart and lung failure.

·Excessively high dosages of cortisone, steroids and Interferon.

Overtreatment stems from misleading information about what viruses are, of which the human body has 380 trillion.  Viruses are not a germ or poison nor are they contagious by airborne transmittal. There is no viral ecosystem.  They are byproducts from the breakdown of human cells.  The risk of death from the bugaboo virus as the supposed leading cause of death is less than co-morbidities.  What is being called Coronavirus is typically only a co-factor to underlying conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and kidney failure.  Researcher Genevieve Briand, PhD, of Johns Hopkins University, reports that total deaths from all causes in 2020 were not unexpected or alarming and merely tracked with the proportionate increase of the elderly in the US population.  For the most part, people don’t die solely of Coronavirus but co-morbidities.

Viral infection is an a internal natural process of detoxification that occurs seasonally (flu season) or can be triggered by food, air or water poisoning and toxicity, proximity to chemical-electric stimuli from other humans, sunspot cycles and cosmic forces, electrical toxicitybad emotions from parasitical social relations or social, economic and spiritual stress.  Electrical sickness includes hospitals that are teeming with electrical equipment and scanning devices right at the heads of sick patients.  According to Tom Cowan, MD, patients with a calcium deficiency are especially prone to electrical toxicity when there is not sufficient calcium inside human cells.  Eleanor McBean, PhD, found that during the 1918 Spanish Flu that calcium deficiency brought about cellular acidity and cellular collapse and paralysis.

The bugaboo coronavirus is more likely to be Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) – a clotting virus which is a risk to those with chronic lung disease, immune deficiencies and is an especially higher risk for those with heart disease.   RSV was spiking at same time as C-19 pandemic and its symptoms are nearly identical. Extrapulmonary manifestations of RSV can include cardiovascular failure resulting in myocardial damage.  The most favorable treatment for RSV is the administration of monoclonal antibodies to remove blood clots.Unfortunately, monoclonal antibodies, such as Leronimab, are not part of the Fauci Protocol and may only be administered when the patient’s advocate invoke a Right to Try an unapproved drug when diagnosed with a life threatening disease.  Patients or patient advocates can obtain a sample Right to Try Letter by contacting the author.

What to do now

Hospital overtreatment (aka the Fauci Protocol) of the bugaboo coronavirus is politically motivated overkill and hardly survivable given its multiple assaults on the human body (toxic drugs, over dosages, too fast weaning from ventilator, electrical exposures, denial or delay of monoclonal antibodies, streptokinase or nattokinase to clear blood clots).

It is not merely the administration of Remdesivir or its alternate drugs, or other drugs and treatments, that can cause multiple organ failure in hospitalized patients but the totality of politically expedient measures and overdosages. Even if a patient instructs doctors “no Remdesivir” this does not preclude hospitals from using alternates.  Advance medical directives might be considered specifically calling out Remdesivir or alternates.

19 symptoms associated with the ballyhooed coronavirus are related to the depletion of the nitric oxide molecule, especially blood platelet aggregation/clotting.  Nitric oxide treatment should thus be considered to be added to the repertoire of interventions. Nitric oxide supplements include L-citrulline and L-arginine.

The above is entirely my sole subjective opinion.  Nothing in the above should be considered medical advice and the intent of this article is to seek competent medical advice and lab tests as early as possible being aware of medical overtreatment.

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