How To Steal an Election

The congressional elections on November 8 were a put-up job. As everybody knows, brain-dead Biden has tanked the economy. Inflation is up and people are out of work. They are sick of the “woke” ideology that is being crammed down our throats. It’s common sense that somebody running on this sorry record wouldn’t do well. The Democrat Party, which either supports brain-dead Biden or people like Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders even further to the left then he is, was in for an electoral drubbing.

Polls taken just before the election showed that that was going to happen. A red wave would sweep Democrats for power in Congress. People were sick of things. For example CNN Politics showed: “Democrats needed at least 50 seats to keep US Senate control and Republicans needed 51 to take over. 35 seats were on the ballot this year. Based on race ratings by Inside Elections, Republicans were favored to win

20 Seats
, while Democrats were favored to win
12 Seats

3 Seats
were rated as toss-ups.”

For the House, CNN Politics showed: “To control the US House of Representatives, a party must hold at least 218 seats out of 435 when all seats are filled. Based on race ratings by Inside Elections, Republicans were favored to win

216 Seats

this November, while Democrats were favored to win

199 Seats


20 Seats

were rated as toss-ups.”

But the Democrats did much better than the polls predicted. As Austin Ruse notes, “It is absurd that the GOP did not run away with this election. First, it is an off-year election in which the newly elected president’s party often loses, often bigly. Second, the economy is in terrible shape. It is shocking that people did not vote gas prices alone. There is the threat of nuclear war. The murder rate is exploding all over the country. And yet, the GOP only won a squeaker.”

What happened? Paul Craig Roberts explains: “The same swing states where the last presidential election was stolen are again showing the mysterious sharp upward readjustment of the vote count for Democrat candidates.  In Arizona where election day vote counting is on hold, mysterious tranches of votes keep arriving days after the election for the Democrat candidate for governor–17,000 here, 5,000 there.  Tucker Carlson asked who benefits from long delays in vote counting.  He investigated and reported that a Democrat won in 12 out of 13 delays in arriving at the outcome.

Here is a report showing the same spikes in votes for Democrats in last Tuesday’s election that we saw in the stolen presidential election.  These spikes don’t happen for Republicans except when computer adjustments of the margins of victory for Democrats become too large to be believable.  Then there is a spike in the red vote to eliminate the unbelievable margin of Democrat victory.” See also this.

What are the “spikes” that Roberts is talking about? According to Alexandra Bruce, “Mike Lindell and his group of researchers show massive spikes up and down in vote counts coming from many different races in the 2022 midterm elections. The spikes always favor the Democrat candidate. This evidence cannot be ignored.

Reporting live, using data from the Edison Report, the first spike we see is in the race between Warnock and Walker in Georgia. It has the familiar ‘F’ shape that we saw in the 2020 Election.

In the Fetterman-Oz race, Fetterman had a backwards ‘F’ from vote dumping, when he lost 100k+ votes from one moment to the next, which Mike says is impossible and he thinks it probably had to do them correcting the steal algorithm, because it was too blatant.

In the governor race between Mastriano and Shapiro in Pennsylvania, the same thing happened there, too. The algorithm was set too high and they auto-corrected it too abruptly so as to subtract 90,000 votes.

Here’s the spectacular vote stuffing and dumping in the Illinois Senate race between Tammy Duckworth (D) and Kathy Salvi (R), where the race was called for Duckworth two minutes after the polls closed:

The Gateway Pundit reported large batch injections into the Michigan Governors race last night (as seen in 2020), which gave the race to Gretchen Whitmer:

There are many, many more instances of questionable spikes presented that need to be shared widely and investigated!

In addition, the voting machines suffered massive problems across the country. In Mercer County, New Jersey, all the machines went down. There were mishaps in Harris County, TX, in Bell County, TX, in Chesterfield County, VA and and in Suffolk County, NY.

At least 20% of all the machines were not working throughout Maricopa County, Arizona. In Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, officials say that roughly 44 polling locations ran out of paper to print ballots.

It’s not a coincidence that the machines went down in the red precincts of Maricopa County to disrupt voters for Kari Lake and Blake Masters or that they went down in Suffolk County, the Red county where Lee Zeldin has represented New York’s 1st Congressional District since 2015 – and who just lost his bid for Governor to the hideous vaxx goblin, Kathy Hochul.” (Reprinted by permission.)

Roberts fills in more of the details in the case that the election was fraudulent. Sudden spikes in voting always favor Democrats and feature impossible disparities—all of the votes are for the “designated winner.” Voting machines break down in districts likely to go for the Republican candidate. “Americans, not all of them but most, are too proud of their country and too protective of its reputation as ‘the world’s best democracy’ to admit it, but they have just experienced another stolen election.  All the telltale signs are there–just as they are for the 2020 presidential election that was stolen from President Trump.  Ballot count delays while Democrats round up sufficient fraudulent ballots to offset the Republican’s victory.  Sudden upward spikes of 100,000 votes in one moment of time to push a Democrat candidate on a losing path ahead of the Republican.  It is not possible for that number of ballots to be counted in such a short time period or that they would all be for one candidate alone.  I know of no Republican candidate winning by a sudden upward spike in votes. This is a phenomenon exclusive to Democrats.  A person might think that it would strike people as curious that only Democrats win by sudden upward vote spikes and ask questions, but no such question arises.  To my knowledge, no election official has ever produced the names of the vast numbers of Democrats who somehow voted all at once in a short time for the Democrat candidate.

Fox TV’s Tucker Carlson pointed out one way the Democrats stole the Arizona election.  The Democrats arranged for the voting machines to fail in voting precincts known as Republican majority.  Those unable to vote, or some of them, were given a ballot to be put in a box when completed to be counted later. Next the Democrats announced that these uncounted ballots were ‘accidentally’ mixed with already counted ballots and there was no way to tell them apart.  This is one way Republican votes were flushed out of the vote counting system.”

Dr. Naomi Wolf explains how electronic voting machines make it easier to steal elections: “People could steal elections in this ‘analog’ technology of paper and locked ballot boxes, of course, by destroying or hiding votes, or by bribing voters, a la Tammany Hall, or by other forms of wrongdoing, so security and chain of custody, as well as anti-corruption scrutiny, were always needed in guaranteeing accurate election counts. But there was no reason, with analog physical processing of votes, to query the tradition of the secret ballot.

Before the digital scanning of votes, you could not hack a wooden ballot box; and you could not set an algorithm to misread a pile of paper ballots. So, at the end of the day, one way or another, you were counting physical documents.

Those days are gone, obviously, and in many districts there are digital systems reading ballots.”

This isn’t the first time the Left has stolen an election. It happened in the 2020 presidential election too. Ron Unz offers his usual cogent analysis. “There does seem to be considerable circumstantial evidence of widespread ballot fraud by Democratic Party forces, hardly surprising given the apocalyptic manner in which so many of their leaders had characterized the threat of a Trump reelection. After all, if they sincerely believed that a Trump victory would be catastrophic for America why would they not use every possible means, fair and foul alike, to save our country from that dire fate?

In particular, several of the major swing-states contain large cities—Detroit, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, and Atlanta—that are both totally controlled by the Democratic Party and also notoriously corrupt, and various eye-witnesses have suggested that the huge anti-Trump margins they provided may have been heavily ‘padded’ to ensure the candidate’s defeat.

Even leaving aside some of these plausible claims, the case for a stolen election seems almost airtight. I don’t know or care anything about Dominion voting machines, whether they are controlled by Venezuelan Marxists, Chinese Communists, or Martians. But the most blatant election-theft was accomplished in absolutely plain sight.

Not long before the election, the hard drive of an abandoned laptop owned by Joe Biden’s son Hunter revealed a gigantic international corruption scheme, quite possibility involving the candidate himself. But the facts of this enormous political scandal were entirely ignored and boycotted by virtually every mainstream media outlet. And once they story was finally published in the pages of the New York Post, America’s oldest newspaper, all links to the Post article and its website were suddenly banned by Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets to ensure that the voters remained ignorant until after they had cast their ballots.

Renowned international journalist Glenn Greenwald was hardly a Trump partisan, but he became outraged that the editors of the Intercept, the $100 million publication he himself had co-founded, refused to allow him to cover that massive media scandal, and he angrily resigned in protest. In effect, America’s media and tech giants formed a united front to steal the election and somehow drag the crippled Biden/Harris ticket across the finish line.

The Hunter Biden corruption scandal seemed about as serious as any in modern presidential election history and Biden’s official victory margin was just 0.01%. So if the American voters had been allowed to learn the truth, Trump almost certainly would have won the election, quite possibly in an Electoral College landslide. Given these facts, anyone who continues to deny that the election was stolen from Trump is simply being ridiculous.”

In the 2020 election, the Left used exactly the same mechanism as in the 2022 Congressional election. When the votes were going against their candidate, they stopped the counting in heavily Democrat districts until enough fake “votes” could be manufactured to ensure victory. As Vasko Kohlmayer says, “By 10 pm eastern standard time, November 3rd, it was apparent that Donald Trump was cruising toward a comfortable victory in the Electoral College. With Florida and Texas having gone his way, he was posting good leads in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois and Ohio. His path to victory seemed all but assured, and the Trump campaign was preparing for a victory speech and celebration. But then something strange began happening. Count updates from key swing states became irregular and sporadic and then ceased altogether. One after another, they announced that counting would be suspended overnight.

When new updates arrived by mid-morning the next day, Trump’s margins everywhere had – as if by magic – largely evaporated. As counting continued into the days that followed, Trump’s lead would disappear altogether, and he was overtaken in all crucial states.

One cannot but feel that what we witnessed last week was a coordinated election fraud on a large scale. There are some important questions that must be asked. Why, for example, was counting suddenly suspended in multiple states – all of which were battlegrounds where Trump was ahead – nearly simultaneously? This had never happened before in modern American history. In presidential contests, it is extremely rare for a state to suspend counting before the winner is known. For several states to do this in unison is unheard of. What normally happens is that each state continues its count without interruption at least to the point where the presidential winner in that state is determined. This is done by going through a sufficiently high proportion of the ballots to establish with adequate certainty who comes out on top. This is why in the last hundred years we knew the presidential winner either on the night of the election day or in the morning of the next day. The one notable exception was the 2000 Bush-Gore contest when it took weeks to determine who the winner of Florida was. But the problem there was not a delay in counting, but a controversy over a technical issue with the voting machines.

Notice something very important: all the places where the count was incomplete this year are deeply blue precincts. Why is it that the vast majority of red or mixed districts were able to carry out their counting procedure on time and give us their results before midnight on November the third? Why is it that only some heavily blue precincts in the battleground states were unable to carry out their counting duties within a reasonable time frame? Why did it take them so much longer?

The reason for this seems quite obvious. They stopped the counting process so they could come up with enough votes to erase the president’s lead. And then they dragged it out long enough until they finally generated enough ballots for Biden to prevail.

Although Democrat election fraud is nothing new, a fraud of this extent across several states is unprecedented. This travesty was the culmination of a massive, highly coordinated operation that was underway for months. What had made it possible was postal voting.

When COVID-19 came along, Democrats realized what a godsend it was. Perhaps the most important benefit they could derive from the so-called ‘pandemic’ related to elections. Under the guise of COVID-19, they could completely alter the nature of our electoral process by shifting it toward mail-in voting. This is extremely beneficial for Democrats for two main reasons.

The first is voter turnout. This is because a large portion of the Democrat base are what, in less politically correct times, some people used to call ‘riff-raff.’ If you think this is too harsh and old-fashioned, consider the demographic that Democrats seem particularly inclined to pursue: convicted felons. For many years Democrats have been working tirelessly to add felons officially to their rolls, and they made some big gains in this election cycle. So now murderers, violent offenders and delinquents of all types can freely and proudly vote Democrat. They fit in perfectly with the Democratic base, many of whom were on display during the riots that convulsed our nation in the last five months: looters, thieves, arsonists, ne’er-do-wells, malingerers, unemployed (particularly those who avoid work) and the ‘woke.’ In addition, there are the hooligans, professional malcontents and protesters, substance abusers, brainwashed young (and old), militant feminists and gays, etc.

When such people vote, they almost invariably vote Democrat. There is, however, one problem with these types. Not known to be particularly conscientious or inclined to purposeful action, they are chronically unreliable. You simply cannot rely on them to show up at the polls. Thus, the Democrats’ greatest challenge has always been voter turnout. In fact, many elections have been ultimately decided by the effectiveness of the Democrats’ ‘get out to vote operation’ on the ground. If Democrats somehow manage to drag or coax their base to the polls, they stand a good of chance winning. It is because of this that they have become so adept at legal and illegal techniques such as election day busing, money-for-votes schemes and other tricks.

Mail-in voting, however, completely eliminated the Democratic Party turnout problem. All the Democrat operatives had to do was to simply collect the postal ballots, fill them out, and send them back. This also gave them the added assurance that the correct boxes were ticked, since with many Democrat voters you can never be quite sure that they will do it right.”

If we hope to survive as a free people, we must do everything we can to expose this monstrous fraud. If we don’t, it will soon be too late.

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