How Not To Starve

From the Tom Woods Letter:

It’s unbelievable that it’s come to this, but we actually have to think and talk about the food supply.

(By the way, any grammar person tempted to wag a finger at me over the split infinitive in the subject line — that’s not a hard and fast rule, and for stylistic reasons it can be ignored. Sorry, everyone else, but 14 people on this list needed to hear that.)

I had an excellent discussion on the Tom Woods Show with the founder of something called the Beef Initiative, which seeks to keep good, nourishing food flowing by linking consumers and ranchers directly.

Remember “we’re all in this together”? Well, we’re definitely in the food problem together, and it’s by means of arrangements like the Beef Initiative that we’ll see ourselves through it.


One more thing, as I mentioned yesterday: I know some of my readers are interested in homesteading, so let me point out that our friend and repeat Tom Woods Show guest John Bush, whom I’ve known since the Ron Paul days, is running a virtual summit on homesteading on a budget. He’ll cover growing food, buying inexpensive but high-quality groceries, prepping, and even buying land on a budget. If that floats your boat, check it out:

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