How Do I Find A Maskless Doctor?

A reader writes:


It seems there are fewer and fewer private practice doctors left. These days most doctors work for a corporation, i.e. Methodist Health, Baylor Health, etc…  These corporate doctors have to toe the company line, and that involves mandatory masking, and other corporate deemed treatments. My wife and I had a tremendous private practice doctor for about 30 years, but he retired and now of course it is difficult to find the same. I have heard that this was a major goal of Obamacare – to eliminate private practice doctors, so there will only be “employee” doctors who will “do what they’re told.” You have probably already written about this, but I just wanted to vent.


A husband and wife from Arlington, Texas 

Dear Husband & Wife Team,

Thank you for venting. I have written little about finding a doctor, but it is on my mind and many readers have written about the same. In the past few weeks I wrote “Please Stop Seeing Doctors Who Require Masks — Your Life Depends On It” about the future you create for yourself when you continue to build a relationship with a masked doctor.

And in the book Face Masks in One Lesson, I speak a little bit about how to find a good doctor, which I also do toward the end of the article linked above.

Let me dig into that process a little more, though, in hopes that I can help you find a doctor more like the one who closed up shop.

This Work Used To Be Done For You In Society, But No More 

There was a time in which you could find a good doctor in every town over a certain size. You could know he was a good guy and that he would not take advantage. The work was done for you, because the larger community around you often shared your common sense values on this topic. That is no longer the case. Doctors are trained now to take advantage and they are brought up to be “professional,” which in the case of the doctor often means on the side of the profession more than they are trained to be on the side of the patient. This does not need to be the definition of the word professional, but when it comes to doctors it often is.

The very existence of such doctors who are trained to take advantage is anathema to the Hippocratic Oath, which is a more than 2,500-year-old tradition of doctor and patient in collaboration together against the world. It has not always been practiced that way. There are many flaws to the system, but generally speaking, that is what it is supposed to be — individual doctor and individual patient working together for the benefit of the patient, no matter what trouble may come along.

As an extreme example of that is the special treatment given to medics in combat. Medics are to not aggress on others in combat. Medics are to work to save all lives. Combat doctors just the same. All doctors just the same. No matter what everyone else in the outside world is getting worked up about, the doctor’s number one job is to operate in the interest of the individual patient.

That is the kind of doctor I want to help you find — the kind of doctor a community is built upon. To find that doctor most successfully, just find the “community” of patients around him.

How The Whole World Conspires Against A Doctor Like That 

Understandably, the whole world is conspiring against a doctor like that existing. Malpractice rates are high. Costs of doing business are astounding. Managing the paperwork of even just a single employee is a total nightmare. If a doctor accepts Medicare, that doctor can not legally negotiate prices with a cash patient who needs a break. Ambulance chasing lawyers will take practically any case that is worth $100,000 of more.

Society has conspired against the kind of doctor you want. As you point out, the increased role of government and regulation in the field of medicine has the net result of making medicine less accessible to most people.

It happened because of Obamacare, but it has also happened with every increase in governmental regulation around medicine since Lyndon Johnson, and even goes back long before. The only governmental vote a patient should ever support on healthcare should be one that reduces the size of government and reduces regulation on doctors. This regulation will almost always lead to someone in your shoes being harmed. In passing such regulation, the levers of society has conspired against the kind of life you want.

Your Community Likely No Longer Weeds Out Bad Doctors As It Once Did 

Many patients in a geographic area are likely to see this type of doctor as desirable. Society is increasingly looking for two things 1.) Doctors that will make all the decisions, 2.) Doctors that will, as predictably as a robot, provide all the “correct,” outputs in response to all the correct inputs. That is simply not how human relationships work, nor is it how the human body works. This trend in contemporary society makes it less likely that the people in the geographic area around you are helping to identify good doctors. Really, most patients participating in the marketplace are allowing and encouraging very bad doctors to dominate the practice. No worries, though, while it may not have been as easy as it once was, as long as a marketplace continues to exist, you will be able to continue to find the good doctors.

Below, I’m going to propose some ways for finding a doctor who will be to your liking.

Common Themes In Your Doctor Search 

The common theme here is going to be this:

1.) Times have changed, 

2.) It will take some work, 

3.) Lots of communication with others is needed to find the right community of people around a doctor like the one you want.

4.) Such doctors continue to exist in every town over a certain size.

5.) They are often hiding in plain site.

6.) Make it a priority to find such a Doctor and

7.) You will not only find that doctor, but 

8.) You will be richly rewarded in other ways as well,

9.) By finding a community of likeminded people around you and around that Doctor.

If This Approach Seems Unorthodox, It Is Only Because We Have Come To See A Doctor Robotically As A “Care Provider,” Rather Than The Valuable Community Member He Is 

Some of the ways below of finding a doctor will seem unorthodox, but the goal is not only finding a doctor. The goal is surrounding yourself with people who think like you and who are bold enough to have your back if something worse than Covid-19 appears on the horizon. That includes a doctor. As such, in the approaches below, you will see that I strongly defer to community over the idea of simply finding a doctor who is nothing more than a healthcare machine to you, who provides little more than the predictable output you ask of him.

So much of modernity seeks to keep us isolated and divided. Community can solve this problem. This search for a doctor is an opportunity to grow that community around you and to step away from the encouragements to isolate that have been with us for decades, but have been magnified since the Ides of March 2020.

More than the artificial limiting of good doctors being a conspiracy against the kind of life you want to live, the artificial limiting of good community is really the conspiracy against the kind of life you want to live. The lack of good, easy-to-find doctors is merely a symptom of a greater malady.

1.) Consult Lists Of Doctors Online 

Lots of lists like this exist. Pierre Kory’s is one such list at “FLCCC Alliance Medical Practitioners.” If you need a medical practitioner that thinks differently than the established narrative, this is a website specifically for doctors, nurses, and other health care providers who understand the science behind Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine.

A list like this is going to be the easiest way, and it is good to use this way to save time, but for all the reasons mentioned in this article, I would like you to please focus on community building and not just finding a doctor to quickly fill a need and who you will treat like a robotic servant. This website method is almost cheating. You shortchange the opportunity to really be decisive. You may not easily find a likeminded community through a doctor listed on a website. When I say likeminded, I do not mean that other community members also like your favorite sports team and the wives are friendly enough to talk shop in the kitchen while you watch the game. I mean, they will have your back. That is what this ultimately comes down to — rebuilding around you a community of people with shared values who are courageous enough to have your back.

2.) Weston A. Price Foundation 

Weston Price was a dentist and researcher who determined that cavities are not caused by lack of dental care, but are largely caused by modern diet. A group of advocates of his work started this excellent organization. It is an organization critical of government promoted diet, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals. There is a national convention annually, a newsletter, podcast, and local groups across the country. Diet is a key focus of this group. They are the most random collection of oddballs from all across the social spectrum who basically agree on this: we can be doing diet better. Amazing collection of people. The National phone number is (703) 820-3333 and email is

They can be contacted to ask for info on how to join the nearest local group. If they do not have a group near you, offer to start one. I strongly recommend this approach of getting to know the Weston Price folks around you. Some of them love the vaccines, but generally they do not, and as an organization they are strongly opposed to much of what has been wrong about the last several decades. They are non-political, issue based, and science based. Impressive group. The most impressive thing about this group is the community that self-selects around it — largely filled with critical thinkers who refuse the status quo around health, medicine, and often many other areas of life. Attend a local chapter meeting, get to know some folks, and ask what they are doing about medical care during these strange times.

3.) John Birch Society 

Am I recommending the John Birch Society as a way to build community and ultimately find a good doctor — Yup, you better believe it. This group is more political. They too tend to be full of folks from across the political spectrum who have often settled on some more conservative and non-establishment views. They have welcomed vaccines speciticism for decades, long before the Covid vaccine. The group is very effective and has consequently been smeared. Their national number is 920-749-3780. Attend a local chapter meeting, get to know some folks, and ask what they are doing about medical care during these strange times.

4.) Various Other Groups 

Hook up with your local America’s Frontline Doctors group. AFLDS is an activist group started by Dr. Simone Gold, a double board certified ER doctor fired for her vocal stance around Covid-19. They focus on politics, forming parallel communities, and identifying alternate forms of treatment. Members are likely to know what doctors near you are the type of doctor you are looking for. The group even has friendly pharmacies and telehealth doctors, though for the purpose of this article, I strongly discourage telehealth doctors and encourage you to focus on community building. Another activism group, less geared toward medicine is Moms for Liberty. This group has stood against the vaccine mandates of 2020 and many other impositions on parents and students in schools. You could sign up for Robert Kennedy’s Children’s Health Defense and attend an activity near you. Any groups of moms with autistic kids or vaccine hesitant moms will often similarly have a sense of good care practitioners near you. They learned the hard way why it is so important to think critically about medical care and they are often very generous with their time and encouraging of others to avoid any mistakes they have identified in their own walk through life. I provide this list as a way to start your brainstorm. Many other will likely come to mind once you start that brainstorm, but this list above could also be enough. Attend a local chapter meeting, get to know some folks, and ask what they are doing about medical care during these strange times. Again, if a local chapter does not already exist, you can offer to start one and it will likely provide you nearly immediate community.

5.) Churches That Have Stayed Open

At the core of community for many centuries has been the church. You may be at a church that shares your views on faith. Are you also at a church that shares your views on courage? Did it stay open? Now is a great time to be at that kind of church. With a church comes a community. Attend a local service of a church that never closed, get to know some folks, including the pastor, and ask what they are doing about medical care during these strange times.

6.) Republican Party Politics 

The Republican Party is just as likely to be the enemy as to be the good guy in this fight. But here is what the Republican Party has — a network. Do not disregard the positives by obsessing over the negatives. You go to those local events a few times and you will start to see who are your people and who are just trying to use you. Most are trying to use you. Do not be that kind of person. Be there to form community with good folks. The Libertarian Party is also an option. Libertarian Party folks are mostly goofs not serious about anything. But that too is a road to consider. You will find good people at such gatherings. The majority of establishment Republicans at gatherings will be looking to use you in some way. The majority of Libertarians at such gatherings are not serious. Both, in my opinion are good to avoid. The majority really does not matter at either. It is the truly likeminded minority you are looking to connect with. Democrats are overwhelmingly lost. Greens, Democratic Socialists, Trotskyists and the like might be helpful, but they are not usually my cup of tea, especially since the tyranny of 2020 has been so widely embraced by so many. GOP and LP have civil liberty contingents left that are carrying that torch of principle in American society.

7.) Off Shoot Gatherings Like The Above 

Once you go to the GOP and LP meetings, you are going to find the meeting in town you really want to know about for the purpose of this project — the off shoot meeting of liberty lovers. For nearly 15 years, I have been on a list like this for a group from lake Jackson, Texas. I have never attended one of their gatherings, but I eagerly open their emails when I see them. Those offshoot groups are the real reason to be involved in GOP and LP politics. Those offshoot groups are the ones busy building the new America.

8.) Health Food Store 

All kinds of flavors of health food stores exist. Talk to people. Get to know staff. Ask questions about local providers. Many health food stores have bulletin boards. Put up an ad that says exactly what you are looking for. Seek to build community and a health food store can be a wonderful place to find it.

9.) Lawyers In Prominent Health Freedom Cases 

This may be a method of finding community you have not considered. Keep an eye out for cases. Lawyers are not in the business of telling all their client’s secrets, but details of community often come out in lawsuits and get reported on in the media. Reading the court documents is the truly telling part of this, though. So much information is in publicly accessible court documents and mentioned in open trial.

10.) Holistic Doctor / Naturopath / Homeopath 

I do not care how much you dislike homeopathy, I need you to get comfy with the idea that alternative care practitioners might have some modalities you don’t like and some modalities you do like. You need to be ready to have that conversation. Truthfully it is the same with an MD. They have some modalities of care you do like and some you don’t. We have been trained as patients to never ask about that. Patients are meant to always be the decision-makers on their care based on doctors bringing them educated guesses on what might work and options. That is not how we often treat doctors though. We just treat them like the decision-makers and have them do what they thing is best. That’s a great way to end of with a toe tag in the present environment. A naturopath or homeopath are more likely to expect you to be ready to choose and to be less heavy handed about it.

You may find practice of Homeopathy to be as disqualifying as the wearing of a face mask. You should not. What a homeopath will not do is kill you by over treating you. Iatrogenic death is estimated to be the third leading cause of death in the US.

11.) Holistic Dentist Or Dentists Who Remove Amalgams Or Practice Homeopathy 

Search holistic dentist and see what you find. Also try searching WAPF dentist. WAPF may even be able to recommend a local dentist or doctor to you.

12.) Chiropractor 

Some chiropractors are as establishment as you can get. Some are way out there. I encourage you find a way out there one. The establishment chiropractors are often identified by the idea that they know the truth and their search for knowledge has been satisfied. The out-there ones have gathered a lot of truth and continue to seek it out. You want a very knowledgeable chiropractor who also does not already thinks he knows everything. He will have an impressive community around him, not only of patients but also of others healthcare providers who may be more what you are looking for.

13.) Midwife / Doula 

Until very recently in human history, all births were at home. When births started happening in hospitals, a lot of women started to die of infections that were almost impossible to have happen in a home. The healthy female body is set in motion from birth to eventually be able to give birth. A hospital is not needed. But often a caring person who has been through childbirth and knows what it is like can be a real help, especially in this era in which a home birth is widely derided as negligent — this is where midwives and doulas enter in. The true negligence takes place in hospitals, in which 1/3 of pregnancies end up in C-section, when a low single digit percentage represents the rate in which a C-section is seen as medically desirable. Midwives and doulas tend to understand this. Some are more establishment, others are more out-there. Any city of a certain size has midwives and doulas. Midwives often have better training and are more established. Some midwives may even have privileges at hospitals. Doulas often have less training and are often less established. Those are not hard and fast rules, just generalities. I have met out-there midwives and establishment doulas. Both are likely to know where to find the kind of health care provider you are looking for. They will probably be happy to refer you to someone, but if you reach out to them, for the purposes of this writing, seek to make them a part of your community rather than a one-time outreach.

14.) Cold Call Doctors 

If all else fails, let your fingers do the walking. Figure out how far you are willing to drive to find a doctor and start calling through the yellow pages. Say “I do not wear a mask and I do not want a doctor who hides from me behind his mask? That is why I am leaving my current doctor. What is your office’s policy on that?” Though it may be repetitive and laborious, it should get you a long way.

The Real Goal

You do not just want a doctor who will not mask you. You want a doctor who will not mask anyone and will not wear a mask himself. That is the doctor you want.

For more on why that should be the aim, please see my “Please Stop Seeing Doctors Who Require Masks — Your Life Depends On It.”

The Ask 

After you have felt someone out, you are looking to do this. You need to ask this every time if the person feels like a skeptic about the official government narrative.

Do you know any good doctors around here? 

Who are you seeing? 

Tell me about him? 

Has he fallen for all this stuff? 

Ask these questions to 10 people and you will find ten to twenty doctors and other healthcare practitioners mentioned. Be sure to write down their names. Most importantly, you will find the same 3 or 4 doctors raved about repeatedly.

This May Feel Like A Chore, But It Is A Gift 

The need to search for a doctor may feel like a chore, but it is really a gift. It is a gift that requires you to roll back the last thirty or forty years of cultural psychosis and to treat your fellow man like a human again. We’ve been told to see bank tellers as ATM machines or grocery store clerks as Gum-ball machines — predictable input provides a predictable output. That is how machines work. That is not how humans work. That is certainly not how community works. And they, the workers, have been trained to behave that way. Culturally, we are all being trained to act more like machines and less like humans. We are being trained to both voluntarily and subconsciously reduce ourselves to less than human.

That is just not right. It is not a training you can accept. Accepting that training leads you to this very moment in life: on in years and so isolated from decent aspects of society that you do not even know how to find a healthcare provider who is not a corporate stooge. That is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you have lost by buying into the great dehumanization.

You are playing with fire. That will cost you your life. The corporate stooge killed millions in 2020 and beyond and has been trained to continue doing so. Most corporate stooges do not even know what they have done. They genuinely see themselves as heroes at the very same time they commit negligent homicide. They call themselves front lines warriors. They shoot self-righteous TikTok videos. The standard of care they follow for Covid, but also for other conditions in innately murderous. They are so disconnected that they see themselves as righteous saviors when they are the grim reaper incarnate doing some of the most evil work of 2020 and beyond.

Please, at all cost, you must escape the influence of these corporate stooges. You need better healthcare providers. If you still don’t believe that, have a look my writing on why your life depends on you being able to find a doctor who does not wear a mask. This is especially necessary for parents to read.

So To Summarize Your Question

“How do I find a maskless doctor?”

It comes down to being decisive about what you want out of life. It ultimately comes down to being decisive with how far you will let the community around you decline before you stop that decline. Now is a golden opportunity to bring a stop to the decline and to lay the foundation for more glorious times ahead.

Be decisive. Stop with the mask. If you don’t know how, read the bestselling “Face Masks in One Lesson if you don’t know how. Read “Face Masks Hurt Kids if you don’t know why. These books are about so much more than face masks. Signup for the hard hitting newsletter at ( Refuse to be enfeebled by their nonsense. You can lead yourself, your family, and the world around you toward better. 

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