How 11 Warriors Fought Tuesday

One of the most influential County Board of Supervisors in California — in the heart of Silicon Valley — is starting to crack on the health mandates.

They simply are not buying the Covid narrative the way they used to.

You can tell it from their voices and from the questions they are starting to ask.

(It’s about time!)

And at a recent Tuesday meeting, one warrior saw the opportunity to help speed up that cracking. She was determined to get a few people together to help her say what she had to say. She used a “hack” to be able to say everything she would say if she were given ten minutes before that board. Of course, few boards exist who will give a member of the public 10 minutes to speak.

So here’s what she did: she wrote a script and asked a few friends to help, divvying up the script.

That sounds simple enough, but the execution was brilliant.

That particularly influential board met and allowed only 1 minute for public comment from each member of the public. Organized like you would not believe, were 11 speakers with 11 points to make, each 30 to 60 seconds long.

Each point was pulled out of Face Masks Hurt Kids. Which is how the book is laid out — 10-second talking points. Each talking point is easy for a reader to skim. Each talking point is easy for a reader to stop and to dig down into for a quick dose of solid science. The book makes it easy to speak simply, clearly, and authoritatively about the complex science behind face masks. If you ever find yourself at a loss for what to say, that reference book is for you.

Some of the chapters that really stick in my mind are:

Chapter 17: Face Masks are another way to crush the spirit of a child

Chapter 22: You teach a child not to trust you

Chapter 55: Face masks may cause pregnant mothers to have elevated enough carbon dioxide to prevent fetuses from clearing their own carbon dioxide

Chapter 75: Face Masks harm a child’s developing mind

Chapter 77: Face masks cause degeneration of brains because of lack of oxygen

Chapter 154: Face masks weaken immunity and therefore make children more susceptible to viruses

That influential board did not have a vote on the agenda.

The board was not getting ready to fire anyone or to call for an indictment.

Usually, I recommend that a vote be on the agenda if a group is going to lobby a board. This group of activists was breaking it down into baby steps and simply wanted to speak more effectively to the board.

Since the board was composed of members who were starting to have enough of the Covid narrative, that is where the calmly delivered, reasonable voices of these 11 truth-tellers were able to come in.

The sight was something to behold.

And I want to commend those 11 for that. They saw the opportunity to sway the board and saw the opportunity to use the board’s rules against the board. If the board was only going to allow 1 minute for each comment, then the lead activists was just going to line up her 11 friends. Simple, powerful, effective behavior that is to be commended. 

The points were small, so no one had to rush. The points were clear, so no one had to guess at what was being said. The points were hard-hitting, so even a board member trying to take a nap would perk up.

It was good. It was powerful. It is a model others could use the exact same way.

If you want to see the script they used to make this meeting even more effective, just go here (, and it will auto-send to you immediately. The simple approach these heroes took can be used the same way with any board.

And at the same time, imagine what would have happened if those 11 would have stayed silent. What if those warriors out there convinced themselves that it was not worth it? What if they decided to just go along to get along?

How would that affect the world around us?

Well, a few other places on the planet are starting to show us what life would look like if people stopped caring about their rights and the rights of others.

For those of you who long ago wrote off California as a place that would be better off if it fell in the ocean: It continues to have the largest pro-freedom population of any state.

It has freedoms and tools for activism unknown elsewhere, and it is where some of the most important fights of this era have taken place, because make no doubt about it — California is the model for how they plan to shape the rest of the country.

It is also the place in which a future American President is being groomed — Gavin Newsom. How vital that fight is.

How powerful the impacts can be.

Freedom is protected by those on the periphery of freedom, willing to stand strong for a society.

It is not protected in the lives of most people. Most people accept what they are given. Most people do not feel the sting of tyranny.

That is why it is so often protected by those on the periphery — those living life on the spear tip. Freedom is protected by those who stand firm in their own lives and refuse to let it creep any further.

When they do that, they may, admittedly, be acting in their own self-interest, but in doing so, they may be protecting many millions and even billions of others.

That is how warriors in California live every day — pushing against the tyranny in their own lives. In their successes, they defend the rest of the country from that creep of tyranny. The more you live life on the spear tip, the more you are doing the very same.

And it is not just in California, it is, of course everywhere and in the lives of so many heroes.

Though public participation and conversation with elected officials and bureaucrats is important, what is most important are the stands you are taking in your every day life.

The moments in which you encounter friction is the most important for expanding the scope of freedom. Those are the moments that you are living “on the periphery” of your life. Those are the vital moments in which you agree to accept the tyranny or refuse to accept it. That is where your personal fight against the creeping tyranny exists. In the unchallenged comfort is no fight at all.

This is a reason why vowing to never wear a face mask is so important. It says “I will fight this fight on the periphery of my life, where it matters most.”

If one seeks to expand freedom, defending and expanding on the periphery is so important.

Thank you for your continued stand for freedom, dear warrior.

The face masks need to come off. If you don’t know how, read the bestselling “Face Masks in One Lesson.” (available here)( For more on why that is so important to do, read “Face Masks Hurt Kids.” (available here) ( For hard-hitting, daily emails filled with wonderful wisdom on this topic and others, visit

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