Here’s What They Want Censored Now

From the Tom Woods Letter:

So what’s the next big thing?

Throughout the worst of the craziness since 2020, astute observers have warned that next will be a ramping up of “climate change” hysteria, complete with mandates and the kind of active suppression of dissident voices that we saw during Covid.

Then Project Veritas captured CNN’s Charlie Chester admitting: “Be prepared, it’s coming. Climate change is going to be the next COVID thing for CNN. We are going to hone in on it.”

Now just yesterday I reported to you about the real story behind the Disinformation Governance Board, which had a particular emphasis on Covid and the useless interventions they pushed on societies around the world.

But now we’re hearing, via reporting in the Wall Street Journal, that they’ll probably want to pressure the Big Tech platforms to make sure we peons can’t object to the equally useless interventions they want to make in the name of “climate change.”

First it was “fact checkers” adding notes to Facebook posts. Democratic senators then complained that opinion pieces weren’t being “fact checked,” so Facebook started doing that.

Now national climate adviser Gina McCarthy is complaining that you and I have been allowed to warn about the problems with so-called green energy.

She recalled the week-long Texas power outage last year. In her version of reality, “the first thing we read in the paper was” that the blackouts occurred “because of those wind turbines. That became the mantra.”

(She really thinks the conventional wisdom was that green energy was to blame, when in fact the media of course blamed fossil fuels and climate change.)

And then here it comes: “We need the tech companies to really jump in.” Pointing out the costs of green energy, she said, is “equally dangerous to [climate change] denial because we have to move fast.”

One of the best decisions I made, years ago, was moving my Tom Woods Show Elite off Facebook, where we were increasingly harassed for stupid reasons, and shifting to a no-censorship platform instead.

I recently had a chance to talk to the founder of MeWe, an excellent Facebook alternative, on the Tom Woods Show.

Since I made the shift, our community has continued to flourish, and nobody has had to worry that telling the truth will get them banned.

If you’re part of the real resistance (not the phony-baloney “resistance” of Alyssa Milano and Jimmy Kimmel), time to join your brethren:

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