Health, Aging, and Hormonal Balance

A brief prologue-

In the battle to break through the legacy media propaganda and censorship regarding COVID-19, effectiveness of early treatment, and the vaccine risk/benefit ratio, Jill and I have been maintaining a rather brutal travel schedule. We often get some version of the question “how are you able to keep up with this?”. Frankly, I am not sure that we are. I was hoping that things would slow down, the government would pivot to the next crisis, the COVID controversies and fearporn would die down, and I could have time to plant more trees, fix fence, fertilize and seed pastures and take care of all of those farm chores that have been neglected. Ha! Silly me.

The travel demands are overwhelming from time to time, and the next couple of months are looking like it is not going to stop. Lets go! seems to be the new normal. Sometimes I wonder how we are able to keep it up – it is certainly an important cause, definitely one worth fighting for (medical freedom, freedom of speech, saving children’s lives), but we are in our 60s now. We are having to maintain a young persons schedule.

A few years ago, before all of this “global crisis” began, I had really started to slow down, and was settling into a glide path towards retirement. Travel, as well as many other things in life, had lost its luster. Jill was worried about the effects of aging on both of us, and in particular the loss of bone density which had plagued her mother. As she usually does, she took on this challenge with a vengance, and was not going to give up without a fight. Digging into the literature, she discovered that the whole story regarding hormone replacement therapy was a lot more complicated that we had been lead to believe. Many both younger and older were discovering a sort of second life with careful medical management of key hormones, and data were demonstrating that this can have a huge impact on post menopausal bone density deterioration in women. So, off we went into the world of bioidentical hormone replacement.

As we have been traveling all over the country, and particularly in the various Florida medical communities which serve a more elderly population, we have encountered many physicians and medical care providers that have extolled the benefits of careful management of hormone levels. I have been personally amazed at the vitality of those who are receiving this type of treatment, and have also been amazed at the difference it has made in our own lives. We just feel younger, have more stamina, and are able to maintain a schedule that we could not have sustained a decade ago.

Please keep in mind that the biggest risks for developing severe COVID include obesity and diabetes. This is the underlying epidemic that has driven much of the death and disease associated with SARS-CoV-2. And that one of the best things that you can do to prevent severe disease is to live a healthy life, lose weight, keep your blood sugar under control, and make sure that your vitamin D levels are well above 50 nanograms per milliliter.

A couple of weeks ago, we went in for our checkup and oil change at the Charlottesville clinic that we have come to rely on, and ran into a clinical research colleague who has also had his life transformed by this treatment. We talked for a while, compared stories, and I asked if he would be interested in writing a guest piece for our substack. And without further ado, here is his personal story.

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