Harry and Meghan Are the King and Queen of Narcissism

Pity Party Prince Harry and manipulative Miss Meghan Markle may well be the most narcissistic couple on the planet: endlessly self-absorbed, utterly oblivious to others’ feelings, and blaming everyone but themselves for all their “troubles.” And precisely what “injustices” do the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have to gripe about? Of the world’s eight billion folks, Meghan and Harry are easily among the richest one-tenth of one percent, two of the few thousand royals, as well as young, beautiful, and (physically at least) healthy to boot.

Perhaps their real problem is that they are typical well-heeled leftists: incredibly entitled, dangerously bored, cynically secular, and desperately in search of meaning. If they were not such fine-looking celebrities, who would give them a second look?

She comes across as entirely opportunistic and he appears bitter at not being even more privileged, actually calling his ghost-written memoir “Spare” since poor Harry is not first in line to be king of the British Empire. A little gratitude for all their huge blessings would likely help.

To be fair, and to his enormous credit, His Royal Highness assisted orphans in Lesotho, served in his country’s armed forces for a decade, and was a bona fide war hero in Afghanistan, having volunteered to be a helicopter gunner on many combat missions. His royal status could have easily shielded him from such deadly duty, but he sought out a very dangerous job in the fight against Islamic terrorism. After his military service, he went on to help wounded veterans.

So how ironic such a proven warrior gives the impression of being completely dominated by his social-climbing and ever-complaining wife. Indeed, the only other royal thought to have surrendered his autonomy so totally to “the woman I love” was Harry’s weak great-great uncle, Edward VIII. While Harry claims his penis once suffered frostbite at the North Pole, it sure looks like his testicles are locked securely in Meghan’s Strathberry handbag.

Though skilled at scoring fawning media coverage, a la Oprah Winfrey, and making $100+ million from Netflix for extremely little documentary “work,” Harry and Meghan remain acutely sensitive to the slightest criticism. In fact, despite enjoying all their American freedom (and escape from royal duties) amid the lavish luxury of their massive California mansion, the couple often sues newspapers daring to print articles about them they don’t like, with the duke blasting their adopted country’s First Amendment free expression rights as “bonkers.” The duchess even got Piers Morgan fired from TV’s “Good Morning Britain” for having the temerity to question her honesty. How sad if the pair’s press treatment has become their emotional oxygen.

Even by jet set standards, the couple’s hypocrisy is bodaciously brazen. While publicly preening how environmentalist they are, they fly private all over. Likewise, while defaming the royal family as racist, they present zero evidence, yet Harry has called one acquaintance a “Paki” and another a “raghead,” as well as attended a party dressed as a Nazi (but his book blames his brother and sister-in-law for egging him on – of course).

To tar their fellow royals with the ugly racism canard and abandon their royal commitments when Harry’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, was in failing health in her mid-90s seems particularly callous. Despite the decadent duo’s endless moans of mistreatment, they display a distinctly cavalier lack of concern for how deeply their words and actions have hurt loved ones.

Consistent with the Nietzschean notion of creating their own “truth,” in May the ever-persecuted pair complained that paparazzi pursued them for “two hours” in a “near catastrophic car chase” … in New York City. But police would not confirm the claim, and even fellow leftist New Yorker Whoopi Goldberg noted it is hardly believable in the super congested Big Apple.

And just wait for the inevitably messy divorce. The Johnny Depp-Amber Heard libel trial will be like a short preview compared to the uber-shameless and seemingly endless psychodrama that tabloids will feast upon when Meghan and Harry at last turn their insatiable anger on each other.

No matter how much wealth, fame, or beauty one has, we all need a purpose, but the renegade royals personify “the idle rich” with way too much free time, endless demands for attention, and desperation to be relevant. In spite of all the good they could do for causes they support, and with two young children to rear, they act like rootless, restless, and tactless spoiled brats.

Indeed, Harry and Meghan are the 21st century’s royal version of Tom and Daisy Buchanan in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel, The Great Gatsby:

They were careless people, Tom and Daisy — they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made.

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