Hanging Separately Instead of Together

There are many reasons why we are now living under perhaps the greatest tyranny any people has had to contend with. We’ve heard horrific things about the Nazis, and the Soviets, the Red Chinese, etc. But the sources for that are part of this tyranny. I don’t know how true any of those claims are. I do know how bad America 2.0 is.

Behind all of our problems is a very small group. Very small. We are indeed just like sheep, being herded around by a single dog. Democracy, which our leaders claim is the form of government we live under, is supposed to mean rule by majority. Our leaders established a constitutional republic, not a democracy. But if we accept their contention for hypothetical purposes, then it must be acknowledged that in this democracy, the overwhelming majority of citizens have absolutely no power, and no say over how things are done. We let obscene political “representatives,” militarized police, increasingly unhinged but well-funded activists, and supposed “experts” of varying sorts decide what will be done, or (usually) not done.

It’s like a bunch of strapping adults decided to permit a handful of toddlers with severe behavioral problems to boss them around and beat them with sticks. Waiting for their unformed, and cognitively challenged little minds to decide what to do. And then unquestioningly following. The majority of Americans have turned into lethargic masochists, cuckolds, and willing indentured servants. Some of them take out their pent up rage on their closest loved ones. But never at those who are responsible for the rage. Those who are frustrating them, creating chronic stress, and literally making them sick through their ass backwards priorities and irrational actions.

Two hundred years ago, the shenanigans of virtually every major politician today would have earned them a painful tar and feathering. Nowadays, it guarantees them reelection. And I don’t think they need massive voter fraud to accomplish that. First of all, in most political races (if there even is an opponent) there is no real choice. It’s always the lesser of two evils. Sure, they may tweak things for their special favorites, but the voting public has shown how stupid and uninformed they are too many times for us to ever trust them to do the right thing. They have been trained to vote against their interests. Polls would probably show 90 percent or more of the people in favor of term limits. So why don’t we have term limits? What kind of “democracy” is this?

We have so few, and such disastrous choices for political office. The cream shouldn’t always sink to the bottom. That can’t happen naturally, without any conspiratorial machinations. Again, both the Democrats and Republicans have the capacity to see that better and honest people are installed into power at every level. That goes for government across the board. But corruption and incompetence became entrenched long ago, and the corrupt and incompetent just pick their successors, who show promise of continuing the corruption and incompetence. It’s a vicious cycle, but no one can stop it. You know, like those party faithful who seemingly, at least, aren’t corrupt and incompetent. At least a majority must be somewhat honest, right?

Now on the surface the situation is ridiculous. It is tantamount to one demented family establishing an ironclad authoritarian rule over the other hundreds of families in their large neighborhood. That shouldn’t be able to happen, but if a family that’s psychopathic and aggressive enough wanted to do that, I have little doubt that they would succeed. In fact, in a location not far from me, in my zip code, a deranged homeowner’s association has ruled a huge community for decades. The thousands of homeowners there somehow can’t figure out how to remove them from power. Their draconian degrees are the stuff of legend around here. This isn’t Congress. This is a homeowner’s association. And we can’t even throw those bums out.

I talk often about the Proles in Orwell’s 1984. Our proles are just as helpless to combat a foe that is every bit as powerful as Big Brother, even though we outnumber them even more dramatically than the citizens of Oceana outnumbered the Inner Party. It’s a numbers game all across the board. I’ve seen it at even the smallest centers of power. Homeowner’s associations are notorious for this. In youth sports, mostly those who want to possess power volunteer to be league directors or commissioners. You can see it in dance classes and Girl Scouts. As one of my favorite populist philosophers, Lord Acton, said, Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. But why do the majority so willingly give power to personalities who don’t wield it responsibly?

I explored some of this in my book Bullyocracy. Most people are followers. Order takers. They learn this role, or at least they used to learn it before the “Woke” agenda took center stage, in their years of all day schooling. How to be an obedient servant of the state. How not to question authority. Any authority. That includes an out of control homeowner’s association, or an arrogant youth sports commissioner who’s playing favorites. Look at the petty tyrants, foaming at the mouth, who sit on local school boards. And even when a courageous parent steps up and calls them out, the frightened mob sits there silently, and watches as the security guard assaults him/her.

If you can’t stand up to the local school board, which is responsible for implementing lunatic notions like Critical Race Theory and Transgender Story Hour in your children’s schools, then what can you stand up against? A five year old bully who throws sand in your two year old’s face? Instead, we have impotent keyboard warrior types. I don’t just mean talking tough on internet forums. I mean neighbors who call the police because the car next door has an invalid inspection sticker. There are a lot more Americans who are proactive on “Karen” stuff like that. They may not stand up for their kids, but they’ll be giddy with enthusiasm over getting a car ticketed.

Americans, by and large, don’t like to “get involved.” When someone is being assaulted in public, for instance. But they very much like to “get involved” when someone is violating one of the more nonsensical laws we’ve been saddled with. During the COVID psyop, lots of people contacted the authorities to report their neighbors for not wearing their masks, or not “social distancing.” This is the same “get involved” impulse that causes eligible voters to report their neighbors for having an old refrigerator sitting on their back porch or something. Some of the guests on my “I Protest” podcast have talked about how CPS stole their children, with the process being started by a neighbor calling the authorities over concerns of “neglect.”

Now these same upstanding citizens who were so worried over a neighbor’s child being too thin or whatever, wouldn’t have lifted a finger to help that underweight child, if he/she was being physically attacked. That’s the way the mob mentality works. It’s so much easier to make that phone call, and watch the glorious public servants do their thing. Why get your hands dirty? Forget love thy neighbor. It’s not like Child Protective Services has been connected to child sex trafficking or anything. It’s not like the police have demonstrated time and time again that they are far more likely to cause harm than resolve any situation. Just watch the videos.

Most people were pretty apathetic in 1776 as well. The difference is that those Sons of Liberty gathering in taverns, forming Committees of Correspondence, were among the wealthiest men in the colonies. The One Percent of their day. Very few others alive then would have had any fortunes to risk by supporting independence. The idea of secession from England garnered little enthusiasm among the public. Of course, once Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown, things changed considerably. Then all the flag waving and patriotic fervor began. Most people are not only followers, they are bandwagon fans. Everybody loves a winner.

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