Ha! The Thought Controllers Are Panicked

From the Tom Woods Letter:

Peter Hotez was one of the worst Covid hysterics, and made all kinds of assurances about what the shots would accomplish, even though his claims were based on zero research or evidence (and they kept changing with every interview he did).

Well, here’s what he’s saying these days:

“Neofascist leanings,” he says.

(I’d ask him what in his mind the difference is between fascist and neofascist, but I strongly doubt his response would be worth anything.)

One of the pillars of fascism is an alliance between corporations and the state.

I’d say RFK, Jr., has been pretty good on that issue, particularly when it comes to Big Pharma. Meanwhile, “Team Biden” has practically made Pfizer into a cabinet department, and has been colluding with big corporations to suppress dissident voices.

Looking at just those two things, wouldn’t you think it was Hotez himself, rather than the people he criticizes, who is closer to fascism or neofascism or whatever term he wants to use?

Another feature of fascism is an emphasis on the martial virtues, on military power and war as instruments for realizing the destiny of the nation. Hotez is seriously going to claim that the biggest representatives of that way of thinking are Tucker Carlson, Elon Musk, Joe Rogan, and RFK, Jr.?

Recall Mussolini’s saying: “Everything in the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State.”

Where have any of these four people come anywhere near advocating such a thing? Do they not instead advocate the opposite?

I completely understand people’s hesitancy about RFK, Jr., and there are plenty — plenty — of things I disagree with him on. But it would be very difficult to convince me that he isn’t being sincere when he says:

“Here’s how I will dismantle the surveillance state. I will replace the officials that have been instructing tech companies to censor users. I will direct the Justice Department to stop prosecuting whistleblowers and start investigating the crimes they expose. I will rescind administrative policies that surveil Americans’ communications. In the long term, it is about forging an entirely different relationship between people and government based on respect.”

How many fascists in history said anything like that?

Even if for some reason you think he doesn’t really believe those things — when did fascists even say things like this?

Left-liberals always project. Everyone else is the hater. Everyone else has the closed mind. Everyone else is the fascist.

But I think we know who is who.

Several years ago I myself broke my private group off from Facebook, because that platform wouldn’t allow us to have the discussions we wanted. The group’s posts are still up — and to this day, years later, Facebook occasionally takes one of our posts down! — for archive purposes, but I moved us onto a no-censorship platform, because screw those people.

We have the kinds of conversations the SOBs don’t want us to have, plus for those of you with no time to listen but who know I’m talking about interesting things on the Tom Woods Show all the time, I also have transcripts of all my interviews there.

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