Governor DeSantis Needs to Kick Federal Agents Out of Florida Immediately

Governor DeSantis needs to immediately eject federal agents from the state of Florida. This action should be immediately followed by a special legislative session placing permanent restrictions on federal agents operating in the state of Florida. State representative and congressional candidate Anthony Sabatini has stated the need to call a special legislative session to pass a law prohibiting federal agents operating within the state without the state’s approval.

After caving to pressure and implementing an illegal and unconstitutional shutdown, which, the governor, to his credit, admitted was a mistake, DeSantis has been leading the charge on pushing back against Covid tyranny and that has impacted other states to follow suit. Arguably, the push back toward Covid tyranny came about because of mounting pressure from the bottom up. Still, the push back has been measured. For instance, deadly Covid gene therapy shots are still on the market in Florida and since the same medical experts that advised the governor that face masks were not effective have called for the shots to be pulled off the market, it is likely that DeSantis and Surgeon General Ladapo are aware of the dangers.

After the blatant abuse of power by the DOJ and FBI raiding the home of former President Trump, states have an obligation to push back on the federal government’s weaponization of federal agencies. The recent expansion of the IRS creating 87,000 new armed agents, making the agency larger than the pentagon, FBI, DOJ and a few other agencies put together, makes a coordinated pushback from multiple states absolutely necessary. No American citizen is safe.

The raid of Trump’s Mar Lago estate likely has several purposes. Bugging the president’s residence and planting evidence have to be considered likely in an effort to indict the president as an insurrectionist in an effort to prohibit another presidential run. There is also a chilling psychological message being transmitted to the rest of us. This very simply is that if you do not obey, you are next. The core message is that you exist, because we allow you to exist. The Trump raid is a continuation of the campaign of psychological terrorism that started with Covid mandates, masks, lockdowns, coerced shots, censorship, deplatforming, and so on.

What purpose can there be to 87,000 new IRS agents other than to create a campaign of terror and to extract political retribution against citizens of the United States?

The emergence of ESG scores gives a peek at what the future holds. IRS agents will likely be engaged in behavior modification and compliance polices. The behavioral modification policies over the past couple years from federal, state, and local governments, appear to have been directly or indirectly at the behest of the World Economic Forum. The creation of 87,000 IRS agents has the WEF’s fingerprints on it and these agents will likely be the first wave of storm troopers mandating behavioral compliance. This compliance will not be limited to taxes. This compliance will likely be broad ranging from mandating compliance on speech and social media, to purchases, to compliance on gene therapy shots, and so on.

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