Good News!

The headlines this morning included this one:  “The US Military Can Walk and Chew Gum at the Same Time!” from none other than the Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin.  All of y’all who thought Biden was nuts or senile, thinking we could take on China and Russia at the same time, with some left over for the Middle East, can just sit down and rest your noggin, it’s all good!

This remarkable statement, reflecting the deepest conundrums being worked out inside the gray matter of the deep state and its extended nervous system, is validated by ther near simultaneous utterance by none other than Ukraine’s wartime leader Volodymyr Zelensky that, despite having limited resources, impossible logistics, jigsawed military capability and comedic political inspiration, he will not only get back the eastern republics, but take back Crimea as well.

Whether you call it understated confidence, “team work makes the dream work,” or a Mitt Romney inspired “crackpot-ism”, it is an impressive display.

Crack is whack, and it can also be US foreign policy.  Caitlin Johnstone is 100% on target and must be read.  This “rogue” journalist observes what simply is – not hoped for, not imagined, not a cliché – and this reality is inspiring, and certainly part of the good news.   She writes, regarding the bilateral faux outrage of a Biden visit to Saudi Arabia:

In truth the US is friends with Saudi Arabia not in spite of the Saudi regime’s murderousness and depravity but exactly because of it. The US doesn’t oppose tyrannical dictatorships; it loves them. A totalitarian monarchy which operates in an immensely geostrategically crucial region with complete control and zero transparency is the most perfect friend a globe-dominating empire could possibly ask for.

As I write these words, a US fighter jet screams low across my house; horses wince, and the cows look up wide-eyed.  Caitlin lives on the other side of the planet but she sees what I see, what many of us see, what more and more are seeing every day.

It’s the good news.  Not only are people waking up, with grit in their eyes, a banging in their head, hungry and annoyed by the brightness of morning, but the spectacle of our government and our arrogant incompetent crackpot elites is now on full display.

They boast of being able to walk and chew gum at the same time.  We just witnessed several years of the spectacle of the COVID death shots – delivering more death than all previous “vaccines” added together, providing little if any prevention, experimental so no one can litigate or file suit, bought and paid for and mandated by governments and their industrial satraps so the market couldn’t render honest judgement of value, price, or cost. This is success?

They push for destruction, of people, of countries and of continents.  Ukraine is just the latest example, no doubt, of the ravenous desire of the elites to engender war, destruction, pollution, starvation, refugeeism, family helplessness and community collapse.  The rationales presented have become ludicrous, insane, crackpot, and even evil.  Not just intrinsically ludicrous, fundamentally insane, obviously crackpot, and recognizably evil, but we see now a widely shared human perspective on the extreme danger to life, peace and prosperity posed by global totalitarianism.

Change is simple – it starts with seeing, and recognizing, what is wrong, and changing course into something just a bit better, and more correct.  Bible language might call this the straight and narrow path, but it beckons all of us.

Thank you, Lloyd Austin, for saying, earnestly and without self-awareness, what we already knew about your and the US Empire’s ability to walk and chew gum.   Thank you, Joe Biden, for promising America that you will bring food prices down, “come hell or high water.”  You guys are reaching for some last bit of solidarity with the man on the street, using tired and inappropriate clichés from the bottom of your barrels, so to speak.  Meanwhile, the men and women on the street have already secured their oxygen masks, and are assisting others.  On the road toward the collapse of empire, and a broad-based renewal of humanity and love, we are way ahead of you.  That’s good news.

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