Genocide Joe

Genocide Joe, way to go!  You’re a killer dynamo
giving Israel bomb$ and billion$
to wipe out Gaza–a couple million people
must be disappeared
to bring the Second Coming near.
(Do the Christian Zionists have your ear?)

Genocide Joe, it’s all for show—
your public spanking of Netanyahu.
He’s really your pal, your favorite yahoo.
Together you are clearing the land
of the Palestinian remnant
so the Jews will reign Über Alles,
triumphant and resplendent.
The bomb$ and billion$ you bestow with American taxpayers’ money
will ensure genocidal Israel
is The Land Of Milk And Honey.

Genocide Joe, don’t you know
no one believes your lies anymore?
Everyone knows you’re Israel’s whore
(like RFK Jr. and Trump too—
seems every US politician is a staunch, fervent Zionist Jew,
bought-off, bribed, or else blackmailed
by Jeffrey Epstein and his Mossad crew).
Like Joseph Stalin who caused a famine
you’re starving Gaza.  You let it happen.
Steven Spielberg won’t do the movie.
He’s into woke coz wokeism is groovy.
You and Bibi are partners in crime.
Both of you should do hard time
along with Zelensky, that nazi thug.
I could puke every time I see his mug.

Genocide Joe, the campus protesters
aren’t “antisemitic” as you falsely claim.
They reject Israel’s brutal tactics.
They see through your two-faced game.
You’ve brought us nothing but war, crime,
inflation, bloodshed, and lasting shame…
You, the Democrats, and the spineless
RINO Republicans share the blame.
Women and children lie under the rubble.
The bombs keep falling.  It doesn’t stop.
Hey, don’t give America trouble!
We’re still the world’s Super-cop.
Gaza’s infrastructure flattened,
millions of homes and buildings gone
so the Zionist Dream can live on.
It started in 1947 with massacres, land theft, ethnic cleansing.
Now Trump tells Israel “Finish the job.”
The gloves are off.  No more pretending.

America’s on a suicidal course—
abetting genocide in the Middle East
and waging a senseless war on Russia
so the Uniparty vultures can feast.
America’s on a suicidal course—
Trump and Fauci damaged millions
with the deadly, worthless covid “vaccines”.
Americans’ brains are screwed on backwards.
Is mass murder in their genes?

Genocide Joe has got to go.
Obama’s puppet has lost his glow.
Though Donald Trump’s a bombastic schlump
who’ll only tweak the status quo
Genocide Joe needs to go.
He’s brought this country to a new low.
It’s time to shut down both wars now—
wars the Uniparty will carry on
only if We The People allow!
END BOTH WARS.  And let historic fact
demolish the “Antisemitism Awareness Act”.

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