From the Plague to Palestine

As the world seems about to embark on a global, military war on multiple fronts, maybe a line can be drawn from the plague of 2020 response to today.

It began with one official military style division, Essential vs. Non-Essential. It spread to Masked vs. Unmasked, and Vaxxed vs. Unvaxxed. The whole War on Kovid was built upon Us. Vs. Them narratives. Perhaps we are witnessing the logical progression of this dynamic in humanity. World War 3 is currently a distinct possibility.

A hate-bond or adversarial symbiosis is formed when we attribute all the ills of the world to our opposition and see our side as the pure champion of good.

This integrated system guarantees that neither group will face the sins of their group’s leaders. Mutual paranoia is maintained by intolerance of dissent.

We gravitate to echo chambers of hate where we are encouraged to remember only the evidence that confirms our prejudice and to discard anything to the contrary.

By projecting all of our personal fears and demons onto our “enemy” we are free to dehumanize them and ritualistically destroy the Jungian Shadow parts of ourselves we despise.

Are stumbling into WW3, or has this been the end goal all along?

Our leaders reinforce the dynamic, stoking the flames of hatred and blame towards the opponent and away from themselves, taking away our freedoms and giving themselves more power as a reaction to every new crisis.

The clear trajectory is towards a powerless public ruled by an omnipotent elite.

Unless, of course, we blow the whole F***king planet up first.

Now That would be a Great Reset.

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