Fox News: Tucker Carlson – Soros – Dominion – and Abby Grossberg… A Tangled WEB

In 2022, Rupert Murdoch was considering merging Fox Corporation back to News Corp control.   Lachlan wasn’t fond of the idea – so it was dropped in favor of Fox Corp aggressively pursuing mergers and acquisitions.   Suddenly, in the midst of the Dominion Lawsuit, Fox decides to settle.   A week later, Fox fires two hosts and a producer without warning.

Is Fox strapped financially?   Since 2019, Fox Corp has been buying back shares. That buyback totaled 70 million shares as of 6/30/22.   As of April 2023, an additional 10 million were bought back.   The earnings per share dropped 41% between 2021 and 2022 despite the buybacks.   With a $787million write-off to Dominion, the EPS will likely tank.

Carlson isn’t the only one fired, producer Justin Wells was given the boot based on a lawsuit filed by Abby Grossberg against the two claiming a hostile environment and anti-Semitism.   Grossberg’s attorney has stated that the fact that Fox fired the two is tantamount to a testament of ‘guilt’.   Grossberg has also claimed that Fox executives withheld evidence from the Dominion lawsuit, which she promptly gave to Dominion leading to an additional hundreds of millions in the settlement.   In other words, due to her actions alone – Fox News payout was $200million to $500 million MORE!

But its her job performance that matters…

Media Matters, the Soros led organization, has joined the bandwagon to declare that Tucker, Bartiromo, and Wells (Tucker’s producer) repeatedly used sexist slurs to refer to women and anti-Semitic discrimination.   One such discrimination cited includes having a Christmas Display that Grossberg felt was too large given she is jewish.   Misogyny – the left wing term that encompasses every conservative across the world was apparently heavily used in Grossberg’s 79 page discrimination lawsuit:
1. The basis of the claim is that she suffered ‘anxiety’ under Tucker’s team which was not remedied.

She claims Fox’s ‘attorneys’ coerced, intimidated, and misinformed her in preparation for her deposition.
Fox news retaliated against her after she filed defamation lawsuits against the company and various employees by illegally firing her.
She claims the written warning given to her by HR was ‘bogus’.

The full filed lawsuit cites as relevant to Grossberg’s claim various historical claims brought against Fox beginning in 2004 – 15 years BEFORE Abby applied for the job.   A legal mistake given she would have had prior knowledge of Foxes internal mechanisms.   In fact, the vast majority of the vitriol claims in the lawsuit attach to Carlson whom she didn’t work for at the time.   In fact it was Grossberg who sought to work for Carlson in August 2022 after being unable to work with Bartiromo!

So why would she choose to be reassigned to someone she felt was a white supremacist misogynist sexual deviant?

The declaration states Grossberg was The Producer for World News Tonight with David Muir for 3 years prior to jumping ship to Fox.   However, according to ABC she co-wrote exactly 7 stories for ABC – and published/produced these 7 stories.   There is no mention of her working for David Muir of World News Tonight – in ANY capacity. And the seven sotries seem to be the sum total of her 3 year career at ABC.

What do Booking Producers Do?   Booking producers produce guest segments lasting 4-5 minutes.   They will vet and book the appropriate guest for a segment, conduct a pre-interview to gather talking points, and help the guest prepare.

The Lawsuit states that Grossberg ‘wrote’ Bartiromo’s guest segments. Grossberg frequently confided to Bartiromo of her need for help, of her inability to get the work done, and of the toxic male behavior.   She, Grossberg, wanted Executive Producer title and more money.   She was passed over.

The entire gist of the allegations are based on what Maria Bartiromo and Grossberg discussed as though Bartiromo is part of the Lawsuit?   After voluntarily leaving Bartiromo’s show, Grossberg applied for the Tucker Carlson booking position.   Having full knowledge of his style, his past and his present according to the Lawsuit – she applied for the job.

But the real bomb is the fact that Grossberg is claiming this toxic atmosphere at Fox forced her to give false testimony in the Dominion settlement. She was fired from Fox a month ago for failing to perform her duties via a previous writeup by HR.   Grossberg denies she is acting out of vengeance…

In an interview with NBC a week after her firing, Grossberg claims that everything she did wrong was due to ‘coercion’.  She does NOT detail what that ‘coercion’ might have been.   Coercion, by definition, is the use of force or threats. Typically coercion implies extortion, blackmail, torture or sexual assault. None of which transpired.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, also a sidekick of Soros, has called out Carlson as a ‘fascist’.   Soros and Carlson have had a hate filled relationship that has spiked some most recently.   Could Grossberg have been approached by a Soros Handler to help initiate her Lawsuit and subsequent reiterations of her claim?   The boot may have been ultimately orchestrated by Soros.  Tucker was Targeted!

Grossberg’s biography reveals some interesting details – the most standout of which is that the vast majority of positions lasted just one year which could explain her mental and emotional waves.   Other factors include that she worked for liberal outlets including CNN, NBC, and CBS working exclusively with far left celebrities in bookings.   She was NOT a producer.   While her title has been somewhat vague – her job was twofold to write content and to book interviews.

Her job may have involved a toxic atmosphere.   But her bio and the deposition of her lawsuit reveals she is not nearly as competent as she infers – and instead whines incessantly about deserving more than she is given.   She was seeing a therapist and her issues likely stem from a long list of failed jobs. She had the option to leave Fox. She had the option NOT to request and apply for a job with Carlson.   YET, she chose this course and is now completely unhirable…

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.

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