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I arrived in Paris in January of 2006 to spend a one-year sabbatical working in R&D for a large French corporation.I didn’t know anyone in Paris and my work left me plenty of free time. I had a crazy idea to write a novel, I conceived and began writing it in the bars and cafes. The concept was to critique the Global War on Terror in a satire. In any case, marriage, a daughter, and professional developments slowed progress to a halt. I waited for retirement to pick it up again. Seventeen years later the writing is completed.

The novel called Our Person in Paris is the story of an American in Paris who gets mixed up in a Central Intelligence Agency-National Endowment for the Humanities false flag plot to destroy a French landmark during the Global War on Terror in 2006. As mentioned, it is a satire of the CIA and NEH, where the farcical characters from the government are first and foremost bureaucrats, driven by bureaucratic incentives. The protagonist is a libertarian, an individual who believes in the philosophy of freedom and there are discussions of the libertarian worldview with particular topics such as Lincoln, Austrian economics, the CIA deep state and government dysfunction that are familiar to LRC readers. There are even cameo appearances by Lew Rockwell and Ron Paul. Another main character is a beautiful French graduate student; so this is a love story, where the hero acts with Christian dignity in the modern world. The final key character is the city of Paris itself as seen through the eyes of the American.

The book is dedicated “For Readers Everywhere”. It was a crazy idea because I had never written fiction. Perhaps it is a poor effort, but if anyone could appreciate it is you, dear LRC readers. I have published it on Amazon and made it available there at the lowest possible prices of $1 for the electronic version and $5 for the paperback.

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