Fighting the Law When the Law Always Wins

When Masking the Truth was published, I expected it to make some kind of splash. Even with the subject matter, and the rigged system stacked against it, I still thought that even the biggest names in the alternative media would be keenly interested in it. Instead, they have stepped up their algorithms to new levels of deception.

The shadow bans on Facebook and Twitter are still running strong, so no promotion is possible there. It took a while for the book to show up in search engines. Now, it pretty much just links to my many interviews on it. If you search for it on Google Books, it doesn’t come up in the results. But it’s there. You have to access it from one of my other books. You can’t find it in Worldcat, the online catalog of libraries all over the world. Not even the copy in the Library of Congress shows up. If you do a complicated, backdoor search, you’ll find it, but just the e-copy, not the paperback. And no libraries are listed as having it. I can’t tell you how odd this is. Nothing happened liked that for any of my other books, all of them very controversial.

Libraries are very important. My other books, with their inflammatory titles, can be found in libraries all over the world. Please suggest that your local library system, and your college library (if you aren’t a community college dropout like me) add Masking the Truth to their collections. If they get enough requests, some will add it. If you put your email down when suggesting it, they may respond to you. If they do, please let me know what they say. A strong library presence is crucial for a book to have a meaningful impact with the public. If you already have kindly suggested it, please contact me and let me know which library system. I want to know if any have it.

What is even stranger about my new book is that I have yet to find a single negative comment about it anywhere online. Certainly no negative reviews- and there are still only twelve ratings for the book on Amazon. I hate to mention it again, but literally dozens of you have told me you bought the book and loved it. As I keep stressing, numbers are of paramount importance to any writer. Most people simply are followers. If they see a high number of ratings for a book on Amazon, they are much more likely to show interest. This tells me two things; that the only people reading it are those who follow me and support my work, but most of them aren’t going to rate it, for whatever reason. Or those with influence are just opting to ignore it.

I don’t think it’s an accident that not only does Masking the Truth deal with the most volatile issue in our thriving cancel culture, it’s also the first book I’ve had published since I became shadow banned on social media. Is that somehow connected to these unprecedented goings on? Who knows how deep the tentacles of this kind of ban reach? Have they blocked people from rating it on Amazon? Please let me know if you’ve tried, and were unable to. On Goodreads, the situation is ridiculous. All my other books, even my novel The Unreals, had plenty of people claiming they “want to read,” or were “reading” it. Almost no one has added this one to their collections. It wouldn’t even allow me to create a quiz about it, like I did for my other books.

The shadow ban effect is apparently even popping up here, on the largest free speech platform on the internet. Multiple people have told me that they don’t get notifications for my new articles, because they go directly to their spam folder. Even though they keep resetting, and letting their server know it’s not spam, it keeps reverting back. Kind of like how so many tell me they’ve had to refollow me on Twitter multiple times, because the shadow ban just keeps unfollowing them. On Substack, my audience is growing, but they seem to be randomly taking paid followers away. Am I paranoid to thing they’re manipulating my numbers everywhere?

But enough about my troubles going up against this tyrannical monolith. A band called the Bobby Fuller Four had a huge hit record back in 1966, called I Fought the Law and the Law Won. It ought to be the theme song of every voice fighting this massive corruption, injustice, and unfairness. Fuller lost to the Law, too. He was found dead under exceedingly strange circumstances, as I detailed fully in my book On Borrowed Fame. If you’ve read my work, you know I like to highlight all those who died unnaturally, that are connected in some way to various Deep State crimes. All these people fought the Law, and none of them won. It might be said that I’m fighting the Law of the internet with my new book.

Everyone who steps in a courtroom, in the unfortunate role of defendant, is in a desperate struggle for their lives. And they virtually always lose. I was watching a special about Larry Nassar, the doctor for the female gymnastics Olympic team, who was accused of sexual contact with mostly underage girls. The show was so one-sided I don’t even know if the guy had a defense. But it appears he never actually had sex with any of them, with the accusations being that he digitally penetrated them, oddly sometimes in the presence of their mothers. Especially considering the fact he had a legitimate reason to be placing his hands around muscles in those areas, the argument was made (at least at first) that it was part of a medical treatment. Regardless, his sentence of 150 years seems excessively harsh.

Especially considering that the night before, another Investigation Discovery special covered the case of a father who shot and killed his young son, in front of witnesses. Somehow, he was allowed to plead down to manslaughter, and was only sentenced to twenty years. He will be eligible for parole in six. While neither is a good thing, is it worse to inappropriately touch young girls, or murder your own son? The comparative sentences make it clear how the Law feels about it. Another case featured a woman murdering the wife of the husband she was having an affair with. Chopped her up with a hatchet. She was found not guilty by reason of insanity, and is literally out in society now, just as non-free as the rest of us.

I watch these Investigation Discovery shows regularly. Call it research- I may indeed write a book about this absolutely horrendous “justice” system of ours. It seems that every prosecutor holds on to their prey like a wild animal, refusing to admit they were wrong regardless of even the most incontestable DNA evidence. The number of always poor or lower middle-class defendants who are convicted on virtually zero evidence, sent away for life without any chance of parole, is stupefying. On the other hand, there are cases like those mentioned above, where the most violent criminals, who admit their guilt, are treated with inexplicable leniency by the same rott

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