Extreme Censorship of Truth by Fascist Government and Private Partnerships: A Death Warrant to Freedom

“Let us be clear: censorship is cowardice. … It masks corruption. It is a school of torture: it teaches, and accustoms one to the use of force against an idea, to submit thought to an alien “other.” But worst still, censorship destroys criticism, which is the essential ingredient of culture.”

~ Pablo Antonio Cuadra

First and foremost, let it be known that even this very essay will be censored and algorithmically hidden from view, by the multitude of government pay-rolled employees and ‘private’ tech companies whose mission in life is to make sure that the plotted State narratives are all that are seen by the lowly proletariat class. I know this from firsthand experience, as over the past three years, finding my articles on a normal internet search has become very difficult. I fully understand that my modest site is not relevant to the big picture by any standard, but if my work is being censored, then most everything of value concerning the actual truth is certainly being heavily censored as well.

The State narrative has replaced the truth at almost every level possible, due to military grade artificial intelligence, algorithmic manipulation, mass. media collusion, and government restriction and regulation control measures. The most recent example of this atrocious silencing of free speech, has been the U.S. Senate’s RESTRICT Act (S-686),  which is ultimately so much more dangerous than will ever be explained by any government agent or bureaucracy,  mainstream media, or any fascist technological entity partnering with the State. It was written under the deceitful guise once again, of protecting the assumed ‘weak and stupid public’ from national security threats due to any release of information that could possibly get into the hands of any so-called foreign enemy. This, as described, by the real enemy of this country, the U.S. government, all its members, all its enforcement arms, its controlled media, and all the corporate and communication companies in bed with this totalitarian governing system.

This total censorship insanity is aimed at all internet publications that are exposing reality and truth, and is using TicToc as the scapegoat in order to censor, heavily restrict speech, and shut down all criticism and dissent, by claiming of course a ‘China’ connection. This is simply the U.S. Patriot Act model, being used as a way to control all speech by controlling all  internet communication and reporting. These efforts have been growing exponentially since the 9/11 false flag hoax, but were expanded beyond reason due to the long-plotted fake ‘covid pandemic’ fraud. This is just the latest attempt by this heinous governing structure to silence all of us. In other words, people openly discussing issues via any form of speech, is considered by the controlling elite and its governing system, as a direct threat to its power structure. Therefore, a censorship war is being waged by this government, its enforcement arms, and its partners, against that segment of the  American population concerned with liberty.

This is meant to be the ultimate social control mechanism of the government, and is a direct threat not only to all free speech, but to all freedom of the individual, and therefore, to all of society. The major players in this effort to silence all speech other than the State’s narrative, are far-reaching, but this government is the linchpin of this coup, and is the main controlling element. The media, the banking cartel, the large corporate heads, the NGOs, and the major university and ‘education’ systems, are all involved in driving this effort to control or eliminate speech. There are many government agencies heavily involved as well, and they are deeply entrenched in fascist control measures to stifle and destroy speech. They include the FBI, CIA, DHS, HHS, DOD, and many others. For every government agency scanning and monitoring Twitter and other communication outlets, there are over 20 semi-private partners doing the same thing. Given this knowledge, it should be brutally obvious that this is a concerted and very broad-based attempt to totally control all communication in the United States.

The first defense argument by most of the plebeian herd, and the alternative media, is that this is a direct violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution, and this of course is true in theory, but getting caught in the scam that is the Constitution is a trick. That any constitution in any way can protect liberty, is ridiculous, and will not solve this or any other gross government intervention or abuse into the lives and freedoms of individuals. That tactic is a trap, and that fact should be clearly obvious, and viewed as such, unless failure is sought.

The assumption here by those who have been perpetually fooled, is that this piece of parchment has anything whatsoever to do with rights. No government can grant natural rights, nor can it protect them; this can only be accomplished by the people (individuals) themselves. By relying on the very government that is suspending and eliminating the right to speak, that is continually bent on totalitarian behavior and the eradication of rights; to redress and reform itself, is ludicrous on its face. If the government cannot give rights, why petition it to do so, for if government has the power to give rights, it has the unlimited power to take those rights away at will. Any reliance on paper issued by the ruling class will never satisfy liberty; in fact, it can only be used to destroy it, as all courts, and all houses of so-called ‘justice,’ are owned and controlled, and made up of only government. They are not private or independent, they are the enemy of the people, just as all government is forever the enemy of the people.

One egregious example, one of many I might add, is the atrocious program at Stanford University called the “Virality Project.” This censorship scam was partnered with very many government agencies, a fascist marriage to be sure, but one that aimed at silencing Americans or any challenging the bogus ‘covid’ narrative, and going after any said to cause ‘vaccine’ hesitancy. The mission at the Stanford Internet Observatory was to study what was labeled as the ‘misuse’ of the internet to cause harm, and to create policies to mitigate, (censor and eliminate speech) ‘disinformation’ about the fraudulent ‘covid-19 crisis.’ In fact, the their mission seemed to be in every way possible, to cover-up, hide, and disappear any truth concerning the deadly and murderous effects of the ‘covid’ bioweapon injections, and the massive harm caused to society.

The gargantuan efforts by government, and all its partners, to censor every aspect of speech contrary to the official State narrative that is meant to only replace reality, is the work of totalitarian forces. Their terms indicate that the people are the enemy, and that the weaponization of government against its own citizenry is the answer to solidify their power and control. These terms include disinformation, thought crime, thought police, misuse of information, domestic activists and terrorists, online actors, and many others. The obvious idea is to eliminate critical thinking, criticism, and dissent, in favor of presenting only the State narrative. This is more dangerous than most of this population can fathom, as any topic that questions the State and its tyrannical actions is now considered taboo, and therefore forbidden.

The elimination of all free speech is sought by the controlling element of society in order to eliminate truth in favor of propagandized narratives. This can only lead to the total enslavement of society. Censorship is always meant to hide the truth, to cover up corruption and criminal behavior, and to stop thought and criticism. Censorship is a form of torture and murder of the mind, and cannot be allowed to stand, if liberty is to survive.

“If all mankind minus one were of one opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind.”

~ John Stuart Mill

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