Extras in the Film of Life

I enjoy a good disaster film. Movies such as San Andreas, Independence Day, Godzilla (in all its many manifestations!) and other such “block busters” are good fun on a rainy afternoon. This is especially true these days when the industry’s present “special effects” give great reality to situations that in earlier days were simply never attempted or if attempted, poorly achieved! Of course, while we watch the ongoing havoc in the film, we are naturally concentrating on the main characters. I remember two particular scenes in San Andreas,  the earthquake taking place in a restaurant in a skyscraper and a tsunami entering San Francisco. Both show the deaths of many people in those two settings as well as the escape of some of the main characters from the mayhem! Of course, one focuses on the main characters, the others – the “extras” are simply consigned to their part of the narrative –  usually death in great numbers! Occasionally, however, there are characters one meets earlier in the film that are then reintroduced before they die. For instance, the tsunami scenes show an elderly couple who had met the main characters earlier on being crushed by the liner, Queen Elizabeth that had been flipped over on top them by the wave! But aside from those infrequent “other people of interest,” for which the audience is expected to display at least a few moments of interest and remorse, the rest of the “deceased” are nothing more than “background” and those who play them in the film are even called “extras” because they have no lines to speak other than the occasional scream.

There is an old Indian belief that one’s conscience is akin to a three sided figure whose points are sharp. When the conscience is “offended,” it spins – and hurts! But if it spins often enough, the “points” wear down so that it hurts less and less as time goes on. I believe we can see this today, especially if we look back a generation or two. Things that would have aroused our horror and anger in, say, 1950, now seem not only commonplace and unremarkable but sometimes even possibly worthy in some bizarre way; that is, much of what is so very wrong in our culture is at present, not worthy to be remarked upon much less condemned. And as the death count rises from wars and crime and drugs and all the rest, those who perish appear to us as nothing more than extras in the film of life. British poet Alexander Pope once opined upon the results of exposure to wickedness and its resultant apathetic acceptance:

“Vice is a monster of so frightful mien,
As to be hated needs but to be seen;
Yet seen too oft, familiar with her face,
we first endure, then pity, then embrace.”

Another cause of our apparent inability to see the extent of our present human casualties is the fact that people no longer view reality directly – at least a good majority of the time. We have become spectators in and of our own world. Like movie and theater audiences, we sit and watch reality – or, often more precisely unreality – play out before us. Soon, the violence in films – violence we know to be fictional – influences those images that involve reality. The dead in documentaries are little different from the dead in disaster movies when we are no more than spectators; that is, they do not move us even to pity, never mind concern and a desire to intervene on their behalf in order to bring them some semblance of justice. Indeed, we have come so far from reality that quite often when we ourselves become “extras” in the “film of life,” we are astonished at this turn of events! That’s not how it was supposed to happen after all, for we are the main characters in our particular “film!” But when it does happen that way, we rush to place the blame on those whom we believe should have protected us, often from our own stupidity! It is no wonder that the Deep State and the rest of the New World Order were able to use the threat of COVID to turn us into obedient – and stupid! – sheep!

Another consequence of this “spectatorship of life” is the loss of our ability to respond quickly and with sufficient strength to situations that arise detrimental to the well-being of ourselves and our fellow man. This is further complicated by our failure to keep ourselves sufficiently informed to prevent the use by our rulers of fear as a means of ensuring our compliance with their often totally unreasonable, unrealistic and frequently dangerous mandates to situations many of which they themselves have created! After some great disaster occurs and many lives are lost, we learn that in most cases there were sufficient warnings to either prevent or address that disaster prior to its occurrence! How many books and films have dealt with historical “what might have beens” from the sinking of the Titanic to the attack on Pearl Harbor. People knew the risks and shortcomings. They were aware of those same “might come to pass” situations but they chose to ignore rather than respond in a timely fashion. One thing about both movies and reality is that the “extras” can never be revived and brought back to life. Death is as eternal in fiction as it is in reality.

More importantly, we also usually learn that most of the casualties arising from these disasters were frequently the result of ineffective or intentionally dangerous responses by our “leaders” that have been put into place in the name of protecting the public! Indeed, we have recently learned that most if not all government “response” to the so-called “pandemic” of 2020 were specifically designed to do more damage to the population than was ever threatened by the “pandemic” itself! This was not a “response” to a public danger but an agenda, a strategy to bring about what is, in fact, now happening: genocide of the world’s “excess population” – that is, the world’s “extras.” Nowhere is this more obvious and more egregious than in what has been presented to the world as a means by which this mythic “pandemic” has been, will be and is being “overcome,” that is, the creation of “vaccines” by a number of Big Pharma corporations acting in concert with the governments of the world and the medical and public health establishments. These “medicines” have been “made available” to the public beginning in 2021 and ongoing to date. Indeed, they have not only been “made available” but in many governments and their agencies, they have been mandated even for those people who run little risk from the COVID virus itself; that is, children, healthy adults and those who have already had the disease and (easily) recovered.

On the other hand, the vaccinated “extras” who have either been severely injured or who have died – or will die in the foreseeable future – number in the millions! Some of the deaths that have resulted from this “campaign” have been doctors and scientists attempting to make the danger known to the public. Those who have not been killed  have been censored and marginalized to the point at which none of their warnings are begin taken seriously except by those relative few who are intelligent enough to give no credence to the “sworn word” of their government and its lackies in the establishment who continue to claim that these poisons are both “safe and effective!” The numbers are astronomical, even those admitted to by the various governments and this does not take into account the known fact that only a small percentage of the injured and dead have actually been counted! The interesting thing here is that the media – social and otherwise – have provided firsthand witness to this plague. We’ve seen people being struck down with horrible seizures and even with death itself everywhere from television broadcasts to athletic events and more mundane settings such as nail salons and restaurants! One would think that a pretty young chef dying during a broadcast of her cooking show would have caused outrage and real (and understandable!) hysteria in the viewing public, but like those who died in San Andreas, her fate merely caused mild interest. It wasn’t “real” though for the young woman, it was fatally real. It would seem that our present condition of spectators to our own extinction will make that much easier than might otherwise have been the case!

On the other hand, the strategists who were banking upon our lack of response to an actual catastrophe because they were busily covering the facts of the matter failed to take into account something as mundane as the insurance industry and especially the life insurance industry! No society can ignore matters involving large amounts of money and when those companies began to report huge increases in the percentages of deaths among healthy people from ages 16 to 64 many in the world’s “viewing audience” began to take  notice! A Dutch life insurance company, Aegon, reported that its 2021 payments skyrocketed an amazing 258% from its 2020 payments! Reuters reported via Yahoo Finance: “Dutch insurer Aegon, which does two-thirds of its business in the United States, said its claims in the Americas in the third quarter were $111 million, up from $31 million a year earlier. U.S. insurers MetLife and Prudential Financial also said life insurance claims rose. South Africa’s Old Mutual used up more of its pandemic provisions to pay claims and reinsurer Munich Re raised its 2021 estimate of COVID-19 life and health claims to 600 million euros from 400 million.” All insurance companies and not just life insurance providers are slowly coming to realize the truth about COVID vaccines despite the efforts of a murderous mainstream media and our complicit “governments” and “hi-tech” sector to cover up the accelerating death rate. The signals now emerging in the financial books of insurance companies can’t simply be ignored for these don’t involve the ordinary “viewing audience,” but a large part of our nation’s (and the world’s) economy. Financial companies are always interested in the “trends” of finance and given that a 258% increase was recorded for Q3, 2021, it begs the obvious question: how much worse was this for Q4, 2021 or for the year 2022 which is shortly ending?

For far too long, far too many people have sat and watched history happening the way they watch sports or films. For some reason, they do not equate what’s happening with themselves personally or if they do, they cannot believe that they will suffer anything worse than financial and physical inconvenience. Very few members of the viewing audience put themselves in the place of the people dying in San Andreas or any other disaster film; they don’t say what used to be said back in the good old days, “There but for the Grace of God go I!” And believe me, that’s how our “government” wants it to stay! But let us pray (earnestly!) that our elite rulers finally have to say what it is claimed was said by Admiral Yamamoto after the attack on Pearl Harbor: I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” For, my friends, if we are not awakened from our present moral sleep, our next sleep will be eternal.

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