Explaining the Unexplainable

The US Government and its political apologists have repeatedly called the Seymour Hersh expose of what really happened, the who, how, and why of Nordstream 1 and 2 fantasy, fiction and completely false.  All of a sudden, “US government investigators” have identified a vessel from which the Nord Stream sabotage was committed and …wait for it…. traces to a company owned by Ukrainians, according to new reports in Die Zeit and the New York Times, and well, everywhere!

Who’d a’ thunk it?

The pipeline sabotage was an act of war by the United States, as explained and documented a few weeks ago by Seymour Hersh with his extensive range of deep state sources. A major question remains: Was this an unlawful US Executive Act of War against Russia, against Germany, or horrifyingly, both? It is unlikely that German intelligence has not known the basic facts of the pipeline attacks for many months, but until Hersh’s reporting the German Chancellor and his party could simply remain silent, and they did.

Once Hersh’s report could no longer be suppressed by mainstream Western media, the US and its media apologists needed an alternative explanation – one that leaned away from the unlawful US act of war against German industry and economy, and towards something could be explained as a rational, if unfortunate, act of a Ukrainian patriotic group opposing the Russian aggressor. The story needed to make logical sense to the casual observer, and shift the blame away from Grandpa Joe Biden and his mad neoconservative national security team.  In no way could it paint this as an attack against Germany, by either the US, or by the US proxy regime in Kiev. The story also needed to glamorize and laud Ukrainian patriotism without damaging the Zelensky government’s access to continued free and unencumbered Western fiat and weapons shipments.

The amateur statesmen and spymasters in Washington DC barely conceived of this story in time for Scholz’s visit, and it appears they may have needed the German Chancellor’s advice and consent, before providing the wholly unsubstantiated and vague storyline to friendly media. Simultaneous reporting of the story by the US state organ, the NYT, and the German state organ Die Zeit, couldn’t hurt, right?

It is most certainly a ploy to shift the focus, from rogue superpower illegalities and warmongering to the debonair spirit of the Ukri-nazi patriotic war against Russia. If an act of war were to be committed by the dominant NATO member against the next strongest NATO member, the entire NATO construct would collapse. This intellectual possibility must not only be denied, it must be suppressed and eliminated. The new government story is particularly cute, in that it carefully casts blame on unnamed Ukrainian patriots acting independently of the Kiev government against Russia, and Russia only, of course. Given the complexities of the operation, and all that we know, with and without Hersh’s outstanding work, this new government story is not only a ploy, but an almost laughable one. However, as “the new official story,” it can serve to buy time before the pro-Ukrainian political alliance in Western Europe breaks down completely.If the report itself were more believable, or was accompanied by arrests, actual evidence and data, and a more sophisticated backstory, it might aid US-German relations – while still having little impact on shrinking German support for Ukraine. That support has been declining due to cost, economic turmoil in Germany, and the pressure and stress of hosting and supporting over a million Ukrainians, most of whom intend to stay there.

German people and parties who oppose continued war aid to Ukraine, and those who would prefer negotiation and peace, will be able to use this contrived report as another example of US and NATO lies. Conversely, they can also choose to “believe” it, and then use the story to blame Ukraine and its political chaos for the challenges facing Germans and their economy over the past year. Overall, the “story” is an insult to the intelligence of the average German, and as such it will both weaken German support for Zelensky, and increasingly show German voters that Scholz himself is a tool of Washington, DC, putting US desires for war on their continent above the needs and the sovereignty of actual Germans.

I hope this helps.  I’d love to be able to write about how the US Congress impeaches the President and arrests a number of his appointees in the national security arena for conducting illegal and unauthorized acts of war.  But that really would be fiction, wouldn’t it?

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